Lisanna and natsu relationship

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lisanna and natsu relationship

Last Updated 2 years ago. A lot of fans wanted Natsu to be with Lisanna. But that didn't work out. And others prefer Lucy and Natsu's relationship together. Natsu and Lisanna hatch a "Dragon's" egg . Lisanna then decides to become Juvia's partner, due to the good relationship she has with Edolas Juvia. “I had imagined a triangular relationship between Natsu, Lisanna, and Lucy. It was my intention,” he continued. “At that time, what fans thought.

Everyone is further shocked, and Happy and Natsu happily try to hug her, but Erza stops them, stating that Lisanna died two years ago. Lisanna then explains the truth to everyone about how Anima absorbed her when Mirajane tried to heal her. Natsu asks why she didn't tell the truth when they first met, to which Lisanna says that she couldn't bear the weight of hurting her adopted siblings.

While everyone is talking about Edolas, Lisanna joins in and mentions how Natsu's counterpart is more sensitive, cries a lot from being picked on, and is really cute. This makes everyone laugh to the point that they would have liked to see a Natsu who was the exact opposite of theirs.

After the guild's little skirmish is over, Lucy wakes up to find everybody still asleep. Her eyes then fall upon Mirajane, Lisanna, and Elfman with their arms around each other. While looking at them, she comments on how happy she is for them to be able to see each other again. As she looks around again, she sees Natsu, bends down and stares at his face wondering if he has ever felt lonely due to him being unable to see Igneel.

Lucy then comments about how cute Natsu can be while he is asleep. Lisanna then decides to become Juvia's partner. As the participants head towards the island, barely standing the heat, they listen to Makarov as he explains the first round of the trial.

lisanna and natsu relationship

While on the Tenrou the battle between Fairy Tail and Grimoire heart continues. After the battle between Freed, Bickslow, Lisanna and Rustyrose, Natsu, Lucy and the others arrive at the guild's camp when Lucy is shock to see many Fairy Tail members were injured. When Wendy decides to use her healing magic, Lisanna stops her and says she must not trouble herself.

After Natsu sees that Lisanna is safe, he asks Lisanna what had happened. Lisanna tells Natsu that the camp was attack by Rustyrose and luckily Freed and Bickslow fought for them. Lisanna also says that they're all out of magic power and she is sad because Mirajane and the others are injured.

As Lisanna is about to cry, Happy comments that a cheerful character like her must always smile, to which Lisanna agrees. Although reluctant at first, Lucy agrees to his idea and the three are joined by Wendy, Carla and Pantherlily. Before leaving, Lisanna stops Lucy and tells her to stay close to Natsu, saying that he is stronger when he is surrounded by the people that he trusts.

After they flee, the guild celebrates their victory and returns to camp. Everything is interrupted when the "Black Dragon of the Apocalypse", Acnologia lands on the island and starts its rampage. Everyone flees after Makarov defends the guild from the Dragon by himself shortly return to help Makarov though.

Lucy vs. Lisanna

Eventually, the Dragon flies into the air, tired of the battle, and prepares a final attack to destroy the island. As a child, Lisanna wore a simple, pink dress paired with dark red shoes. Before being sent to Edolas, her hair became longer, and she wore a short, dark red dress with a white collar and bow.

On her arms above her elbows, she wore gold rings with a pale pink fabric flowing down from it. She wore tall, black socks along with brown shoes.

lisanna and natsu relationship

In Edolas, Lisanna wore a tank top with crossed straps with a longer skirt. A sash with the Fairy Tail mark was tied around her waist and she wore sandals. Her hair was also worn shorter than it was in Earth Land. After Lisanna arrives back in Earth Land, she wears a light-blue striped shirt, with green short-shorts and sneakers.

On Tenrou Island, Lisanna wears a light green shirt and blue pantie-shorts with a pair of purple slippers. After the 7 year time skip and during the Grand Magic Games Arc, Lisanna is seen wearing a pink spaghetti shirt with a ribbon in the middle and long jeans with flower patterns on it.

A year later in X, Lisanna's appearance changed considerably, as her hair is now tying down in pigtail manner with her front hair loose near in her shoulder.

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Her clothes now consist of a sleeveless uppercut black vest that in the middle has a circle-shaped net and skirt ranging down until her knees. Her member stamp was originally red and was located on her left arm just below the shoulder, however, when she was being sucked into the Anima, her member stamp disappeared.

lisanna and natsu relationship

In Edolas, she changed her stamp to white and is now located on her left thigh. When Lisanna was younger, she was a very kind person. She wanted to help Natsu Dragneel raise an unknown egg to see what comes out of it, being a little more knowledgeable than Natsu.

Whilst raising the egg with him, he learned it was "impossible" to win in an argument with her. Lisanna apparently likes animals especially cats but she hates studying.

Because of her personality, she can easily adjust and be accepted by anyone. History Natsu's History years ago, Natsu was born as the younger brother of Zeref, however, he died at a young age alongside their parents, courtesy of a Dragon attack. This caused Zeref to research Magic and its relation to life and death and, much later, with Zeref using his dead body, he was revived as the strongest Demon: D; whose purpose was to kill Zeref.

During this time he also met Igneel, however, the Dragon chose not to kill him because he loved him extremely so. Fire Dragon Slayer Magic; Igneel ultimately chose, like four other Dragons of that time period, to seal his damaged soul inside Natsu's body and leap four hundred years into the future, recover his strength with the future's high Ethernano concentrations and kill Acnologia.

While initially thought to have been abandoned by Igneel on July 7, X, Igneel, July 7, X was the day and year he awoke in the future, like the other four Dragon Slayers; however, when Natsu woke, he believed that Igneel had abandoned him, not knowing that he had instead opted to reside inside his body for many years to come.

The departure of E. Natsu ended up joining Fairy Tail, in which he formed a close, sibling-like rivalry with Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet. He was also shown to be on good terms with Lisanna Strauss and Elfman Strauss not long after they arrived at the guild.

Thinking it to be a Dragon Egg, Natsu took it to the guild and asked Makarov to make it hatch, but Makarov and Erza told him that he was the only one that could make the egg hatch; through love and care.

Lisanna offered to help Natsu care for the egg until it hatched, to which Natsu happily accepted. The two built a shabby straw house in the park to keep the egg warm, becoming very close in the process.

lisanna and natsu relationship

The next morning, Natsu discovered that the egg was missing, and began to blame several of his guildmates. After arguing with almost everyone in the Guild and nearly starting a fight with Mirajane, Elfman appeared, carrying the egg, explaining that he only wanted to help, but was too embarrassed to ask.

Suddenly, the egg hatched and a blue cat with wings came out. Lisanna remarked upon the sudden change in the guild's atmosphere after the cat's birth, prompting Natsu to name the cat Happy.

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A few years passed and Lisanna partook upon an S-Class job with her siblings, in which she was supposed to hunt a creature called "The Beast". Natsu wished to go with him, but Elfman opposed, as he felt he should be the one to take care of his family. Lisanna was accidentally killed supposedly by Elfman during his attempt at taking over the monster. Though Natsu forgave him, he was grieving over the loss of his close friend.

At one point in time, as Mirajane defeated the demon in her village and gained its abilities, Lisanna and her siblings left the village, being feared by its inhabitants.

Eventually, with Lisanna being around eleven years old at that time, they reached the Fairy Tail Guild and even though Lisanna and Elfman got along well with everyone quickly, their older sister continued to be lonely.

In order to change that, Lisanna and Elfman learned their respective Take-Over. When Elfman tried to Take Over the Beast, he lost control of himself in the new state, and then Lisanna confronted him, trying to calm him down.

However, Elfman's Beast Soul form hit her submissively and made her fly several meters away, just then, Elfman reverted to himself. Relationship Natsu and Lisanna when they first met. Natsu and Lisanna are close childhood friends since they were young, and have always been very close to each other.

Their friendship started when Natsu was standing lonely in the rain probably thinking about his father, Igneel.

lisanna and natsu relationship

Natsu and Lisanna further developed their intimate relationship thanks to Natsu's partner, Happy a catwho, when he was still an egg, was thought to be the offspring of a Dragon, and he wanted to hatch said egg at all costs. Lisanna then agreed to help Natsu, and, in no time, the two became inseparable.

Natsu and Lisanna taking care of the unborn Happy egg. The notable relationship the two of them had was to build a house, that looked like a hut, for the egg. Lisanna said that they were just like a real family, with Natsu being the father, Lisanna the mother, and then the unborn Happy as their child.

A shy Natsu replied that it wasn't a bad idea. Together in their hut, Natsu and Lisanna happily warmed their beloved egg.