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After giving her a goodbye kiss, Konata had left Kagami's house and . was something special in the relationship between you and Kagami. While waving their hands as a goodbye, the two parted and went their own ways. Miyuki, Konata, Kagami and Tsukasa- Lucky Star Xmas. What others are bid Bidding. Get the best tips and how to have strong marriage/relationship here. How will Konata and Miyuki's relationship affect Kagami's feelings? Konata asked, getting up on the tips of her toes to rub her face up against.

That means we're going later? Well, wake me up once it's time, okay? Three hours passed and after their 'little' nap was over, the two got ready and left Konata's house. They arrived at Miyuki's place and waited for the door to open. Her casual clothes ruined the image a bit, but the welcome was first class. Yuki-chan's not even at hom- ehm, here, right now. Are we too early, sis? She had a small problem with her studies and Yuki-chan shortly went over to help her. She'll be back soon.

Minami-chan's not dangerous at all. Okay, she looks a little scary at first, but she's actually just shy and pretty gentle. Oh, and her dog's super cute! Well… We occasionally visit Minami-chan together or Yuki-chan sometimes helps her with her studies, but I almost meet up with her every day… Why? The main heroine's obviously decided already and that's the one who always wins, Kona.

I don't understand what's going on at all. Because of that, we aren't going to stay there today. They arrived at the mentioned room and Miyuki also returned shortly after. What happened, you two? While she knew that her sister said she almost kissed Konata before they started dating, she never actually saw them doing it afterward.

That was super exhausting and even a little scary…" "What happens to the two of you now? All of them were sitting on their futons in the middle of the room. Kagami and Konata next to each other on one side of the quartet and Tsukasa and Miyuki on the other side.

They looked at no particular direction while chatting, but that had instantly changed after Tsukasa had finished asking her question. A whole minute of silent staring passed and then Konata and Kagami turned to look at each other with a slightly complicated expression. Miyuki never changed her point of view, though.

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Hmm… Incredibly awkward and super embarrassing sounds fitting, doesn't it, Kona? No way, it was the most amazing thing ever. Electric shocks that spread from my lips all the way to my toes… or something like that… Pleasant, overwhelming, and scary at the same time, but most importantly, absolutely addicting.

No, even better because the awkwardness is also gone. And as important…" "Amazing…" Tsukasa unintentionally leaked out an admiring sound. She then looked at Konata, who shook her head. The two agreed without words that it was enough from their side and decided to return the favor.

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Why do you want to know all that? It could be a bit difficult with Miyuki present, though. Without that, it's rather pointless anyway, isn't it? She understood what Konata was doing and felt the same, but it was getting too much. You're right, being curious about it is perfectly fine. I just got a little too excited.

A couple minutes passed before the topic changed to something else. Before Miyuki could even react, she was already dragged out of the room. Romantically like you and Kona-chan? I don't understand the difference…" "There is no difference.

I don't think you two qualify as normal friends, but it also hasn't reached the point of love right now. It isn't a given that it ever will, but that's how I, and Kona, see you two right now. Being friends, no matter to which degree, is perfectly fine. Take it easy and force yourself to nothing until you're sure about your true feelings and even then, do it in moderation.

Maybe try a few things in order to find out where you stand and where you could go if you want, but like I said, be sure not to overdo it. Thank you, I'll think of something while taking it easy. I'm not that good at cooking after all. So, please bear with me in the kitchen. More importantly, making sweets is harder than cooking anyway.

At the beginning, though, it really was pure hell. Well, I look forward to learning a thing or two from you. That's…" "Rather, it would make me really happy if you could call me by my given name. So, what do you want? She instinctively touched her nose, but luckily the blood stayed where it has to be, inside. Especially the first ones like we said, but even now, unsteady legs aren't that rare.

No… not with you, Konata-san…" "I got instantly shot down, huh? Well, that's good, though.

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I would've never done it anyway. Anyway, 'not with me', huh? Anyway, yes, kissing is something you can look forward to doing when you get into a relationship. I must have spaced out again. I'll help you out. Finally, there was only one pen left. Konata's hand got there first, but Miyuki couldn't stop hers in time and ended up wrapping her hand around Konata's. Both of them froze in place and began to blush. Finally, Miyuki withdrew her hand and allowed Konata to pick up the pen.

Both of them seemed to be in a kind of daze as Konata put the pen into her own pocket unconsciously. Anyways, I guess I'll see you all tomorrow. She was here just a minute ago.

Suddenly, her phone began vibrating in her pocket. Miyuki cringed as she froze up, not wanting to make matters worse for herself.

Suddenly, the hand was gone, and several passengers on the train gasped as they shifted away from the intrusive man. The man got up, rubbing his face, and turned around. Until he got off at the next stop, there were no further problems. Once he got off the train, Miyuki turned to Konata and bowed. Miyuki's blush only deepened hearing that, and some train passengers began shifting away nervously.

I kind of left them in the dust. After all, it was pretty short notice. It's no problem for you Miyuki-san. I already told my dad I'd be out for the night. People who don't know you might think you're compensating for something. Miyuki's face practically lit up as Konata got in close. Did I overstep my boundaries? Let's go to your room. Once inside, Miyuki felt that she needed to say something. Konata just laughed and took Miyuki's hands in her own, surprising the now teary-eyed girl.

Both Konata and Miyuki were sitting on the blunette's bed and looking into each other's eyes. He stopped in his tracks though when he saw his daughter kissing Miyuki. All color seemed to drain from his face as his nose sprung a red leak. He's pretty much gone at this point.

So why would it be odd that the girls keep being hetero? Why do you support konataXkagami? Is it because you don't want to let any random males into the story? Why must the girls find love? The mangas are going from High School to University as of yet. They could find boyfriends after University. That could indicate that Yoshimizu isn't really keen on the idea of a lesbian relationship between anyone.

Forsakn Wrath The most likely reason why there is 'KonataxKagami' is due to fan-service and similar means.