Jaejoong and yunho relationship

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jaejoong and yunho relationship

The 13th Ground Forces Festival took place recently, and lucky fans who were at the event got to see Jaejoong and Yunho together!Yunho was. Korean gay artiste Hong Suk Chun was spotted at Kim Jae Joongs concert in Hong Kong two days Tags: dong bang shin ki, jaejoong, jyj, lolz, rumour, yunho . including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn.

Later on, I knew that one of the girls that I met was an idol group killer who dated a lot of boys in famous idol groups. Friendship is very important to me. She also dated some of my close friends. In the interview, Jae said he doesn't call up girls when hanging out with his male friends because then all the attention would be on her. In the interview, he said he stopped contact with a girl because she dated alot of guys, including some of his close friends.

This might be a personal interpretation He doesn't hang around girls because they take male attention away from him? In the interview, it feels like he's saying he has to compete more for male attention when a girl is around. And the interview, he appears jealous that the girl has dated some of his close male friends maybe ones he has shown interest in? Since it was the girl he stopped contact with and he said "friendship is very important to me"it's more likely he's jealous of the girl dating these guys than of his male friends dating the girl.

None of this is for show. None of this is fan service. The camera catches them as they are sitting and watching the performances. Nobody should be paying them any attention. And yet we get this: How is this anything but real? How can people deny the obvious affection behind this?

Entertainment staff member proving Yunho and Jaejoong aren't nearly as bothered by YunJae as you think they are. Does that mean they're dating as we define it however we may define it? Does that mean they've acted upon it physically? There's no way any of us will ever know for sure. But I do know this: Brothers don't look at each other the way these two do. Brothers don't touch each other the way these two do.

Brothers don't talk about each other the way these two do. You know who does? People who are in love. This is how brothers act. In an industry that leaves them at the mercy of demanding managers, fickle fangirls and obsessive stalkers, these guys have each other.

jaejoong and yunho relationship

When they can't get away to see their families and friends because of overbooked schedules, these guys have each other. And it's amazing to watch how well they take care of each other. Even before they debuted, they were looking out for one another.

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Yunho comes from a relatively poor background. At one point, he was even homeless. It was Junsu's family that took him in and they came to be close as brothers. Yes, Junsu and Yunho are brothers I don't care about the lawsuit; all families have hard times ; but I'd like to point out Yunho doesn't treat Junsu the way he treats Jae.

Jae has been special to Yunho from the very beginning. Now let me get personal. Western society loves to play up these things. Look at shows like The Real World, Cheaters and any trashy talk show.

We love to watch people fight and argue. We love to see relationships break apart and ultimately explode.

I lived in a town I loathed because of all the hate and ignorance it had. What was worse, due to my job, I had to personally sift through and edit all the vile crap the worst of the town's residents decided to share with the world. Trust me when I say reading garbage like that has a major impact on your emotional health.

Also, I was hours away from my family and all the friends I grew up with.

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Yunho-appa, Jae-umma and the three kids. The support they gave each other. The tears they shared. The prizes they won.

The scares they had.

jaejoong and yunho relationship

The hand holds, hugs, kisses, smiles and affection they gave so freely. And because it seemed so real or rather was so realI fell for them. Yunho and Jaejoong were just the candy topping on the already sweet cake. Watching them interact was especially adorable because of how much they seemed to adore each other. They are undeniably close. They look for each other across crowds.

They smile at each other when they laugh. They protect and worry about each other. Actions speak louder than words, dear readers, and these two are just screaming "We are so much more than you think we are. Changmin has no idea what's going on. But, as long as no one says anything, no one will ever think to question it. Which leads me to all those anti-YunJae shippers. I have nothing against those who like other pairings. I have nothing against those who can't stand the YunJae pairing.

It's all part of the fan culture. I mean, it's all kinda silly when you get right down to it. Why should any of us care so much about these guys' personal lives? It's those people who look down on YunJae fans as sad and delusional losers that really get to me.

I'm sorry, but YunJae is not out of the realm of possibility. Let's look at some facts I love facts!

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I don't have to provide any kind of proof for this do I? We're all aware of this, right? There are people in this world who are attracted to the same sex. And yes, that does include famous people, good-looking people and people in South Korea. Famous, good-looking people in South Korea?

The majority, if not all, of the cultures on Earth tend to be hetero-normative. This means that unless somebody states otherwise, we assume all people are straight. I can admit, I am guilty of this. It wasn't until I challenged this idea that I began to see Yunho and Jaejoong's interactions for what they were. If one of the guys were a woman and they interacted the same way, I'm certain everyone including the national media! South Korea is a very conservative culture. They can't be out and open because there is simply too much to lose.

It's not illegal to fire someone because of sexual orientation in South Korea. I can't even imagine the amount a courage a person has to have to come out in such an environment.

The life of an idol is one of little privacy and even less control. This is one of the very reasons Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu sued S.

Everything concerning an idol's life is controlled by the company. These teens and young adults are trained from the second they enter the company on what to wear, what to say and how to act. What's more, given the idol culture of Korea, many fans feel personally connected to the idols.

YunJae moment #69 "Yunho appreciates Jaejoong's favourite things"

The repercussions of the announcement resulted in angry letters and threats being mailed to the actress, her online homepage being vandalized and a surge in Shin Se Kyung anti-fan clubs. The nature of this fan culture has lead to the suicide of more than one South Korean star.

Let's take these facts and use them to respond to some common anti-YunJae arguments. Given the facts already stated above, there is no sane reason for the guys to present themselves as anything else but straight men. They would be dropped from their respective companies, be barred from appearing on any national broadcast television stations and be the victim of cruel and savage netizen attacks.

Jae is in fact friends with one of South Korea's few out celebrities, Hong Suk Chun, who had to completely rebuild his career after announcing he was gay. This cover-up behavior is not limited to Korea.

There are dozens of examples of Western celebrities lying about their sexual orientation to protect themselves: Gender expression that is, whether one takes on traditionally masculine or traditionally feminine traits is not the same thing as sexual orientation that is, who we are attracted to. The stereotypical gay man is portrayed as being feminine, but that's a stereotype!

There are plenty of gay men who society would describe as manly: Manliness, or the appearance of manliness, does not determine heterosexuality. Yes, it's true that Yunho generally maintains a very manly appearance.

Jaejoong on the other hand He looks girlishly pretty when he wants too. He looks damn manly when he wants to. He was a model before joining TVXQ. The man knows how to work it. I blame that hair. It's why I consider Jaejoong's forehead to be the sexiest part of him.

jaejoong and yunho relationship

Take those bangs away and Yunho loves Jae like a boss. That's kind of how bisexual works. Or it could just be another part of that cover-up I mentioned earlier. There have been support groups established for spouses and ex-spouses of people who married and then later came out as gay. It's not that rare. And finally, the king of all arguments: Just to clarify, the top four photos are of a challenge in which the members had to pass a spoon from one to another without using their hands.

It was scripted and awkward. The bottom photo is a still from the MKMF award show. It was spontaneous and heartfelt.

Fan service cannot be used to explain an idol's every action. These guys do have moments when they let their idol guard down. And this is what we see. I forgot an argument in the first posting.

Yunho gets a job at a dance studio to help pay for school. He also becomes closer with the Kim family and spends more time with them then he does his own family.

Fall Semester — Paaarrr-tay! They have final projects they must complete before graduating. Yunho has to choreograph and perform a dance using a song senior music majors write while Jaejoong has to compose a song for a dance major or score for a film major. The music, dance, and film majors must collaborate.

YunJae work together and get the highest grades and best reception at the Senior Showcase the school has ever seen. May — Diplomas and Fathers YunJae graduates from college!

Jung attend the ceremony because Jaejoong called and insisted they both come and also because what Jae said was the push that helped Mrs.

jaejoong and yunho relationship

Jung see how just badly her husband was treating her only son. Kim asks his son when Jaejoong is going to bring him a grandson. Yunho continues to work at a dance studio while he sends his portfolio and resume to companies hoping to start his choreographing career.

Companies are surprised to learn Jae can compose and write song lyrics and Yunho can choreograph and teach dance. YunJae gets an apartment together. Spring — Careers Jaejoong gets a job writing a song at a small entertainment company. Yunho gets a job at a small entertainment company choreographing a song. The song and dance receives moderate success. Jaejoong gets a break in the industry — one of his songs gets first place on Inkigayo.

YG asks Jae to work on a full album for one of their artists. Finding out he is adopted, especially when his career is taking off, devastates Jae and makes him question a lot of things about Mr.

We love you no matter what. A song Jaejoong wrote is released and does not do as well as expected. Yunho choreographs a song for a young seven-member boy group that has only debuted for around a year. The group is going for a cute concept, and the fans think the dance is extremely cute and adorable.

Spring — Well Known and More Family? YunJae are established in the music industry. Kim asks his son when Jae will give him a grandson when YunJae are over. Well there are places where gay marriage is allowed. What do you think of that? It came out as more of a nervous question than a statement like he wanted.

jaejoong and yunho relationship

Do you even have a ring? If anyone knows Jaejoong better than you, it would be him.

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He talks with Yoochun, plans to ask Yunho to marry him and decides to write a song for the proposal. Jaejoong writes and records a love song for his proposal. Jae actually goes to SME to prepare for his proposal in the room where he first met Yunho over eleven years ago. The alarm is set to remind him that he has an appointment to have lunch with Jae at the restaurant where they had their first lunch date.