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How else to explain Wednesday night's attendance of 40, to hear the The Etihad Stadium was a quarter empty for Manchester City's. Manchester restaurant news - New restaurants in Manchester and what's for both NQ locals and out-of-towners for good, fresh easy-going food all day long. industry rumours following the closure of Manchester House are indeed true; Chef . Last night we held back on naming the group, as there had been no official. It was an amazing day, launching a DVD we had made to promote rooms and saw some old posters kicking about from the 80's one day. and come to terms with the fact that a relationship was inevitable. . Night and Day Cafe: the Northern Quarter music mecca which has survived 27 tumultuous years.

Alan says the shelter put him in contact with the alcohol and drugs service, which is helping him overcome his addiction to alcohol. But since Narrowgate's closure, he has been sleeping on a friend's sofa. Mark Cloherty is head of the Boaz Trust, a local charity that helps refused asylum seekers. Since Narrowgate closed some of the people his organisation works with have been forced to sleep rough.

For Graham Ridge, a support worker at Manchester-based homeless charity Barnabus, the current situation with Narrowgate — which was the only night shelter in Manchester and Salford, following the closure of the Salvation Army hostel in — has had a "drastic" impact on the city's young homeless population.

He's been accepted, but there are no vacancies at the moment and there may not be for a couple of weeks or so. So in the meantime he's obliged to sleep rough.

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Ridge says the person who he was looking to get into supported accommodation came to his office on Tuesday and told him that his bag and personal papers had been stolen when he was sleeping rough. In a statement, Phil Brown, the manager at Narrowgate, insisted that an emergency night shelter was desperately needed in Manchester and Salford and said that both he and Manchester City Missions, the charity which ran the service, are looking at alternative ways to fund the shelter.

However, if individuals, companies or organisations would like to explore ways of assisting us to provide emergency help and longer term hope for homeless people, I would be very happy to talk to you. For me, the clubs in Leeds didn't quite match up. Sankeys had the air of the superclub about it, but without the wanky dress code and even wankier clientele.

Sankeys was Manchester's superclub: dirty, out of the way, but fabulous

Although it smartened up a bit in later years, when I was a regular it was not a classy joint. It was in fact quite dirty underfoot — you would never dream of putting your best heels on to go to Sankeys. But that was part of the thrill. It felt subversive, underground and different to anywhere else. Sure, it was a bit of an epic trek from Manchester city centre, through industrial estates that you wouldn't want to walk through alone at night, but it was worth the journey, even when you turned that corner onto Jersey Street and were met by the familiar long queues of clubbers, all nodding their heads impatiently to the music pulsating from within.

Salford homeless shelter forced to close after funding ruling

Although Sankeys was one of the friendliest clubs on the inside, I always remember the bouncers being ridiculously massive and particularly mean-looking. I guess that was a hangover from the Hacienda days which eventually closed its doors after various gang-related shootings. I also remember the weird obsession the bouncers had with chewing gum. If they found it in your pocket or in your handbag, they'd chuck it on the floor.

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If you were already chewing on any, they'd ask you to spit it out. I don't remember any other club having such an obsession with gum, and it felt odder still when you'd just had your Orbit confiscated only to find the bouncers had seemingly turned a blind eye to half the punters shoving an altogether different — and wholly illegal — substance into their mouths. To this day, I'm not sure what their issue was with gum.

The design of Sankeys — an old soap factory, hence the name — was fairly simple. It had a darkly lit and smoke-filled main room which the doors opened straight into, and a chill out bit at the back.

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There was another smaller room upstairs too, as well as a cobbled courtyard area for a bit of fresh, albeit often rainy, air.