Kara and lee relationship problems

Kara and Lee Rec. List: Part Two - Spotty-Handed Villainess

kara and lee relationship problems

Frakked up relationships are part of life and I'm glad that BSG . Come on, a relationship between Lee and Kara has so many potential issues. I've always believed that Lee and Kara needed each other, whether they its worst, their relationship can be terrible and dysfunctional because of that, Mind you, this is a HUGE step for Kara, who likes to bottle up her problems and act out. Their friendship has been full of issues and downright unhealthy at times. Lee and Kara are now both pursuing relationships with other people. I'm actually glad .

Thats a really good example: Blue Banrigh May 14th, They don't need to get romantically involved right now, actually I prefer it if the didn't I like the banter and occasional punch up stage. I'm quite attached to their scene in 33 about the stims and how she gives him a lecture.

He's just standing there looking like he's deciding whether or not to be ashamed or angry. If Kara stays on Caprica then there isn't much opportunity for ship is there?

But the reunion should be fun.

kara and lee relationship problems

At least Lee won't be able to comment on how much time she spent in the brig since it looks like he'll be living there. D And both will most probably be considered social pariahs, one is a deserter and the other is a mutineer. Jeff O'Connor May 14th, Do we really have to compound the names?

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CKO May 14th, No, but all the cool kids were doing it. Vala May 14th, TameFarrar May 18th, I really had to laugh at the face Lee has BUT as Farscape showed us Sci-Fi can pull the rug out anytime Kara doesn't pay attention to them anyway: D spoilers for season 2 Do NOT read if you do not want to be spoiled about Kara and episode 5 I really hope that some of the spoilers I am reading are wrong OR take away her ability to have children.

CKO May 18th, Shipperahoy May 18th, I just read the episode 6 spoilers and Ship Mum At least that is how it reads to me D Shipperahoy May 18th, I went back and read it again and it could definately be the way you took it. It's one of those things where the wording is a bit tricky so it could go either way but I'd much prefer your version. D CKO May 18th, Blue Banrigh May 18th, That would pretty much suck I so hope it is NOT what happens I like that she is tough as nails and I like that she can be soft and feminie as well She could be a girl living down the block I agree with those who do not want them to get together straight away - I believe time is the key, as it is right now there is too much between them and going on around them to simply forget it and play happy couple.

I think the time apart that is obviously going to happen at the beginning of season 2 is a really good idea - gives Lee some time to get over Kara's blunder Nearly losing her put things into perspective for him, and I think Kara leaving for Caprica will have the same type of effect on Lee. CKO May 22nd, Here is a link to ALL of her vids, fic and there are links to the rest of us wannabes as well: TameFarrar May 23rd, D I was a nervous nelly about that vid Marimba will try to get it up soon D CKO May 23rd, May 25th, D probably it for a while: I have worked out my kinks and longing for BSG to reappear on the screen: Its Been Awhile Artist: Kara deals with her insecurities daily AND her love for both of the Adama men beware: D there is a.

CKO May 25th, TameFarrar May 25th, Actually, what was his progress? He improves in their sparring sessions? If all Kara wants is someone to partner with her in her superheroing, the boyfriend she had at the beginning of the season already fit that criteria. Granted, James is much squishier, being a human instead of a superpowered alien. Unlike Mon-El, James is physically vulnerable and could get hurt, and not just from the bad guys.

Kara can punch a car without flinching; dating a human being would come with potential hazards for them if she got too…amorous. She can sleep with him without danger of hurting him. You get it girl. After talking around in circles for almost two hours or was it three?

Club soda is the go-to for non-drinkers at a bar. She cites their cultural differences frequently, but never specifically calls him out for his drinking. So why would a change in that behavior specifically trigger a positive response from her? So does Kara really just want to date a dude who drinks club soda too?

Footage not found, Kara Danvers. Unless maybe it backfired when Adam and James ordered tonic, because she wanted to split a bottle. We understand that relationships can make you feel vulnerable. But Kara has never actually given a relationship a chance to get further than first date and first kiss until now.

It ought to be clear at this point that the writers seem to have invested far more energy into giving Mon-El a backstory to explain his general douchebaggery than they did in giving Kara a reason to even be interested in him. We might mind this less though only slightly were it an actual adaptation of the source material.

But Mon-El in the comics has nothing in common with the Mon-El on our screens. To be brief, Daxam in the comics is not a misogynistic, slave-holding race of frat boys and privileged partiers. Mon-El is not the heir to a sexist, toxic culture who learns how to be a decent guy and caring romantic partner in the comics. In short, this is not an adaptation. Mon-El was a blank slate that the Supergirl writers did what they wanted to with, simply using a familiar name to establish him. Though there are more women-led TV shows now than ever, we are not at a point where representation is good enough for this to be ignored.

kara and lee relationship problems

As we said, we did see potential in Kara being able to fulfill the mentor role she was meant to with Kal-El. Honestly, the way Daxamites are portrayed is so over the top that Mon-El ran the risk of being a kind of misogynistic strawman for Kara to rip into, which could have easily felt too pandering or heavy-handed.

The thing is as Mr. Mxyzptlk of all people pointed out: This is why we keep joking about club soda. The thing is, the fixer-upper trope is sexist, because it plays out in a specifically gendered way. So…kind of hard to call that a feminist masterpiece.

Relationships are work, sure.

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In fact, that underlying mentality is what leads to a culture where women are more likely to stay in unhealthy or even abusive relationships. Though we could write ten thousand words on the ways this line of thought pisses us off, nothing sums it up more than an amazingly on-point speech from The L Word—an often times amazingly off-point show, especially as it has aged.

Apparently others made this connection to Mon-El as well, enough so that it resonated with over 13, people and counting. If this were simply in the context of Kara molding Mon-El into a superhero, that would be one thing, but again, the fact that he becomes her boyfriend adds layers to our discomfort.

We were treated to multiple scenes of him not listening to her, or flat out undermining her, and yet she still makes the decision to enter into this relationship. Like we said, he already needed fixing given his inherent entitled approach to life as a Daxamite, but is this how they demonstrate romantic interest?

With scene after scene of him refusing to listen to her, the woman he is supposed to care for? Fixer-upper tropes are terrible, but at least the problems are usually fixed or the issues are subsiding before the woman dates him!

Instead, Kara is more or less plunked into this relationship where her needs are dismissed, which is the opposite of shocking since his actions prior to them dating fell into this pattern too. Well, first time where neither of them are on drugs. So she is aware of these issues, and seems to want to date him in spite of that. Her acknowledgement, and we guess dismissal, of his issues are often evocative of a battered girlfriend. This was never the case, so why did you think it could work?

He was right about Jeremiah being compromised, and shame on everyone else, including an actual mind-reader, for not seeing it!

Then, the final scene of that episode was supposed to demonstrate that Mon-El is a supportive boyfriend because of his willingness to listen to Kara. After her father betrayed her whole family and the DEO. This is not a difficult situation to parse out. What do you think she needs right now? Were we supposed to find his line romantic? Coming right on the heels of a scene where Maggie instinctively supported Alex in the way she required with no hesitation?

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All this scene showed us was that Mon-El needs to be hand-held and validated through the most basic attempts at emotional intimacy with his girlfriend. Wow, what a winner. Talk her through her decision-making process? Be a sounding board for pros and cons?

Why is she attracted to him at all? Why did there need to be a romantic component to this relationship in the first place? Why was James Olsen abruptly sidelined for this?

Frankly, Mon-El as a love interest is difficult to justify within this show. From what we we saw prior, it was not the type of program that would allow for these horrible implications about what kind of romantic behavior women should tolerate, or even expect.

kara and lee relationship problems

So what the hell does his presence in Supergirl do for Kara? Kara, do you have a source for that? Oddly, our biggest glimmer of hope came at the end of the last episode, immediately after Kara was fired from her job. Reporting is my calling. You know who else does? Supergirl is what I can do.

kara and lee relationship problems

Kara is who I am. I really loved that job.