Jareth and sarahs relationship

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jareth and sarahs relationship

Jareth the Goblin King is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the fantasy movie Labyrinth. Jareth (David Bowie) is a powerful and mysterious being who has an antagonistic yet flirtatious relationship with Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), the film's protagonist. my deep, important connection to David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King. I hardly ever related to Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) in Labyrinth. Labyrinth is a coming-of-age fantasy wherein a girl unknowingly The relationship between Sarah and “Jareth” is hinted at early on, with the.

In particular, speculation over the relationship between Jareth and Sarah has kept the Labyrinth section of fanfiction.

jareth and sarahs relationship

While the two characters are positioned in opposition to each other, the chemistry between them is undeniable. While Jareth is shown to find Toby amusing and entertaining, his real interest seems to lie with Sarah.

Jareth the Goblin King

The film repeatedly shows him watching her — the first scene of the film shows him spying on Sarah while disguised as an owl.

This first scene is particularly intriguing because it never explained — no reason for it is established in-narrative. Exactly how long has he been watching her?

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This theme of covert observation is returned to again and again: Jareth watches Sarah through crystals; from the crowd in the dream ballroom; from a window in his castle. His interest intensifies throughout the film — while his earliest observations of Sarah are a source of light amusement, he quickly becomes obsessed with tracking her progress.

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He attempts to make her forget her duty to her brother, trapping her in an illusory ballroom inhabited by depraved revellers that stare and grasp at her body.

As the film takes no definite stand on what Jareth is with that, perhaps, forming a topic for another discussionit is impossible to comment definitively on the nature of his interest in Sarah.

The idea of Jareth as a predator is reinforced by his association with the figure of the owl. Traditionally associated with wisdom Athena, goddess of wisdom, had the owl as her symbolowls are also predators known for their stealth and cunning.

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Biography[ edit ] Jareth is the Goblin King of the Labyrinth, a vast kingdom within another realm. Though the monarch of the goblins, Jareth is never said to be a goblin himself, appearing as a handsome human. In the first draft of the script, however, he turned into a goblin when Sarah rejected him, thus suggesting that he was a goblin to begin with.

jareth and sarahs relationship

His powers include the ability to form crystal orbs in his hands, which can create illusions of all types or to view things from a distance. Jareth uses his magical crystals to show dreams and offers the crystals to Sarah as a symbol of dreams.

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He can transform into a barn owl. In the movie, he disguised himself as a blind beggar. Jareth resents his position as Goblin King and yearns for a different life, probably somewhere down in Soho according to rock legend David Bowie[3] [4] who first portrayed Jareth in He has a great deal of angst that only grows when he falls in love with Labyrinth protagonist, Sarah, as revealed through David Bowie's songs from the film and the Return to Labyrinth manga.

According to the music video for "Underground" and Return to Labyrinth and hinted at in the Labyrinth novelization, Jareth has a human alter ego in Return to Labyrinth he uses the alias Jareth Quinn.

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In the novelization of Labyrinth Jeremy who resembles Jareth is an actor with whom Sarah's biological mother, an actress, had run off years earlier, after they had starred in a show together. Jeremy is also the man who gave Sarah her music box, which in the book plays " Greensleeves ", and in the movie plays " As the World Falls Down ", the same song that Jareth uses to show his affection for Sarah while within his labyrinth.

jareth and sarahs relationship

In the novelization and according to the song "Within You" part of what Jareth wants from Sarah is for her to believe in him.

Though Sarah renounces the power Jareth holds over her it does appear she actually gives him what he wants. The line "I ask for so little.