Leon kennedy and claire redfield relationship problems

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leon kennedy and claire redfield relationship problems

Leon Scott Kennedy is an American federal agent for the Division of Security Backing into an alleyway, Leon stumbled upon another survivor named Claire Redfield, who . Manuela turned out to be Javier's daughter; she contracted a rare disease, During Operation Javier Leon had a similar relationship with Manuela. Aeon is the het ship between Leon and Ada from the Resident Evil fandom. Leon and Ada have a complicated relationship that goes back since Ada has no problem using Leon to further her own goals. Chris Redfield tells Leon that " Ada Wong" is dead, Leon believing it truly is her, he hangs his head in silence. The Resident Evil: Degeneration movie features plasticine In the film, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield team up for the first time The dominant problem, though, is that the narratives of games are We have high hopes of video game movies because our emotional relationship to games is so strong.

He also gets beat up by the villainous Albert Wesker, his former STARS commander who, by this time, had become something else entirely.

Claire Redfield

When Chris finally returned in Resident Evil 5, he had undergone a drastic redesign away from his normal physique.

To say the least, Chris had put in a little extra time at the gym. In a none-too-subtle allusion to his career-defining role, Chris is found locked up in a maximum-security jailhouse, which he then helps Alice and her friends to escape.

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His role in the film is an "in-name-only" incarnation of Chris Redfield, lacking any notable connection to his video game counterpart. As a result, Chris' reunion with his sister Claire is a little more than a ridiculously unbelievable coincidence, and thus lacks the emotional impact of the comparable sequence in Code: Still, Wentworth Miller is a tremendously watchable actor, and he is clearly enjoying his role in the endearingly silly Resident Evil: She rode into Raccoon City on her motorcycle in search of her brother, but found only zombie carnage.

Fortunately, like her brother, Claire is a survivor, and she managed to escape Raccoon City alongside Leon and young Sherry Birkin.

leon kennedy and claire redfield relationship problems

Claire next appeared in Resident Evil: Veronica, where she attacked an Umbrella facility in Paris in an effort to fight Umbrella and find her brother. Her most recent appearance is in Resident Evil: The legend goes that Claire's role in Resident Evil: Extinction was originally written for Jill Valentine, but when Sienna Guillory was unable to reprise her role, the part was rewritten for Ali Larter to play another kickass female from the games.

The Mad Max -inspired tone of that third RE film isn't exactly in line with the games upon which it is based, but it was fun to see Claire appear in some capacity, even if she scarcely resembled her video game incarnation. Still, the next film, Afterlife, changed Claire's hair from Larter's natural blonde to the video game's original red, bringing her more in step with her classic design. Why is he so beloved? Maybe it's the alliteration in his name. Maybe it's his fondness for oversized magnums.

Maybe it's his terrible-yet-charming delivery of lines like " You were almost a Jill sandwich.

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Kennedy and Claire Redfield. No other pairings between the two. Don't hesitate to message me about a LeonClaire story you want to add. Also if you want to become a member of the staff you're more then welcome. Cracks in Our Walls by Tsuki Kakumei reviews They always told her that a fairytale ended with the prince marrying the princess and living happily ever after in wedded bliss, but they were wrong.

They were all wrong. Resident Evil - Rated: The Leon and Claire Chronicles by tsugaru17 reviews An unexpected death results in a chance for two friends to reunite under moderate circumstances. New Year by Xanthia Oliphant reviews "15 seconds!

His to carry, his forever-—the first hint that this would be his life from now on. There was no normal… Resident Evil - Rated: T - English - Chapters: Meanwhile Leon keeps getting nightmares of zombies even though he's not seen one in years. Sequel to We Need Help. Leon couldn't agree more.


Behind the scenes[ edit ] Claire Redfield was originally known as 'Elza Walker', the female lead in the original version of Resident Evil 2 inafter a year of work, this version of the game was scrapped by the development team and is now widely referred to as " Resident Evil 1. In the released version of the game, rewritten by Noboru SugimuraElza Walker, a blond [12] college student and motorcycle racer, [13] [14] [15] was changed into Chris Redfield's sister named Claire.

She was given physical features which more closely resemble her brother, her signature jacket with "Made in Heaven" printed on the back, and a sheath for a standard-issue S. I thought she should look the same, but the game director made her that way because she had such an experience in Resident Evil 2, she could handle any situation now!

leon kennedy and claire redfield relationship problems

The game's producer Michiteru Okabe said: Her wardrobe was also redesigned, with her original hotpants replaced by jeans trouses and the jacket now being long-sleeved. Anderson 's series debut Resident Evil: ExtinctionClaire is the leader of a convoy of zombie apocalypse survivors who, at the end of the film, go to Alaska in search of a safe haven. AfterlifeClaire is ambushed by the Umbrella Corporation and manipulated by a device that controls her and impairs her memory by injecting a drug into her bloodstream, before she is rescued by Alice and reunited with her brother Chris.

Claire did not return in Resident Evil: Retributionwhere she, Chris, and K-Mart are presumed dead but were captured by Umbrella. The Final Chapterwhere she teams up with Alice and the Red Queen to save the remnants of humanity. Later, Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt decided to have a separate game character appear alongside the previous film's lead Alice: Degenerationreuniting her with Leon S.

The film is set seven years after the events of Resident Evil 2 and Claire has become a prominent TerraSave member. Together, the three of them survive a zombie outbreak at the WilPharma Corporation's research complex, and eventually expose and arrest the corrupt scientist Frederic Downing.

Perry 's novels Resident Evil: Code Veronica by WildStorm She is also one of main characters in Naoki Serizawa 's manga Biohazard: Romero 's Japanese TV commercial for Resident Evil 2 [41] and in a viral marketing video to promote Resident Evil 5 despite her not appearing in actual game. Viper in the fighting game Ultimate Marvel vs.