Jin yi han and ha ji won relationship test

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jin yi han and ha ji won relationship test

Jung-Ha Kim, Tae-Jin Lee, Im Jee-Aee and Duk-Chul Lee .. Performance of HPV E6/E7 mRNA Genotyping Test on Paired Cervical Jaewang Lee, Hyun Jun Woo, Hyun Woo Kim, Ji Yeong Yang, Hye Jin Kwon, Min Ji Yeon, and Jong- Bae Kim Jaewon Lim, Yoonjung Cho, Dong Hyun Lee, Byung Chul Jung, Han Sol. She also develops a relationship with the young King Lee Do (played by Ae through her new relationship with the sweet and charming Jin Gook (played him but things change when he meets Ha Na (played by Wang Ji Won), His cat Bok Gil (voiced by Han Ye Ri) is both his source of joy and comfort. Some random pretties of Ha Ji Won as Jin Yi: Legend is that if you study(or was it take the exam?) while sitting on a courtesan's skirt, you'll pass the scholarship exam. Of her relationships, this is, IMO, the one the most important to Jin Yi, At one point, when Jin Yi was trying to deny her love for Kim Jung Han, she.

An aspiring pianist returns from a long-term stay in Europe to her hometown in Korea. There she is reunited with a brain-damaged man who has been harboring a crush on her since their school days. Cinematography by Kim Tae-kyung. Produced by Wire to Wire Films. Distributed by CJ Entertainment. Sold internationally by Cineclick Asia. A morose but well respected young cop is transferred to Busan to investigate a drug case.

There he finds himself paired with his own father, a disgraced and somewhat corrupt officer with whom he is no longer on speaking terms. Cinematography by Kim Young-ho. Produced and sold internationally by KM Culture. Distributed by M Plus Pictures. A documentary made up of the recollections of people who witnessed or were familiar with two student activists who set themselves on fire during an anti-U.

Distributed by Cinema Sangsang-madang. Screenplay by Jeong Seon-ju, Park Dae-young. A talented young scientist named Jun-seo has been dating the diving instructor Mi-yeon for years, but he is starting to feel frustrated by their relationship. He plans to go on a research trip to Antarctica in order to get away for a while, but then tragedy strikes. Cinematography by Hong Jong-gyeong. Produced by The Dream Pictures. Four close friends decide to target a casino in order to lift their lives out of the gutter, but an unexpected betrayal sets the stage for a future showdown.

Cinematography by Choi Ji-yeol. A documentary originally produced in that looks at the space of the modern zoo and considers issues related to wildlife and animal welfare. Cinematography by Hwang Yun. Produced by Studio Duma. Distributed by Jinjin Pictures. A documentary that looks at how the increasing number of roads running through animal habitats are affecting wildlife populations.

International sales by Mirovision. Screenplay by Kim Tae-hee and Kim Bo-jeong. Yu-jin and her single mother Jeong-im are close emotionally, and even feel comfortable discussing their sexual lives.

However as Jeong-im re-starts an old relationship, and Yu-jin's boyfriend starts to act in strange ways, things start to get complicated. Cinematography by Kim Hoon-kwang. Produced by RG Enterworks. Hyun-woo and Sun-ah meet when he is a middle schooler and she is a student teacher.

Later, when he has turned 19 and she is a year old art instructor, their relationship starts to develop.

Cinematography by Shin Jong-sun. Produced and distributed by Lumix Media. Screenplay by Kong Su-chang, Pil Young-woo. A guard post along the border between North and South Korea has fallen mysteriously quiet, and a search team arrives to find that virtually the entire group has been killed. An investigation follows, but it soon becomes clear that something very strange took place prior to the killings.

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Cinematography by Kim Seong-hwan. Produced by Bokko Pictures and Motis. High school student Jungwon finds herself being mocked by the arrogant but cute boy Eun-gyu next door. They become rivals, then eventually start dating, but things become complicated once they realize that Eun-gyu's best friend is Jungwon's former boyfriend. Cinematography by Jin Young-hwan. Screenplay by Park Yun. Bong-soon is a middle aged housewife with a selfish daughter in her twenties and a husband who is quietly having an affair.

Tensions in the house rise when the daughter moves out, abruptly breaking up with her young fiance Gu-sang. Bong-soon tries to comfort the heartbroken Gu-sang, and ends up falling in love with him. Cinematography by Jang Seong-baek.

jin yi han and ha ji won relationship test

Produced by Ivy Pictures. Sold internationally by Studio 2.

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A somewhat suureal film that presents several "worlds" in which five people interact and then come together at the end to reveal their familial relationships.

Cinematography by Jeong Young-sam. Produced by Cicada I Remember. If You Were Me: Anima Vision 2 ["Byeolbyeol iyagi 2: An omnibus film consisting of six short animated works about human rights issues. Sold internationally by Indiestory. Hee-chul, 20 years old, sleeps in on the day of his university entrance exam and instead gets a part time job. Eventually he comes across two university students shooting an independent film, and they cast him in it. Cinematography by Choi Taek-jun.

Produced by CR Film. Jae-hyun and Seung-woo work in a host bar in Seoul, where they provide companionship to women over drinks. The work pays well, but Jae-hyun still struggles to pay his debts and Seung-woo finds his budding relationship with Ji-won turning sour.

Cinematography by Ko Nak-seon. Produced by Wire to Wire Film. Sold internationally by Finecut. In a village reknowned for its strong women and sexually incompetent men, Gang-soi is the most incompetent of all. But a chance enconter with a monk transforms him into the Joseon Dynasty's 1 lover. Cinematography by Lee Hyung-deok.

Produced by Prime Entertainment.

jin yi han and ha ji won relationship test

A documentary about three women - Se-young in her 20's, Kyung-eun in her 30's, and Kyung-soon in her 40's - who try to find their own identity within the often constrictive space of Korean family life. Distributed and sold internationally be Indiestory. A modern young teacher arrives at her new post in the remote mountains of South Cheolla Province.

There she becomes involved in the personal triumphs and tragedies of her students before taking them on their first field trip to Seoul. Cinematography by Heo Eung-hoe. Produced by Line Pictures. Screenplay by Park Youn-sun. After suddenly striking it rich, university student Yeon-su and her father are enjoying life. Yeon-su is perhaps enjoying it a little too much -- she's notoriously wild, and her pretty face only adds to her pride and abandon.

One day, however, she meets a young guy who is her exact opposite, and sure enough, she falls in love. Cinematography by Heo Sung-ryong. Produced by Film Can. Screenplay by Kim Sung.

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Despite living in extreme poverty an elderly man and his granddaughter never complain about their condition. In fact, their cheerful outlook on life serves as an example to everyone they encounter. Cinematography by Park Kyung-won. Produced by Cineraga Pictures. Distributed by Movies Entertainment. Screenplay by Kim Seok-ju. Four ordinary women are struggling financially, but things get much worse when someone runs off with their life savings.

jin yi han and ha ji won relationship test

Desperate, they go out in search of their money. Cinematography by Sung Seung-taek. Distributed by MK Pictures. To the Bitter End: A documentary about the folk singer Yeon Young-seok, who compose many songs about the labor movement and issues related to temporary workers.

Produced by Tae Joon-sik. A former rock star, Tae-soo, comes back to his son after a year absence. His son is filled with resentment, but when they are joined unexpectedly by Marie, an acquaintance of the son, a family forms. Cinematography by Kim Jong-yoon. Produced by EE Films. Screenplay by Cho Nam-ho, Lee Dong-ha. Nam-hee is exhausted caring for her Alzheimer's-stricken mother and somewhat immature daughter. When a man appears in their life, long-buried tensions come to the surface.

Cinematography by Cho Chul-ho, Shin Yim-ho. Produced by e-Room Pictures. Screenplay by Jang Jin. Veteran police detective Kang Chul-jung comes into conflict with a wealthy business owner who forces his underlings to confess to his own crimes. Starring Sul Kyoung-gu, Jung Jae-young. Cinematography by Kim Sung-bok. Produced by KnJ Entertainment Inc. Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment Inc.

As Baek Moo said, they only really had a chance if Eun Ho was able to completely sever all his ties so that he would have as little chance to returtn to his past life as Jin Yi would, and he choked at the last second. Now, yes, he was a child, and put in an impossible position and could never be blamed or accused of not loving her enough, but that was the point But they were a very cute but very tragic story about young love forbidden by social circumstances and an evil mother I understand that she is pretty justified in her hatred of courtesans and concubines given her husband, but she lost all my sympathy when she went to the Song Do house and insulted them, attacked Jin Yi, then through scalding water at Jin Yi but got Baek Moo's back instead when she shielded Jin Yi "EEEE!!!

They're drawn to each other for their wit and mutual love of the arts, but she tries to deny her love for him at first because he reminds her of Eun Ho, but she gives in eventually. Cue 9 episodes after that As I said earlier, I think they were nominated for the "bvest couple" award, and they deserved it. With her mentor, Baek Moo. Jin Yi blamed Baek Moo for Eun Ho's death personally, I blame his mother a lot more and nerver forgave her, but at the same time, I think the real reason was that Baek Moo forced Jin Yi to realize that, while she couldn't live without her art, she could live without her love, which was a reality that stripped Jin Yi of her innocence.

Baek Moo knew and understood Jin Yi better than anyone else, though expect maybe Lee Shang, though that was more acceptance and in the end, she sacrifices her life so that Jin Yi won't have to betray her art.

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In the end, Baek Moo's death was the most wrenching thing to Jin Yi, and even drove her mad, for a time, as she finally realized how much she meant to her, and how much time she'd spent hating Baek Moo. Baek Moo, incidentally, is my 3rd favorite character. The actress reminds me of the actress who played Lady Jami in Emperor of the Sea, but I don't think it's her. Lee Shang, my favorite character after Jin Yi.

He devoted his life to protecting her even though he knew she may never return his love.

jin yi han and ha ji won relationship test

At one point, when Jin Yi was trying to deny her love for Kim Jung Han, she asked him to be her lover. His response was that he would stand beside her and protect her and love her every day for the rest of her life and if she ever asked him to be her lover because she wanted him, he would, and happily, but that he'd never leave her even if she never returned his love.

jin yi han and ha ji won relationship test

Later, when Kim Jung Han has been condemned to death, he goes to his father, an official, and begs him to save Kin Jung Han, even though it means returning to a life he despises. Of the men who love Jin Yi, he is, I think, the only one who was truly able to accept her as both a woman and an artist. This is not remotely to undermine Kim Jung Han or Eun Ho's love for her, but being with either of them meant leaving her art.

To Lee Shang, the most important thing was that she was happy and safe.