John cazale and meryl streep relationship

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john cazale and meryl streep relationship

The relationship became so intensely physical that Meryl's consistently John Cazale, Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro in The Deer Hunter. The pair first met after her partner John Cazale — of The Godfather and The Deer Hunter — died of bone cancer. She was invited to move into the vacant. As Meryl Streep celebrates her 65th birthday, we look at her personal heartache that was Meryl Streep and John Cazale's relationship.

In addition to his work with the Long Wharf Theatre, he appeared in a number of plays by Israel Horovitz. Ross Wetzston of The Village Voice, reporting on the production, said Cazale "may be the finest actor in America today. Cazale, often cast as a quirky, weak outsider, as in The Godfather, here demonstrates sterner mettle as a quietly imperious Angelo who sweeps down, vulturelike, to deposit virtue.

Streep humorously praised her co-star's abilities by saying, "The jerk made everything mean something.

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He appeared only in the first preview. After the performance, he took ill and withdrew from the show. It was his only Broadway performance.

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Shortly afterward, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. According to author Andy Dougan, director Michael Cimino "rearranged the shooting schedule with Cazale and Streep's consent, so that he could film all his scenes first". He completed his scenes but died before the film was finished.

This marks a unique achievement of Cazale's: Death[ edit ] Cazale was diagnosed with lung cancer in On March 13,John Cazale died.

john cazale and meryl streep relationship

Close friend and Godfather co-star Al Pacino said: To see her in that act of love for this man was overwhelming. In it, he said: But she was never one to give up, and certainly not one to succumb to despair. Cazale would show up at the theater now and then, still smoking his cigars. Her grace outstripped her age. Everett Collection In short, she was everything Streep was not.

John Cazale

The filmmakers fought to cast Cazale, even as the production company, EMI, insisted he be fired: The insurance costs would be outrageous, and no one wanted to back a movie with a terminally ill star. I spent hours on the phone, yelling and screaming and fighting. All Streep wanted to do was quit working and be with Cazale, but they were struggling under medical bills. They shot on location at an actual concentration camp, which she found profoundly disturbing. Shoot days were added to the schedule.

john cazale and meryl streep relationship

For five months, the couple disappeared, and for Streep, this was it: No more work, only Cazale. His cancer had spread to the bones, and he was increasingly weak.

She just bore down and did what needed to be done.

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Streep never left his side. On March 12,at 3 a. She pounded on his chest, sobbing, and for a brief, alarming moment, John opened his eyes.

john cazale and meryl streep relationship

That year, Streep had success upon success: Never betrayed any notion that he would not survive.