Koyomi and hitagi relationship questions

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koyomi and hitagi relationship questions

The Monogatari Japanese anime television series is based on the light novel series of the .. However, after seeing Koyomi and Hitagi in a relationship, she became . Koyomi concludes that Oshino believed he could handle the problems. Araragi takes Hitagi to Oshino Meme and instead of curing her, Meme problems, and these aren't problems on like, an unjustifiable level, by which I by Araragi and Tsukihi's sibling relationship and their age difference. At home, Koyomi is the only person who thinks that his family relationship is bad, . Hitagi's determination to pay back her debt from Koyomi and his problems at.

In their own ways, fights are also valid forms of communication. As she put it that way, Koyomi saw the validity in the argument and agreed, especially since he had done the same before. This point proved significant for his characterization several times later on. They first talked about him seeking a new member for Araragi harem, and Koyomi denied the existence of such circle for specific reasons. It might just endanger them so she told him that he needed the courage to keep secrets.

Accepting the challenge of convincing him, Hachikuji started dropping strong examples. Lulled by the awesomeness of the words into admitting defeat, Araragi learned a new technique of wordplay. As he did the handstand that they agreed the loser would do, he used the new technique he just learned to make his defeat sound positive.

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Then he used it again impressing Hachikuji and she started fearing that she taught him a dangerous method. This is his other participating trait in constructing his tendency to use methods he learned beforehand, his ability to learn quickly. Araragi Koyomi is a fast-learner, as showcased in this instance. There were also noticeable improvements in his conversation skills, shown through his struggle with words while talking to Hanekawa during Spring Break, as opposed to his proficiency in Nisemonogatari, mostly thanks to conversing with Hachikuji.

There were also improvements in his narration as we move on, with more adept commentaries, concise information and better presented screen flashes. His fast-learning trait was supplemented by his consideration of suggestions and critique. In episode 9 of Nisemonogatari, Hachikuji criticized his poor ad-libbing and then in that very discourse, he responded a proper ad-lib and felt proud.

His interactions with Hachikuji were always full of linguistic tricks and wordplay, and childhood is when one learns to speak. This further strengthens my claim about her being the representation of his childish playfulness. She remarked that he spent so much time worrying about others and only foisted his problems on Shinobu and her, saying that she was honored, and they promised to talk about any problem to each other.

But perhaps the iron was in his blood, as the entire Araragi family was shown doing the same. When Nadeko feigned ignorance after being asked about her appearance, he was genuinely shocked at the behavior even though feigning ignorance is his specialty.

Even during this visit, he pretended not to notice Nadeko trying to seduce him despite it being so obvious. Basically, he lied to himself about being dense while expressing another layer of denseness to Nadeko, showing how multi-layered his thoughts are. Some of the later actions in the story were based on his realizations in this scene. He previously noticed how insincere she was, and now he witnessed how she was dangerous for his relationship.

koyomi and hitagi relationship questions

Both of these left impressions on him, which came to be of importance later on. As they were talking on phone and she undressed to tease him while being careless enough to keep the partition to her room open, her grandmother came down the hallway looking at her with sad eyes and passing by without missing a step.

Kanbaru was traumatized but she was later seen doing the same, which showed the contrast between her and Koyomi. Like how in episode 5, the towel he wrapped around his waist got loose and fell in front of Hanekawa revealing his naked body, and so he was never seen in just a towel in front of anyone outside his family.

So after talking with Kanbaru, he went back to his house to grab his cycle and started off to her house. He saw Karen walking on her hands on his way and stopped to talk to her about how doing handstand on public was disgraceful. Ironically, he had done the same just a while ago and Karen pointed out that she felt like he was trying to avoid talking about himself, which he flat out denied. Then they had some interesting conversation between siblings.

When he revealed his original intention, she told him that he was free to look all he wanted if such ugly things satisfied him. Araragi then proposed her for marriage to take responsibility. One of the major traits of Araragi Koyomi is his tendency to take responsibilities too soon in a self-centered manner.

While this playful and funny little instance showcased how he tried taking responsibility without considering how Senjougahara would react, but there were many serious instances throughout the series. In Spring Break, he felt solely responsible for every killing Kiss-Shot would do from then on because he helped her survive.

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Which is why he asked Kanbaru for permitting him to clean her room when he first came here. He then decided never to open the conversation with Hachikuji with sexual harassment. After cleaning the room, they talked about his relationship with different girls. When he brought up that Senjougahara might also kill Hanekawa if he married her, Kanbaru hinted that those two had their own relationship.

koyomi and hitagi relationship questions

Kanbaru told him that it was easy for girls to take advantage of his kindness and so he should be careful. Then they played a game where Araragi easily won, showing how good he was at games.

So he proposed to decide a punishment game for the next round and told her never to start gambling as a condition. It was a clever way to ensure her safety, showing how he tried to be a proper senior. As he was leaving, he asked her what she told her grandparents about her hand as he was having his own consideration about supernatural secrets.

After leaving their house, Araragi encountered a man with an overwhelming sense of ominousity, Kaiki Deishuu. He remarked that Araragi was quite polite for a child those days, which was quite true.

Araragi was a genuinely kind and empathetic person which was shown in the very beginning of the anime during his conversation with Hitagi in her place.

Throughout the series, he was shown to be helpful, considerate, caring and generally a nice person. That, alongside being good looking and the vice class-representative, led him to be quite popular with the underclassmen. As their little chat ended and Kaiki moved on, Araragi thought of following him since he seemed suspicious, but then reverted back feeling that getting involved with Kaiki would be a bad idea.

Then he met Senjougahara on his way back, who confirmed that he was quite popular with girls. As they were walking, Araragi mentioned him meeting Kaiki and the next thing he knew, he was confined in the cram school. His phone rang when he was talking to Hitagi, and as he saw his sister mailed him asking for help, he instantly stopped playing around, showing how he was overprotective in his own way. Whenever he was getting angry as Karen was being annoying, Hanekawa was criticizing him. Before they talked about Kaiki, Tsubasa remarked that Araragi was addressing himself as well when he was telling his sisters that they were right but not strong.

Then he asked if she was implying that they bothered him because he was the same and she said that it was more like he bothered himself.

koyomi and hitagi relationship questions

He did indeed bother himself, judging by how harsh a judge he was to himself so far and there were even greater examples of it later on. And it was true that he was the same as his sisters regarding what he scolded them for. As he was contemplating while lying in the bathtub, Oshino Shinobu emerged from his shadow stark naked and started joking about having to marry Araragi. Finally seeing her speak was a small relief in such stressful situation, something he needed.

From Shinobu, who had been under the care of Oshino Meme and was forced to listen to many oddity-related stories, Araragi learned of what was ailing Karen. Afterwards, the aforementioned scene about his towel falling in front of Hanekawa occurred. Shinobu and Hanekawa both remarked how he was quite hard on his family, which was a significant aspect of Koyomi.

He was harsh on his dear ones and harsher on himself. And it troubled him when he faced rebuttal to those borrowed notions. The final scene of the arc shows Senjougahara, Hanekawa and Araragi in front of the cultural festival, most likely running it and enjoying themselves. Koyomi Water This section contains content from Koyomimonogatari. Karen Bee Edit This section contains content from Nisemonogatari. Hitagi captures Koyomi under the excuse of "protecting him" and detains him inside an unknown location.

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During this time, Hitagi provides food and drink to Koyomi while he is chained up to the wall, but later allows Koyomi to get away from his restraints after she relays a message concerning his sister. She later reveals that she has been "working for" Tsubasa in confronting Deishuu Kaikithe first of five conmen who had swindled away much of the Senjougahara family's earnings, after his arrival in town and his influence on the middle school where Koyomi's younger sisters are studying in.

Initially, she planned to take Kaiki down herself and refuses any help, even from Koyomi. However, after a short talk with Koyomi, who shares Hitagi's feelings against Kaiki due to Karen's oddity -related sickness, she allows Koyomi to join her. The day after, Hitagi and Koyomi meet up with Kaiki on a nearby amusement park, where Hitagi first confronts the conman and Hitagi in a long time. During their conversation, Hitagi is unable to defend herself against Kaiki's deceitful words, but was able to negotiate Kaiki's departure from the town, finally curbing the spread of supernatural charms between junior high school students in the area.

koyomi and hitagi relationship questions

Tsukihi Phoenix Edit Hitagi leaves town with her father during Tsukihi Phoenix, spending much of the summer vacation in a beach elsewhere. It is shown by the end of the arc in the anime that Hitagi has cut her hair short.

Hitagi Senjougahara

With her hair cut short, it became a turning point for Hitagi. She had the same hairstyle ever since grade school so she decided to go to a hair salon to finally change it. Hitagi did this because she was finding closure to everything that has happened to her in the past. It was her own way to accept it. A fire breaks out from the Hanekawa Residence, causing Tsubasa to lose her home and belongings. Hitagi warmly accepts her into her apartment unit in Tamikura-sou, where Tsubasa spends a few days until Hitagi's father returns, forcing Hitagi to bring her to the Araragi Residence.

During Tsubasa's stay in her house, Hitagi manages to talk to Black Hanekawa, and this motivates Tsubasa's alternate persona to protect Hitagi and her home from an attack by the oddity later named Kako. Ougi Formula Edit This section contains content from Owarimonogatari. Two years before the present time, a first-year Hitagi was part of the class that was put under scrutiny after the results of the final exams for mathematics revealed a big margin between the scores of those who joined a study group and those who didn't.

Hitagi achieved a score of 98, the third highest in the class, but mostly eluded the commotion in the class assembly held by then class president Sodachi Oikura because of her aloof personality. Sodachi Riddle Edit Sodachi returns to school after two years since the mathematics exam incident. She expresses her loathing toward Koyomi and stabs him with a pen, but Hitagi appears, threatens to kill Sodachi and claims that she is the sole person allowed to stab Koyomi with stationery.

Despite Tsubasa's attempts to restrain Hitagi and stop her from doing anything violent, Hitagi is slapped by Sodachi, and Hitagi knocks her out with a punch before falling unconscious herself. They discuss their current circumstances, and Hitagi comments that she is trying hard to become Araragi's bride.

She also admits that she would switch to a more-qualified person than Koyomi if given the chance. Hitagi also mentions how much effort she puts into being a special person for Koyomi and Kanbaru, and tells Koyomi that she loves him. Nadeko Medusa Edit This section contains content from Otorimonogatari. Hitagi contacts Koyomi by phone, who is attacked by Nadeko, and she makes a deal with the snake god, asking her to wait until after graduation ends, after which Nadeko can freely kill her, followed by Koyomi and his companion Shinobu Oshino.

Nadeko accepts the deal, and becomes the god of Kita-Shirahebi Shrine for the meantime. During Hitagi's phone conversation with Nadeko, Hitagi states that she hates cute brats like Nadeko.

koyomi and hitagi relationship questions

Hitagi End Edit This section contains content from Koimonogatari. At the start of the new year, Hitagi contacts Deishuu Kaiki to request him for an important job. This request takes the two to Okinawa, where Hitagi asks Deishuu to deceive Nadeko Sengoku in order to save her and Koyomi's lives. Initially, Deishuu sees himself uninterested in helping Hitagi and meddling with the affairs of a snake god. However, he eventually agrees to the job by using Suruga Kanbaru's well-being as a source of motivation.

Hitagi and Deishuu maintain a line of communication during the latter's sole investigation of Nadeko's circumstances, and she occasionally meets with Deishuu to ask about the progress of his work, as well as share information about Nadeko. Deishuu eventually finishes the job and extracts the snake god talisman from Nadeko's body, after which Hitagi thanks the conman for the last time.

Yotsugi Doll Edit This section contains content from Tsukimonogatari. On Valentine's Day, after dealing with a troubling episode of manifesting the characteristics of a vampire, Koyomi visits Hitagi at her house in Tamikura-sou. No longer the distant girl from before, she is cheerful enough to call Koyomi "Koyokoyo" and she prepares handmade chocolate for him.