Kamille filoteo and kenzo gutierrez relationship advice

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kamille filoteo and kenzo gutierrez relationship advice

On Day 1, Ryan, Kenzo, Jimboy, Bailey, Barbie and Kamille were the first teen .. "Kamille Filoteo is 5th evictee of PBB ; meet 5 more regular housemates". " Karlos Lorenzo 'Kenzo' Gutierrez is eliminated from 'PBB '". Vice Ganda portrays Madam Bertud to provide relationship-related advice to the audience. Ana Kristina Kamille Filoteo: Teen Mama ng Manila. This young lady is a Kenzo Gutierrez: Astig Athlete ng Quezon City. Kenzo isn't very. Comedian-host Vice Ganda, host of the segment "AdVice Ganda" on "It's Showtime", Vice Ganda shared his blessings with an old couple who was part of the studio Teen mom Kamille Filoteo on Wednesday dismissed rumors that fellow 'Pinoy Big Brother ' housemate Kenzo Gutierrez was the reason behind her.

His mother is a government employee and his father owns a piggery. He, along with Bailey and Ylona, was granted immunity on week 5. He was nominated on week 6. On Day 49, he became a finalist with 3. He was placed third during the finale night, and garnered Both of her parents are practitioners in the medical field, but she has more interest in the performing arts.

While she is becoming prominent within the Filipino community in Australia, she still has a lot to learn about Filipino culture, especially the Filipino language. On week 4, she was nominated after failing to win the immunity challenge.

She got a chance to be saved by the winning team, but the team chose Bailey. She was saved from eviction after Kyle made a voluntary exit. On Week 5, her group, the Dream Team, won the majority of votes for their performances in The Big-Ating Concert thus, being granted immunity along with Franco and Bailey.

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She was nominated on week 6. On Day 49, she was named a finalist with She exited the House on Day She returned to the House on Day She exited on Dayemerging as the runner-up for the teen batch, garnering Regular housemates [ edit ] The next set of housemates — regular housemates — were introduced from August 3 to 7. After Jyo's voluntary exit, Philip's subsequent eviction and the eviction of their three housemates as a result of Roger saved from eviction in a two medallion with the latter's one vote or medallion after their failed in the Ligtask challenge, three replacement housemates entered as part of Big Yanig twist.

On Day 77, Tommy entered as Jyo's replacement — while two new housemates entered on Days 80 and 81, respectively. On Day 84, two former housemates were re-entered, which is one of them is a housemate from a previous batch, known as a "cross-over housemate", while the other one is a recently evicted housemate, known as a "wildcard housemate"; however, only one of them returned as an official housemate by public voting.

Jyo[ edit ] Jyo Yokoyama born November 7, is a year-old wrecker operator from Japan.

kamille filoteo and kenzo gutierrez relationship advice

Born in Tokyo and raised in Pampanga, he went back to Japan together with his half-brother and half-sister when he was in high school to live with their mom who works as a factory worker.

He was estranged from his father for 13 years until they were recently reunited. He was not able to obtain a college degree and is currently working in a construction company.

During his first week of stay, he already mulled exiting the house because he felt he was restrained to do what he is used to do outside, but was advised by Big Brother to stay on. However, Through flipping a coin, Jyo opted for a voluntary exit on Day 75 and left the house on Day He lacks a college degree so he became a house helper, until his humor brought him to work for The Ruins in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, near the City of Bacolod.

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He is a father of a 3-year-old son. He, together with his team, went under a group Ligtask challenge, which they lost. This means only one of them can stay in the House. The safe housemates decided who will stay in the House.

Roger was saved with two votes. He was placed third during the finale night, and garnered 9. She was born and raised by two mothers, one is her biological mom who is a lesbian while the other is her mother's ex-girlfriend. She recently met her biological father through social media. Currently, she is a part-time dancer and a full-time baker who is busy with her small cakes and cupcake business. She was a former member of the Hotlegs Dance Company.

She exited on Day Charlhone[ edit ] Charlhone Petro born March 23, is a year-old commercial model from Pampanga. Born to a Filipina mother and an American father, his parents left him to his mother's friend who maltreated him when he was young.

Then he was adopted by a family full of military men who lives in Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City. Though he attempted to follow the footsteps of his foster family, he decided to pursue a career in computer technology.

Charlhone lost to Roger with one vote. He was evicted on Day She came from a broken family, witnessing the departure of her father for another woman at an early age. Together with her boyfriend Yexel Sebastianshe releases short films and videos online which then became viral. Their videos have 6 million views now. She currently earns through modelling and her online business. She, together with her team, went under a group Ligtask challenge, which they lost.

Mikee lost to Roger with one vote. She was evicted on Day 79, but re-entered the House on Day 84 as a wild card housemate. She, and cross-over challenger Kamille, fight for a chance to be an official housemate again, with her fate to be decided through public voting.

kamille filoteo and kenzo gutierrez relationship advice

She was born and raised in the UK but decided to live in the Philippines and try her luck as a model here. She once auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother when she was 18 but failed since at that time, she could not speak Filipino.

She lives with her two dogs, and wishes to become an actress in the Philippines so she can bring her family here.

She was nominated on week 14 after losing an endurance challenge. Raised in Hong Konghe has been living in the Philippines for four years now. He understands and speaks basic Filipino. He graduated cum laude at the University of the Philippineswith a degree of Broadcast Communication. Krizia[ edit ] Krizia Alexine Lusuegro born August 14, is a year-old volunteer nurse from Iloilo.

Her father is a retired Philippine Army and now barangay chairman, and her mother a housewife. She started school at age two and was active in extra-curricular activities. Aside from being a nurse, she is also busy managing a small store, selling sweet corns and barbeque. She was nominated alongside on week 2 with James and Margo, but she won the ligtask challenge and was safe from that week. Krizia lost to Roger with one vote.

Jessica[ edit ] Jessica Marasigan born January 7, is a year-old model and beauty queen from Los Angeles, California. She was born and raised in the USbut she grew up being taught Filipino and Catholic values and exposed to Filipino food. She is the second sibling and only girl in the family. James[ edit ] James Linao born January 25, is a year-old overseas Filipino worker who hails from Surigao del Sur. He has worked in different countries for four years, and through this, he was able to fulfill his dream of working abroad and provide for the family.

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He hopes that his stint in the House will allow him to seek justice for his father, a former media man and politician who was murdered in He was nominated on week 10, with Margo. She was born in Angono, Rizal but her mom, who worked as an entertainer, brought her to Tokyo when she was two years old and singlehandedly raised her there.

Having been exposed to Nihonggo for most of her life, she only understands and speaks a little Tagalog. Right afterwards, all the remaining boys along with Barbie were called to the confession room for not wearing their lapel microphones. On Day 3, Bailey was punished to become a human speaker box and to remain as is until Big Brother had told him otherwise. On Day 4, the housemates were given their weekly task wherein they had to create a group performance showing their individual talents within 7 minutes and 37 seconds.

On Day 7, the housemates performed their weekly task; they were not successful after three tries. On the evening of Day 8, the nominees were revealed in the nomination night.

The first nominees were Barbie, Kamille and Bailey; however, Kamille was removed from the list of nominees after winning the Ligtask Challenge. Zonia is the leader of the task. On Day 14, Barbie was evicted from the house after garnering the least number of votes against Bailey. Week 3 On Day Day 15, the second set of nominees were revealed. The nominees were given a chance to save themselves in the "Ligtask" Challenge; however, no one win the challenge, therefore all of the nominees were still up for eviction.

On Day 21, Ailah was evicted from the house after garnering the least number of votes against Bailey, Ryan, Ylona and Zonia. Week 4 On Day 22, the housemates had their "Positive Nomination" wherein they need to choose which housemate is deserving to stay in the house. Franco, Jimboy, Kenzo and Kyle were the top 4 highest pointers and they are saved in the possible eviction.

On Day 28, Ryan was evicted from the house after garnering the least number of votes against Kamille, Ylona and Zonia. Week 5 On Day 30, the housemates were given their fifth weekly task. They were grouped into two groups: Each of the 7 numbers must trend on Twitter for them to win the task; however, each group must still outperform one another in order wherein the winning group will win immunity for the next week's nomination.

The concert was attended by several ex-housemates from the franchise's three editions. It was announced that the "Dream Team" won the challenge, thus they are immune from the nominations for next week.

The team also received a hundred thousand pesos which they will give to their chosen charity, the Bantay Bata The said challenge was won by Kenzo. Week 6 On Day 37, Enchong Dee was revealed as the first celebrity houseguest of the season that will temporarily stay inside the house.

He was first tasked to pretend as a human-size robot toy. On Day 39, the housemates were given their sixth weekly task. They must rally the volleyball times without letting it fall in the water. However, Big Brother gave Jimboy, Kamille, Zonia, and Ylona a chance to decrease the number of rallies by flying on a flyboard.

The number of seconds they stay in the flyboard will be decreased to the rallies needed to win the task. They earned 91 seconds overall, decreasing the required rallies to Throughout the days, housemates were able to use the other apps on the Big Tablet see table below.