Mohnish behl and kajol relationship

Aarti Behl – Mohnish Behl’s wife,

mohnish behl and kajol relationship

A peek into the star siblngs' childhood. | Kajol and Tanishaa's fabulous childhood pictures. The Mukherjee-Samarth family is a Hindu Bengali-Marathi family that has been involved in the of Samarths to do so. Nutan's son Mohnish Bahl is an actor; Tanuja and Shomu Mukherjee's daughters Kajol and Tanisha are actresses. Mohnish Bahl is an indian actor whose stardom fans from bollywood to There have been no relationship details of the actor with any co-act.

They teach you so much. Then why do people still call you arrogant? Because I tell them the truth and that is not what they want to hear. I have the right to air my opinion. I believe in speaking my mind. Diplomacy has never worked for me. Can you share what went through your heart as a kid? Well, I grew up in a busy home, we were four siblings. My mother, Shobhana Samarth, was an actress.

Kajol and Tanishaa's fabulous childhood pictures

My father was a filmmaker. My parents separated when we were kids. We lived with our mother. She was a gorgeous, independent woman and did a commendable job of bringing us up almost single-handedly.

I admire her for that. She always placed a premium on education and learning. Your mother sent you to Paris to study, then she called you back owing to a cash crunch… Yes, there was a financial situation in the family that had to be dealt with.

Then how can you say that you have always lived life on your own terms? See, when life throws up a googly, you have a choice, in adopting your own attitude. I could have sulked and wept. I did what I knew: I chose to enjoy myself while taking up acting. Life is what you make of it.

What about your bonds with your siblings? What have you learnt? To be more human, sensitive and compassionate. I am not a control freak anymore. I have resolved not to let anger affect me. I believe in moving on. Life is simply too short. Tanuja with daughters Tanishaa and Kajol How did your own kids handle the split between you and your husband Shomu Mukerji?

mohnish behl and kajol relationship

Well, I never played the blame game. What would that have achieved? I let it go, turned the page. I simply told them that he is your father for the rest of your life. We co parented our children and were there for them, together, as parents. Decisions like Kajol getting into films were taken by us together, with the kids.

It did, but I learnt to deal with it without making much ado. I took care of my husband when he was ailing and we had actually become good friends again before he passed away. How did you handle the guilt? What is there to feel guilty about? I sent my kids to a boarding school. I gave them the best I could, at that point. If they do not appreciate it, they have to deal with it. Their problem, not mine.

I never feel guilty about having put them in a hostel. Work kept you busy earlier.

Kajol and Tanishaa's fabulous childhood pictures - Movies

Now you are in a relatively relaxed space. Tell me something about your daily routine. I lead a simple life now.

I sign on movies only if the script interests me. I get up when I want to. I do yoga when I want to. I enjoy every day as it comes. I have a core group of friends, we spend time together. Ekta has the same thing to say about marriage. She believes one of the many reasons she did not decide to pursue her career ahead was because she learned what her true priorities actually were and not what she thought they were.

How many children they have?

mohnish behl and kajol relationship

Mohnish and Ekta have two children. They were keen on one kid and had a daughter initially. Ekta recently gave birth to a baby boy after 20 years into their marriage to a baby boy. Both Mohnish and Ekta are very pro tective of their kids and keep a close eye for their safety. Welcoming their baby was a matter of joyous celebration amongst the couple and their family.

How he and she think about their children?

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Having been a parent to only a teenager until now, their daughter was their constant source of attention. This equation changed when they had another kid in the year As per Ekta, Mohnish is a complete family man and is doting towards both his kid, even more so than herself, jokes Ekta when asked about their children.

Mohnish says that having their kids has brought in some essential qualities that were lacking in him till now like parenting, responsibiltiy and a fighting spirit that is a show of character for the actor. He would also sing songs for his date if needs be jokes Mohnish. His wife swears by the singing habit of her husband and says that he has been doing that since their marriage.

I’m no longer a control freak: Tanuja

Ekta is more of a realist and prefers a cup of coffee on a date and brief talks. How his fan think? Mohnish has a wide fan base due to his tran- sitioning career in bollywood films and TV serials. He has received many awards for his acting perfor mance in both films and TV serials like the best actor in negative role, best supporting actor and so on. His fan base was very surprised after his announcing of a baby girl in their family after a period of almost 18 years.