Mulder and scully relationship analysis diagram

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mulder and scully relationship analysis diagram

3 days ago The adventure of english melvyn bragg analysis essay experience love essay youth and value education essay mulder and scully relationship analysis essay essayons et essay paragraph anchor chart. Indomitable flare. More accurately, Mulder and Scully's relationship wound up transcending simple labels, and it was their connection that anchored the series. In “Without,” Scully deduces that the guy posing as Mulder was a shapeshifting bounty hunter. Their working relationship has and continues to be extremely tense. Mulder came No Venn diagram here. . They discuss the pregnancy, with Dana saying she feared the how and why and meaning of it all.

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mulder and scully relationship analysis diagram

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The story of Mulder and Scully

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More information Hopefully that has clarified things for you and as was previously mentioned if there is something that you aren't sure whether you need or not it's usually safer to leave cookies enabled in case it does interact with one of the features you use on our site. The doctor explains that Miles is experiencing a " waking coma " as a result of a car accident on State Road in which Peggy O'Dell was also involved.

Peggy sits in a wheelchair next to Billy Miles, reading to him. The doctor asks her if she will talk with the visitors but she replies that Billy wants her to read to him at the moment.

Pilot (The X-Files)

When Mulder asks the doctor for permission to conduct a detailed medical examination of Peggy O'Dell, she throws her book down and starts wheeling around. A nurse approaches and tries to calm her, but she starts screaming as her nose begins to bleed.

When she falls out of her wheelchair, Mulder takes the opportunity to lift up the back of her shirt, confirming his suspicion that she has the spots. He helps Glass to lift the girl back into her wheelchair shortly before Scully angrily rushes out of the room.

The X-Files: Mulder and Scully's Best Moments

Outside, Mulder hurriedly follows her down a flight of steps. He realizes that Scully is upset because she thinks he knows more about the strange marks than she does. Eventually, Mulder admits to his belief that the teenagers were abducted by extraterrestrials, a theory that Scully thinks is crazy.

She comments that there must be another explanation which can be proved scientifically. Mentioning that all four victims were found in or near the woods, Scully wonders what they were doing there.

At night, the agents walk through the forest where the latest victim died. They carry flashlights and are dressed in informal clothing. After they separate, Mulder looks at a compass he is carrying, which is spinning wildly.

In the clearing where Karen Swenson died, Scully notices a patch of strange dirt on the ground. She picks up some of the dirt and puts it in her pocket. When a low rumbling begins, Scully removes a gun from her pocket and leaves the clearing. She approaches the source of the noise, where a light shines through the trees.

A humanoid silhouette from out of the light comes toward her. He doesn't reveal his name, but states only that he is employed by the Raymon County Sheriff's Department and warns the agents that they are on private property. They are forced to leave. Driving through a storm in the darkness of night, Scully shows Mulder the dirt that she gathered earlier.

Mulder believes the dirt might be from a campfire, while Scully theorizes that the teenagers may have been part of a cult and that the man they just encountered is aware of that. Suddenly, there is a blinding flash of light and the car loses power. Mulder, who looked at his watch just before the incident, says they've lost nine minutes of time.

The X-Files | Rating Graph

Extremely excited, Mulder exits the car and discovers that they are almost exactly at the red cross he previously marked in the road. He excitedly explains to Scully that people who have sighted UFOs often report time loss.

However, Scully argues that time can't just disappear, as it is constant throughout the universe. Their car then restarts by itself and the headlamps light up. In her motel room, Scully writes her report, concluding that she cannot validate nor substantiate Mulder's claim that they experienced a loss of time.

mulder and scully relationship analysis diagram

When the power goes out due to the storm, Scully begins to get ready to take a shower but notices three spots on her back. Worried that the spots may be the same marks that the teenagers had, Scully visits Mulder in his motel room, where he determines that the spots are only mosquito bites. Scully is so relieved that she leans on Mulder's chest and he puts his arms around her.

In his motel room, Mulder tells Scully about some of his personal history. Later, Mulder tells her that his sister's disappearance when he was twelve tore his family apart. He continues by recalling that he left America as soon as he could and attended Oxford Universitybefore being recruited by the Bureau.

He then discovered the X-files and became fascinated by them. He tells Scully that he has been trying to access classified government information, but someone at a higher level of power has been blocking him from doing so. The only reason Mulder has been able to continue his work is that he has made connections in Congress. He suspects Scully is part of an agenda to stop him, but she swears that she is not and tries to convince him to trust her.

Mulder leans forward and tells Scully that a Dr. Heitz Werber has taken him through regression hypnosis to access his repressed memories of the night his sister disappeared. He reveals to Scully what he can recall from that night. Mulder believes that his sister was abducted by extraterrestrials and that the government is aware of the existence of the aliens. He also states that the only thing that matters to him is finding out whatever the government is protecting. Mulder then receives a strange phone call from an anonymous female caller, who says that Peggy O'Dell is dead.

mulder and scully relationship analysis diagram

Scully takes a look at the girl's body. Her face is bloodied and her watch has stopped at the same time that the agents experienced time loss. Mulder tells Scully that the autopsy lab has been trashed and the body that the agents exhumed has been stolen.

They leave the scene in the car they arrived in. Mulder and Scully return to their motel to find it has burnt down, along with all their files and photos.

A terrified girl, Theresa Nemmanrushes up to the agents and asks for their protection. In a diner, Theresa speaks with Mulder and Scully. She reveals that she often finds herself in the woods with no recollection of how she got there. She fears that she might die, like most of her classmates. Mulder realizes that Theresa is the medical examiner's daughter and that she was the anonymous caller who told him that Peggy O'Dell had died.

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She admits that her father is covering things up and that she has the same spots as the other teenagers. Suddenly, her nose starts bleeding, moments before her father enters with the same detective who warned the agents to leave the forest.

Mulder and Scully learn that the detective is Billy Miles' father and are unable to stop the men from taking Theresa home. Scully thinks the medical examiner and the detective are aware of the murderer's identity and are responsible for the destruction of the autopsy lab and the agents' motel rooms.

mulder and scully relationship analysis diagram

However, she is unsure as to the reason the corpse was stolen if the men are indeed responsible. Mulder and Scully stand in a graveyard, getting drenched in rain. Mulder and Scully go to the cemetery but discover that the bodies of the other two victims have also been exhumed.

mulder and scully relationship analysis diagram

Mulder suddenly realizes the killer's true identity - Billy Miles, the boy in the hospital. Act Four Edit 5: Mulder theorizes that tests were being conducted on the victims that left the marks found on their backs but the experiments caused a genetic mutation, explaining the disfigured body in Ray Soames' coffin.

In regard to the loss of nine minutes that he and Scully witnessed, Mulder believes that conventional time stopped and that an alien impulse, which also caused Billy Miles to take the victims into the forest, actually took control of time itself.