Lost girl bo and tamsin relationship help

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lost girl bo and tamsin relationship help

Tamsin is ready to persue a relationship with Bo, but will others loved, but in the end, she didn't have to, Bo truly was his daughter. They both care for you Bo, Lauren even came to me, begging for my help in finding you. Lucky for us, she took time out of her busy schedule to chat about the upcoming Lost Girl finale, about Tamsin's relationship with Bo, and about. Hades kidnapped and imprisoned Tamsin, but she escaped with Bo's aid. Tamsin went into labor and Lauren delivered a baby girl with Kenzi beside her as however, when Bo realized that Tamsin thought they were in a relationship, she.

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Guest- "Valkubus Wedding" I'll write a wedding but if someone comments. This is just a series of Bo and Tamsin doing things like, getting a dog or moving in together.

The stories aren't really connected to each other, unless This is mainly just filler in's between my bigger story 'Choose Valkubus '. Most of the stories are going to be prompts from you guys, so remember to comment something you want to happen between Bo and Tamsin.

A Thanks to ValkudogGuest for the prompt. This one's for you. Valkupet "What the hell is that" Tamsin yelled as she saw Bo bringing something into the shack, wrapped in cloth. The thing was squealing loudly, trying to get away from her.

It was still covered up, so Tamsin still couldn't tell what it was. And what is this 'something'? Bo suddenly had the expression of a child who was caught with they're hand in the cookie jar. Just when she was about to get frustrated, Kenzi walked in looking into a bag she was holding. Do you have the pup?

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You don't exactly live here Tammers She smiled as Tamsin shot her a death glare at the nickname. She's been on board the S. S Valkubus since Tamsin helped Bo save her from being stuck in a crappy cave for forever.

She and the blonde got along better now, but that didn't stop them from getting on each other's nerves. Kenzi just continued unpacking the needed puppy care items. Tamsin betrays Bo and reveals her real goal. As the season draws to a close, Tamsin tries to stop the Wanderer, but he bests her, heading for Bo, who is stolen away in a cloud of black smoke. At one point, Bo-as-Dyson seduces a dancer who is Lauren. In this episode, she finally antes up to face him, but instead of fighting, they end up doing, if you catch my drift.

That dude is even scarier. The only thing that can close the portal? But nothing is straightforward with the Fae, and though Bo loves both Lauren and Dyson, it is Kenzi who is her heart.

lost girl bo and tamsin relationship help

Accepting her fate, Kenzi dies closing the portal to Hel. Everyone talks her through her freakout, and she and Dyson get her healed up real nice.

lost girl bo and tamsin relationship help

Seeking to soothe her wounds, Bo hooks up with poor, love-struck Tamsin. Tamsin had her baby, a girl, but then passed away apparently Valkyries do that when they die. Bo promised to always protect the little girl.

“Lost Girl” Recap (4.04): The Wind Beneath Her Wings

Bo shows up where Tamsin is being held and seems to be trying to unite with Hades. She even sets her home on fire with all her friends inside.

Bo slips Tamsin the key to her cage in a kiss while feigning killing her. She declares herself Queen of the Fae and breaks the object protecting her friends. She feeds, but as she does so, she remembers everything that made her love these people and turns on her father.

Meanwhile, Tamsin has given birth, and Bo sends chi back into everyone to save them, but Tamsin does not want to be saved. Lauren broke it off with Bo.

Since then there has been some kissing and potential reunion between the two, but no actual sex. Meanwhile, Bo and Dyson have been going at it, as well as Bo and Rainer. Bo told Lauren and Dyson that she loves them both and cannot decide between them.

Dyson has indicated an interest in Lauren — saying he would have trouble deciding, too — but Lauren is very clear about only being interested in Bo. Polyamory in season 5 My prediction for season 5 is that Bo and Lauren will have some sex scenes again.

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Sex with Dyson will continue in season 5 as well. But will there be a threesome with Bo, Lauren and Dyson? A lot of people are talking about this.

When people mention polyamory and Lost Girlthey actually mean they want to see this threesome.