Michael corleone and tom hagen relationship

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michael corleone and tom hagen relationship

Or Pacino's Michael Corleone brandishing a shotgun, taking revenge for the death Think Tom Hagen is the rock of composure and intellect?. As Napoleon pointed out, by this time Michael was becomming paranoid of everyone. Tom was more interested in keeping peace, and to some. He was adopted by Vito Corleone, the head of an Italian-American organized Tom Hagen. xx.x% His relationship with Michael and Sonny remains strong.

The Corleone family has relocated to Nevada, while Frank Pentangeli runs the family's operations in New York, Clemenza having died a few years before. Although Michael is the most powerful Mafia leader in the nation, he still actively works to remove the Corleone family from crime.

His efforts have been largely unsuccessful, however, as his many enemies and growing obsession with revenge keep him tethered to the criminal underworld. Michael plans to finally legitimize the family by negotiating with Hyman Rothhis father's former business partner, over controlling casino operations in Cuba.

Hours after Anthony's First Communion party, unseen gunmen shoot at the Corleone house, nearly killing Michael and Kay. Michael suspects Roth ordered the hit, and believes a mole within the Corleone family aided him. To uncover Roth's involvement, Michael maintains their business relationship, and orders Pentangeli to settle a dispute with Roth's business partners, the Rosato Brothers. When Pentangeli meets with them, they try to kill him, but he survives.

Michael, Roth, and Fredo travel to Cuba to forge a partnership with Fulgencio Batista allowing them to operate casinos in Cuba without interference in exchange for generous payments to the Cuban government. Michael sends his bodyguard to eliminate Roth on New Year's Evebut Cuban soldiers kill the bodyguard during the attempt.

That same night, Fredo unintentionally reveals that he was the mole within the family; Michael confronts Fredo and gives him the Sicilian " kiss of death ". During the New Year's Eve festivities, victorious rebel forces enter Havanaforcing Batista into exile and ruining Michael's plans. Fredo, fearing Michael, runs off; Roth escapes to Miami.

michael corleone and tom hagen relationship

Meanwhile, Pentangeli, believing Michael had ordered a hit on him, prepares to testify against him in the Senate 's investigation of organized crime. However, Michael has Pentangeli's brother Vincenzo brought from Sicily.

Just prior to the hearing, Vincenzo and Frank exchange glances. Understanding the threat, Pentangeli recants his earlier sworn statements, throwing the hearings into chaos and effectively destroying the government's case against Michael.

Fredo confesses to Michael that Roth's right-hand man, Johnny Olahad promised to reward him for information about Michael. Fredo also reveals that he resented being "passed over" to head the family in favor of Michael, and that he withheld key information about the Senate investigation. Michael disowns Fredo, and tells his capo Al Neri that nothing is to happen to his brother while their mother is alive — the implication being Neri has been given a contract to assassinate Fredo after their mother's death.

Meanwhile, Kay decides to leave Michael and take their children with her, believing Michael will always live in a world of crime and violence. Michael asks her to reconsider, but Kay reveals she aborted their unborn son because she refused to bring another child into the Corleones' crime world. Enraged, Michael strikes Kay and banishes her, preventing her from seeing their children. Following their mother's death, and at sister Connie's behest, Michael seemingly forgives Fredo, but it is actually a ploy to draw Fredo in closer in order to have him killed.

Soon after, Neri murders Fredo on Michael's orders. At the same time, Michael sends Hagen to persuade Pentangeli to commit suicide to spare his family, and has caporegime Rocco Lampone kill a heavily guarded Roth at Idlewild Airport upon his return to the U. The film ends as Michael recalls a surprise birthday party for his father on December 7, In a flashback scene, Michael informs the family that he has dropped out of college to enlist in the Marines. Only Fredo supports Michael's decision.

When Vito arrives off-screen, everyone goes to greet him except Michael, who sits alone. The film closes with Michael sitting alone in the Corleones' Lake Tahoe compound. Michael has moved back to New York and taken great strides to remove the family from crime. He turns over his New York criminal interests to longtime enforcer Joey Zasa. Ridden with guilt over his ruthless rise to power, he uses his wealth in an attempt to rehabilitate his reputation through numerous philanthropic acts, administered by a foundation named after his father.

A decade earlier, he gave custody of his two children to Kay, who has since remarried. He sells his gambling interests to the other Mafia families and reorganizes his vast business holdings as the "Corleone Group".

At the ceremony, Michael and Kay have an uneasy reunion after nine years. Kay supports their son Anthony's decision to reject the "family business" and become an opera singer, and tells Michael that both she and Anthony know the truth about Fredo's death. Michael had initially wanted Anthony to finish law school, but consents to Anthony going his own way. FrankAndrewtwo daughters one named Giannaa dachshund named Garbanzo and a border collie named Elvis.

Andrew later becomes a priest and also Michael's godson, and since he is Andrew's godfather, Michael helps to get Andrew a position in the Vatican. He left and was surprised by Nick Geraci who had been hiding in the back of Tom's car and secretly following him for days.

michael corleone and tom hagen relationship

He had Tom drive to a rural, swamp filled area and then knocked him unconscious with his pistol. When Tom came to, he realized that his hands and feet had been duct-taped together and that his car was sinking into the swamp and quickly filling with thick, brown water. While waiting for his death, Tom recalled some of his fondest memories: He died with happy memories in his mind, as the water engulfed Tom and the car totally.

Though his body was never found, Michael Corleone was sent by Nick Geraci a dead baby alligator with Tom Hagen's wallet in its mouth, to imply that Tom Hagen slept with the alligators. He was 54 years old. In video games Tom Hagen in The Godfather: The Gamewith Robert Duvall reprising his role. He is saved by Aldo Trapani after being kidnapped by Sollozzo, and serves as an advisor throughout the story.

He is therefore added to Dominic's family tree. Tom becomes to a loyal consigliere to Dominic and is present at the Mangano Compound following the defeat of the family's enemies. Personality and traits Edit Tom always tried to approach a dangerous situation with a civil outcome.

Players couldn't get a drink at the table! What's the matter with you? I leave for New York tomorrow, think about a price. Do you know who I am? I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders! Wait a minute, Moe, Moe, I got an idea. Tom, you're the Consiglieri and you can talk to the Don, you can explain Now hold it right there.

The Don is semi-retired and Mike is in charge of the Family business now. If you have anything to say, say it to Michael. You do not come to Las Vegas and talk to a man like Moe Greene like that! Fredo, you're my older brother, and I love you. But don't ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Mr Corleone is Johnny Fontane's godfather. Now Italians regard that as a very close, a very sacred religious relationship. Tell your boss he can ask for anything else, but this is one favour I can't grant him.

Corleone never asks a second favor once he's refused the first, understood? Johnny Fontane never gets that movie. That part is perfect for him. It'll make him a big star. I'm gonna run him out of the movies.

And let me tell you why.

Michael Corleone

Johnny Fontane ruined one of Woltz International's most valuable proteges. For three years we had her under contract, singing lessons, dancing lessons, acting lessons. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was gonna make her a big star. And let me be even more frank, just to show you that I'm not a hard-hearted man, that it's not all dollars and cents.

She was young, she was innocent.

michael corleone and tom hagen relationship

She was the greatest piece of ass I've ever had, and I've had 'em all over the world. And then Johnny Fontaine comes along with his olive oil voice and guinea charm and she runs off. She threw it all away just to make me look ridiculous. And a man in my position can't afford to be made to look ridiculous.

Now you get the hell out of here! And if that goomba tries any rough stuff, you tell him I ain't no bandleader. Yeah, I heard that story. Thank you for the dinner and a very pleasant evening. Have your car take me to the airport.

Mr Corleone is a man who insists on hearing bad news at once. Give me a drop. My wife is crying upstairs.

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I hear cars coming to the house. Consigliore of mine, I think it's time you told your Don what everyone seems to know. I didn't tell Mama anything. I was just about to come up and wake you so that I could tell you. But you needed a drink first. And now you've had your drink. They shot Sonny on the causeway. I want no acts of vengeance. I want you to arrange a meeting with the heads of the Five Families. This war stops now. When I meet with Tattaglia's men, should I insist all their drug middlemen have clean records?

Mention it, don't insist. But Barzini will know that without being told. Tattaglia is a pimp. He never could have outfought Santino. But I didn't know until this day that it was Barzini all along. I have to get back to work. It's part of the wedding. No Sicilian can ever refuse a request on his daughter's wedding day.