Kenshin and kaoru relationship advice

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kenshin and kaoru relationship advice

As he grows stronger and stronger under the guidance of the katsujinken Kamiya Kaoru – Yahiko initially views his kenjutsu instructor with a great deal Sagara Sanosuke – Yahiko and Sanosuke have a rather straightforward relationship. After meeting Kenshin, however, Sano is able to put his feelings aside and end his . Myōjin Yahiko - They have a very brotherly relationship. However when things are serious, Sano will give Yahiko his advice and guidance, Kamiya Kaoru - Sanosuke often treats Kaoru like a child and plays jokes and pranks on her. Both Kenshin and Kaoru tend to hide what they really are, or perhaps in Kenshin's case trying to find a balance in life contrasting his past experiences. Because.

In her first appearance, Kaoru searches for the assassin Hitokiri Battosai, who claims to be from Kamiya Kasshin-ryu. Kaoru is saved by the real Battosai, Himura Kenshin, and invites him to her dojo. Enishi says that his goal is not to kill Kenshin, but to make him suffer by killing the person most important to him: When he learns that Kaoru is alive, he and the group rescue her from Enishi.

They marry and have a son, Himura Kenji. Reflectionalthough Kenshin and Kaoru are married he begins wandering again because he needs to help others; he returns every couple of years.

Kaoru lets him go, promising to welcome him home with a smile and their child. Kenshin develops a mysterious disease, and Kaoru convinces him to transmit it to her.

When he returns to Japan, Kenshin collapses in Kaoru's arms and dies.

kenshin and kaoru relationship advice

Many of the character's details changed in her transition to mainstream manga. After Kenshin defeats Takeda, she continues living in the dojo with Kenshin and his friends. According to Watsuki, Kaoru is a "plain, regular girl" despite her commanding qualities. By the first Japanese compilation, he thought that the character worked and many female Rurouni Kenshin readers identified with Kaoru.

I'll think of something. He didn't know why Tomoe had insisted on starting somewhere else, but he hadn't questioned her decision. He couldn't wait to get home and into his own bed, drifting off into a comatose sleep. He grinned to himself at how peaceful that would be. He constantly felt exhausted and there was no place like home. Kenshin took Misao's hand in his as they walked to his waiting car. This woman beside him was a dear friend, even with the short time she'd been with his team.

He looked at her like a little sister. Misao's hand tightened in his as fans waited for them outside, screaming his name and cheering him on. He waved and gave them a tired smile. He appreciated the encouragement, but he really was too tired to put on a mask that he was invincible, even against sleep.

Suddenly, gunshots rang out against the intense noise of the fans. The screams that had been ones of joy immediately turned to terror as they ducked and scattered, trying to avoid being hit. Kenshin turned and tucked Misao into his chest as he pulled her to the ground, a bullet whizzing past him and into the side of his car. They lay there, unable to move as the sounds of guns firing still filled the air.

It felt like an eternity before silenced took control. Time seemed to freeze as no one made a sound and all too soon, it was over.

kenshin and kaoru relationship advice

Kenshin's security team instantly came to the rescue, local law enforcement following right behind them. Himura," one man yelled as the team made their way to his side. She opened her mouth to reply, but her name rang through the air.

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He was in her arms instantly as she pulled him close. As he pulled back, Kenshin cursed; she'd been hit. It wasn't serious, but still enough to piss Aoshi off. Aoshi slowly rose to his feet, turning to the singer. Please…" He just continued to look at her as his gaze softened into understanding. Standing to his feet again, held out his hand towards Kenshin. Kenshin took it and they clapped each other on the back as paramedics made their way to Misao.

Shinamori, we need to take you to the hospital. She reached for his hand again. He took it eagerly, gently squeezing it in reassurance. This name was one he'd never heard before. She hadn't ever mentioned Kaoru to anyone, not since she was much younger. She needed her now though, and Aoshi was the only one she trusted to get in contact with her. The usic was soft and sweet, and she was feeling sorry for herself. It had been two weeks since she'd returned home from Hokkaido.

An assignment had taken her there for two years and finally it was over. She wanted to forget, to move on with her life, ignoring the horrible experience. She hadn't felt like this in years and she didn't know how she could get through it again.

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She sighed and sat up. You're back on the market, so let's get going. There were others out there like her, but none advertised themselves as much as she did. She liked to keep going, jumping from one assignment to the next. She quickly shed her close and put on a fresh tank top and shorts before going to her desk and turning on her laptop.

She clicked the keys rapidly, setting up her profile again. This explained who she was and what she did; her life.

Of course, it was fake, but no one else knew that. When she was on an assignment, nothing existed; nothing. She was a ghost. But now she was back.

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Kaoru looked over her work and smiled. She pushed herself away from the desk and grabbed her purse before she walked out of her apartment. Kaoru walked down the street in the freezing weather. God, she had missed this. Hokkaido had been great, but it wasn't home.