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Medaka Box a manga series written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Akira Akatsuki , follows the . The relationship between Shiranui and Zenkichi is frequently commented on by their classmates, often negatively, is the "Reverse Sphinx" - her challengers must create a theme quiz based on any book of their choosing. "Green," Zenkichi moaned, tugging at the right sleeve of his new uniform, the . " If you two don't have any questions about the academy's layout, .. friend for so long even the title of 'friend' did not do the relationship justice. Emukae's declaration to Zenkichi (Medaka Box) (572233.infosta) . I always offered to pay for your lunch even when you were dating Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

Few characters rival her in breast size, and even fewer in power. Oudo tries it, but he just sets her personality back to how it once was. Has a habit of imitating other people's poses. She also has a very distinctive pose involving pointing her fan. The former habit is dropped shortly after the Flask Plan starts, and the latter after losing her position as Student Council President. It's clear from early on that Zenkichi and Medaka like each other, but they don't realize how the other feels.

Medaka at two years old had read the entire contents of a large library and was able to solve math problems that had professors stumped. It's rather telling that during one of the earlier arcs The Flask Planshe drops a mention to the fact that by the time she was a year old she had already accumulated all the academic knowledge she currently possesses.

She has lived by the policy that she was born to help others since she was two years old. It gets deconstructed since this is treated as a flaw. Medaka believes everyone needs her help and can't see the ones she helps as friends which leads her to think of her enemies as more like friends than her allies.

She modifies her uniform to leave some cleavage exposed. It should be noted that Medaka states that she is not exposing her cleavage; she is covering everything else up. Shiranui implies that Medaka is being jealous of her when she tries to keep her and Zenkichi from working together early on, but in truth she just doesn't like Shiranui. On other occasions, such as with Emukae, she laughs it off.

It starts with directly asking a suspected robber about the crime and believing that a dog outfit will let her approach a lost dog without scaring it off. It's around the point when she tests her successors in a Playboy Bunny outfit with an absurdly expensive, absurdly designed video game that they wonder what an ordeal Zenkcihi must have suffered being around her for 13 years. Both very early on in the series before she meets anyone at her level, and later in the series after she's overcome all her rivals.

Culminating in an arc which consists of her beating up every single character in the series except Ajimu, who was " dead " off-panel, a few at a time. She seems to have assigned herself this role toward Kamome, even insisting he refer to her as his sister. Custom Uniform of Sexy: In no way, form or context could her school uniform be considered within school regulations. She wears an extremely short skirt on her custom uniform, though it's not acknowledged as often as her other uniform infraction.

Medaka actually can't befriend people without somehow defeating and "fixing" them first. Zenkichi, the only person who she befriendly normally, eventually comes to the conclusion that he needs to actively oppose her if he still wants to be of any interest to her.

Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: When she was a child, she wondered why someone so incredibly skilled and intelligent was born and came to believe her life was meaningless. Zenkichi was the one who gave her a purpose by telling her she must have been born to make people happy.

This is played with every which way before being finally deconstructed twice over during the course of the series.

Every time, Zenkichi was instrumental in showing Medaka a purpose she would follow. Broken bones, ripped tendons, perforated lungs, losing pint after pint of blood and even being forced to see the world as Kumagawa does completely fail to phase her.

Did something to the moon that caused both she and it to disappear. Zenkichi has devoted his life to being by Medaka's side and protecting her ever since he can remember. In her Hybrid God Mode, the left side of Medaka's hair and her left eye turn black, while the right side of her hair and her right eye become white.

Zenkichi states rather flatly that her kissing Kikaijima meant nothing. After all, Medaka was kissing everybody in her class years back until Zenkichi made her stop. Medaka has a unique variant- the Kurokami Phantom. First, she must shed her footwear ; she needs to go barefoot to make her footsteps perfectly nimble and unfettered.

Next, she leaps up and down in a hypnotic series of bounces until the sound of her jumping is out of sync with her visible movements. Then, she sprawls down and blitzes her opponent with a devastating sonic strike that tears apart everything in the vicinity.

Unfortunately, this attack is so brazen, Medaka's body also takes a beating. Since Zenkichi told her he believed she was born to make people happy when she was two years old, Medaka has dedicated her life to make everyone happy.

Due to her being brainwashed, this was later amended to allow for her own happiness, not just the ones she wanted to help. There is a lot of this in just the first episode. Granted that it is Gainax though. She has the workaholic tendencies of her mother as well as the expectancy of others to follow her example and her father's extravagant and 'larger-than-life' personality and overflowing love. This was intentionally set up by Professor Fukurou, who wanted a more sociable version of his older sister.

Becomes much more energetic and friendly after losing her position to Zenkichi and becoming a "normal" student. When she was a middle school student, she had her hair done in two pigtails. Frequently delivers tackling hugs to Zenkichi. All Abnormals heal quickly and Medaka does so quickly enough to heal broken bones simply by walking around for an hour or so.

After seeing Koga's restructured body she begins healing even faster. In Chapter 36, after Munakata apparently kills Zenkichi by turning him into a Human Pincushionshe can do little else than drop to her knees in disbelief before bawling her eyes out. She also completely breaks down in Chapterwhen Zenkichi not only defeats her in the presidential election, he crushes her. She had devoted herself to helping others and lacks the social awareness to see that people wanted her to be happy herself for a change.

The story focuses on her following her declared purpose of helping those around her with any trouble they may have. As an All-Loving Heroshe often resolves to reform people at all costs. In the Flask Plan Arc, she continues to trust her older sister Kujira despite the latter having no memory and consequently, no attachment of her, and having already proving herself untrustworthy. In the Kumagawa Incident Arc, the Student Council actually wins by the second match, but Medaka doesn't feel right letting Kumagawa leave without helping him.

She also lets him hit her with Book Maker, bringing her down to his level just because he requested it. In the Jet Black Bride Arc, she insists on playing by Momo Momozono's terms to save Zenkichi, who she just agreed to marry despite Ajimu offering to easily solve the situation, and the risk of having to gouge out her own eyes if she loses. Learned after the fight against Munakata, even when she didn't face him.

In the fight against Kumugawa, Medaka asks him what the problem is with not wanting to lose.

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In chaptershe chews Zenkichi out for not wanting to lose. In chapterMedaka exclaims that she thinks no one in the world should have everything go the way they want it to, and Zenkichi rightly points out that, out of anyone, she has the least right to say that.

She has one despite being extremely intelligent, but usually she does behave like an idiot. Medaka is not exactly stupid, but her behavior frequently is.

Maguro Kurokami

She's so smart she passes right back into stupid. For an example, early in the series when Medaka first starts fighting dangerous foes, she lets them get free shots on her. Her idealism leads her to believe that since her foes have no reason to attack her, she has no reason to dodge. She lets her unwillingness to fight result in injury from people actively trying to kill her, because she is unwilling to believe that her enemies have a reason to fight her, and therefore ignores the fact that they are actively doing it.

She was also so overly trusting that she couldn't see through obvious deception, which gets her captured and brainwashed during the Flask Plan arc. I Just Want to Have Friends: She needs people in order to be somebody. Without people she is only stats and abilities, very similar to her step-brother Tsurubami, a thing of enormous power, but without purpose, happiness, or orientation.

After picking up Unzen's Abnormal ability to calculate trajectories she can launch hundreds of superballs at her opponent.

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We don't see her master it to the same level Unzen did, however, though she probably did eventually. She's essentially unbeatable in a fight and never fails at anything important. When the metafiction comes into play, this starts getting played with a lot. She moved an entire building in her fight against Unzen, stating that as Student Council President it was within her rights to move buildings if she deemed it necessary.

How she sees her relationship with Zenkichi since she proposed to him when they first met, but he rejected her they were two-year-olds, so he didn't take it seriously and forgot the whole thing and she assumes the status never changed. After the Student Presidential Election she does give him a much more pointed hint. Knight in Sour Armour: She has stated that she doesn't remotely believe in the absurd notion that all humans are inherently goodbut she does like and believe that she can redeem most people.

Her fundamental personality is most similar to Tsurubami of all other characters, except switching introversion for extroversion. Her Fatal Flawbelieve it or not, because as much as she wants to be The Hero and The Paragonshe does it out of a sense of duty because her being The Ace makes her unable to understand a lot of people hence why she's not good with art or music - they're contingent on expression.

She particularly struggles to understand how it feels to grapple with failure, such as leading a remedial course focused entirely on improving handwriting because she can't comprehend the idea of actually not knowing the answers. Hell, she can't befriend anybody unless she beats them in a fight, so she treats her enemies as friends and her allies as more or less appendages best seen with Zenkichi.

This takes a pretty depressing tone once we learn about her goal in life. In the end, however, she gets better by the epilogue. She is prone to dramatic speeches peppered with over-the-top poses some of which come from other serieslike The Ginyu Force. The End has been shown to have two significant flaws. First, there are abilities she simply should not perfect. It is implied that if she perfected Munakata Kei's bloodlust Abnormality she would simply feel an even greater urge to kill than he does rather than be able to turn it off.

Similarly, a Minus that gets stronger often becomes less controllable, such as Emukae's. Second, due to perfecting things without the need to work at them her self expression is atrocious.

Thus, when she plays music she actually ends up quite boring. This makes it impossible for her to copy a Style. Lonely at the Top: During her childhood, she did things so effortlessly that she couldn't make any friends.

Losing a Shoe in the Struggle: Kurokami Phantom is this by default, which requires Medaka to be barefoot, so she's forced to slip off her shoes and stockings in the middle of battle. There's also the time Medaka tried to repeatedly kick Tsurubami in the face and he ends up eating shoe.

When she pries herself loose, her shoes pop off and remain stuck in his mouth. Doesn't bother her, much though, as she actually likes fighting with her shoes off. She even teases him that he must really like shoes to hold onto them like that, and Tsurubami admits he was fascinated with schoolgirls' indoor shoes growing up. She gets a lot of reaction shots that show off her figure as much as possible.

Master of the Mixed Message: Zenkichi is present at Medaka's inauguration ceremony. The two discuss Medaka's numerous achievements, before Shiranui asks Zenkichi if he plans the join the Student Council.

Zenkichi adamantly insists that he won't, only for Medaka to appear behind him and drag him off. In the Student Council room, Zenkichi complains to Medaka about her treatment of him, only to be shocked when he finds she has been undressing behind him.

While he insists she have some shame, Medaka only responds that it's fine because they are childhood friends. She tells him that while she has never found a job challenging, she wants Zenkichi to stay by her side. She then reads the suggestion box's first request: After Medaka easily disarms Moji, she hands his sword over to Zenkichi as she confiscates all of the delinquents' cigarettes when they try to surround the pair of them.

Watching, Zenkichi's inner thoughts explain to the reader how Medaka manages to pull of these incredible feats. He continues to narrate as Medaka preaches to the Kendo Cluband is apparently pulled into their reeducation, as he is seen quite worn out the next day. While having lunch with Shiranui, he continues to explain how Medaka is unaware how much greater she is than other people, and that she can't understand the feelings of those who try hard and don't succeed. When he declares that the job is finished though, Shiranui comments that he doesn't really understand Medaka either, as she won't stop until she reforms the Kendo Club.

When Zenkichi hears complaining about the club from behind him, he turns around only to find no one there. She also tells him that after the recruitment meeting later in the day, Zenkichi won't have to worry as the Studen Council positions will be filled. Despite the reassurance, Zenkichi is left uneasy, but forgets his worries when he arrives at the kendo hall, finding the once filthy building to have been cleaned. He is told off by Medaka for coming late, as she had cleaned the entire hall by herself.

Zenkichi chastises her for doing all this for complete strangers, to which Medaka responds she only feels happy when she is helping others. Zenkichi makes to leave, but is shocked to find that all the members of the Kendo Club have returned despite Medaka's harsh treatment.

Moved, Zenkichi finally agrees to join the Student Council and demands an armband; an overjoyed Medaka hugs him. Zenkichi realizes this ending was inevitable, as he has always been in love with Medaka. Medaka assigns him the position of general affairs manager, and tells him to work his way up. Understandably upset, Ariake asks the pair to find the cluprit. While Medaka promises to expose the culprit in one day, Zenkichi is more skeptical, citing their lack of evidence.

However, using her incredible abilities of deductive reasoning, Medaka managers to narrow down the range of suspects considerably. It is Shiranui's information though that allows Zenkichi to track down Isagi Isahaya as the most likely suspect in the attack on Ariake. When Medaka confronts Isahaya directly, Zenkichi is stunned.

When Isahaya flees, Zenkichi makes to follow, but not before Shiranui tells him his new look is weird. After Isahaya also tells him he looks weird, he takes his jersey off, and tells Isahaya that he'll follow Medaka's lead, and believe that she'll never do something like this again. The next day, while wondering why no one appreciates his style, Zenkichi is approached by Ariake, who tells him that the sneakers she was using to train with were replaced with new running shoes and a note saying "Sorry.

When the Student Council receives a request to find a lost puppy, Medaka orders Zenkichi to take care of it while she handles two other requests. When Zenkichi asks if it's okay for him to be working by himself, Medaka sadly reminds him that she has never been good with animals. Zenkichi brings Shiranui along with his as he goes to find the lost pet. Shiranui expresses her surpise that even the "invincible" Medaka has a weak point, Zenkichi tells her that she had a rather traumatic incident in the past with the primary school class pet.

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi

When Shiranui asks if that could undermine Medaka's presidency, Zenkichi reminds her that that is where he comes in.

He then tells her to lead the way. Shiranui tells him she heard about a dog living on campus, and leads him to a fully grown canine, which closely resembles a wolf. When Zenkichi tries to insist it can't be the dog they're looking for, Shiranui tells him it is an adult Borzoi, also known as the Russian Wolf-Hound. A horrified Zenkichi asks if she is going to help him, only to be told by Shiranui that she just came to watch him get mauled. She then hands him sausages to use in an "internal organs" joke; which Zenkichi unfortunately fulfills when he tries to unsuccessfully capture the dog.

Zenkichi and a depressed Medaka. The next day, a worn Zenkichi reports in to Medakai that the puppy has grown up, and that he and Shiranui were unable to capture it, and that he had a hard time telling their client Urushi Akizuki what happened. Medaka express her annoyance in seeing Zenkichi and Shiranui get along so well, and when Zenkichi tells her not to worry and just leave things to him and Shiranui, she becomes quite disturbed.

After Zenkichi compliments Shiranui a bit more, Medaka decides to handle the request herself after all. To deal with her animal problem, Medaka dresses up in a dog outfit from the Drama Club, much to Zenkichi's chagrin. Shiranui and Zenkichi both agree that though her logic is sound, her method is ridiculous.

When he insists that he and Shiranui can handle the request, Medaka becomes more annoyed than ever, and goes forward anyway. As Medaka approaches the dog, Shiranui remarks that Medaka is much more human than she expected, getting jealous, acting stupid, and having a problem with animals. Zenkichi corrects her, telling her that it's actually the animals that have a problem with Medaka: When Medaka reaches the dog, it becomes so terrified that it runs away and hides behind Zenkichi.