Miharu and yoite relationship

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miharu and yoite relationship

Yoite sort of unintentionally reveals to Miharu that his original Also, their relationship deepens to the point where Mr Emotionless Kira User has a bit of an . Yoite is voiced by Saiga Mitsuki who is female. So both seiyuus are female. Edit: Oh, and my opinion on the relationship HOT. They totally. Hi there! Its been brought to my attention that not a lot of people know about the canon of Nabari no Ou and as the relationship between Miharu and Yoite is a.

Because of Kira, Yoite occasionally goes blind, when that happens, his eyes glass over and become paler in color. When he was younger, he was significantly shorter, but still very slender. He had worn the same hat and similar attire. Personality Edit At first glance, he is extremely antisocial and cold, preferring to not make conversation or show any genuine human emotion.

He also has a bias towards not being in public, shown in both the anime and manga when Miharu crosses him, by chance, hiding between the cracks of two buildings off of a busy street.

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Initially, he rejects any compassion or care that others extend to him, as he feels he's undeserving of it. This of course also goes to show he lacks, or is completely absent of self-confidence. With enough perseverance, however, he eventually accepts the love and compassion others give him, and even will reciprocate, shown when he graciously kisses Miharu's forehead, alongside the various times the two have embraced.

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He also willingly allows Hanabusa to take care of him when his health has intervals of depleting, when he realizes that she looks out for him because she genuinely cares about him. At first, he doesn't seem to be bothered by using Kira, or whom it's used on. However, when Miharu became a staple in his life, he became much more hesitant to use it, because he wanted to make sure he stayed alive before Miharu could grant his wish.

miharu and yoite relationship

He also became more compassionate, realizing people shared his same fear of death, eventually full of grief over the lives he took.

Yoite is described to also be highly intelligent, having an above-average IQ since he was young.

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Hattori also remarks how he was able to learn the required skills to join the Nabari world in merely a year, as well as learning the Kira technique. They were drawn to each other almost instantly, and Miharu chose to fulfill Yoite's wish over all else. Miharu cared so much for Yoite and learned to really and truly feel something for another person through knowing him.

And Yoite found in Miharu that he was not completely alone in the world and that he was actually capable of being loved. The two boys gave up absolutely everything familiar and safe to them in order to help each other, and Miharu even once thought about how Yoite almost felt like another version of himself.

miharu and yoite relationship

In the manga, Miharu carried through with Yoite's wish of being erased so he wouldn't have to feel anything after Yoite died, but ended up being tortured by the knowledge that something of utmost importance was missing in his life that he just couldn't reach. The two of them had such a deep and affecting connection, and I believe that they truly personify the word soulmates. They were such a sweet pairing and, although the series was soul-crushing at times, I ultimately enjoyed their story and how they were able to find companionship and understanding in their world which was full of such ugliness and danger.

From their awkward meetings, to the way they took care of each other and just seemed to completely and fully understand one another, they were just so dear.

miharu and yoite relationship

Their final scenes were so touching, how Yoite was able to show Miharu that he was finally content, and how Miharu was relieved that they had all regained the memory of his precious friend Yoite. They had a bond that would continue to live on through Miharu's memory and the others that knew and loved him.

Quotes Volume 6 Miharu: But now it's different. Yoite is at the bottom of waters much deeper and darker than I'd thought before. I just didn't want to leave Yoite. Do we look like friends?

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But rather than friends, you two seem a little more like Let's just say it's pretty obvious that your concern for Yoite has trumped all else? I didn't put any of my Qi into your friends at Banten. It's true that I can put pieces of my life inside others with Kira. Because if I died before it was all over The truth is, I might What are you saying?

I promised you, but I'm not sure.