Interfaith relationship stories and advice

What happens when you fall in love across the religious divide? | Life and style | The Guardian

interfaith relationship stories and advice

Six tips for couples considering interfaith marriage are as true today as they were InterfaithFamily offers workshops for interfaith couples, including Love and. Here's some advice from the experts. 4 Questions Every Interfaith Couple Should Ask Before Getting Serious. Here's some advice from the. Doesn't being in an interfaith relationship necessarily weaken our individual We talk about the Buddha and tell folk religion origin stories. Our best advice: when that happens, don't think too hard, just choose each other.

We also had yarmulkes available for whoever wanted to wear one for the ceremony.

  • What happens when you fall in love across the religious divide?
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We both love music and felt that it was the perfect way to start our unique ceremony. My husband had some concerns about how his family would feel about it not being done in their traditional Islamic way.

My husband and I wanted to make sure that both of our families felt comfortable. We consulted with family along the way as we made our decisions.

Rules for Making an Interfaith Relationship Work -- and One Big Sign It Won't

It was very important to us that our parents approved of our wedding. It was important to my parents that Jewish traditions were part of the celebration and that I was married by a Rabbi.

While incorporating both sets of traditions, we also felt empowered to make changes to ensure that it was the best day for both families.

interfaith relationship stories and advice

They often stay up all night cooking the food, decorating the hall, and even baking the wedding cake. However, it was important to my husband we have a different kind of wedding where his family could enjoy the celebration without having to do any work.

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We accomplished this by having our wedding catered at a beautiful outdoor venue. Extended Celebrations We had multiple family gatherings throughout the weekend as part of our wedding that really allowed our family members to meet and get to know each other. Although we were both a little apprehensive about how some of our extended older family members might act or what they would say, everyone got along really well.

It was amazing and really made me feel welcomed into their family. It also was a great opportunity to introduce my family to their cultural traditions and for both families to mingle and get to know each other. Party Time My husband and I both love to dance. We also sought out an MC and DJ that could play music to keep both of our families and friends entertained. We did the horah, a traditional Jewish celebration dance, played West Indian music like reggae and soca, and included traditional Indian music to please some of the older crowd.

Everyone was up dancing and mingling the whole night. Advice for Planning a Jewish Muslim Wedding From our experience, here are a few tips for other Muslim and Jewish couples trying to figure out how to plan their wedding: Communicate with your partner about your wedding vision and what typical wedding ceremonies and receptions look like in your family. This gives you a starting point for creating your joint vision together.

Consult with your families along the way. This gives you and your family members time to process and address any concerns and prevents any surprise reactions on your big day. Does my religion put an emphasis on the oneness of humanity or on the importance of personal prayer?

interfaith relationship stories and advice

Dana Trenta Christian minister who is married to a devout Hindu monk, this is an area where interfaith relationships may actually have an advantage over same-faith relationships. What do I believe? How has scripture and my tradition informed me? How has my relationship with Jesus affected my life?

Interfaith Marriage Success Stories – Being Both

It can be useful to distinguish between religious beliefs theology, doctrine and religious practices the way belief takes shape in your life, through holiday celebrations, for example, or church attendance. Thinking back to your childhood can be a good way of understanding what religious practices and behaviors are important to you.

For example, a Jewish partner in a relationship may not put an emphasis on going to a synagogue every week, but may look back with fondness at their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or Hanukkah celebrations. It's also important to clarify what behaviors may have been important to your family, but are not necessarily important to you. How to Create Successful Interracial, Interethnic and Interfaith Relationshipssuggests evaluating your own cultural and religious roots before making a commitment to someone else.


Some of the questions he suggests that people ask themselves are: Are there changes I would like to make in my marriage? Take some time to reflect on your religious identity, and make sure to share these thoughts with your spouse. What is sacred for both of you and how can you build that together? After you've clarified what is sacred to each of you individually, have a discussion about where those beliefs and practices overlap and how you can build on those commonalities in the future.

The invisible circle of love holds them together through the thick and thin," Jarvis continued. What will you teach your kids about religion and about God?