Niti taylor and utkarsh gupta relationship

niti taylor and utkarsh gupta relationship

From reel to real- love strikes Niti Taylor and Utkarsh Gupta Their co-actors know about their relationship and are happy for the same. "D4- Get Up and Dance" has Utkarsh Gupta and Niyati Fatnani in lead roles. Utkarsh opened up on why he signed the show, his relationship with IBT: You were rumoured to be dating "Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan" star Niti Taylor. But Niti denied the reports and was quoted saying, “Anubhav is her friend was rumored to be in relationship with her co-star Utkarsh Gupta.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming projects? Right now I don't want to think about anything else apart from my show. Will you restrict yourself to playing only the lead roles hereafter?

niti taylor and utkarsh gupta relationship

Laughs I don't mind playing the second lead role, in fact, I have no issues playing any role that is offered to me. Talk a little about your Bollywood dreams. I will be very happy if offered a Bollywood film.

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Are you in touch with your "Spiltsvilla 8" co-contestant Prince Narula? He is very busy in his life. We are in touch over the phone and wish each other on important occasions. It is difficult to spare some time to meet as I am busy shooting for the show, while he is occupied with his own work commitments.

niti taylor and utkarsh gupta relationship

You are popular among your fans as Dhruv from "Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. But he seems to have forgotten that he has a career thanks to Vikas, who groomed him and presented him. They were together for over three years. You see starlets doing it all the time.

What happened when Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan’s Niti Taylor's parents heard about her link up rumours?

Now male actors seem to have started using this tactic as well. Vikas came up with proof to validate his point and posted a cosy picture of the two together saying: When you accuse that someone tried to touch u inappropriately and is threatning you.

niti taylor and utkarsh gupta relationship

You dont do this. The boy who claimed I molested him and continues to torture me nd my family through his friends and fans. I don't know who is molesting who and touching inappropriately in this picture.

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You will not insult another family member and friend again. It was apparently from a holiday that Parth took to Bangkok with Vikas! When Splitsvilla contestant Gaurav aka Gauri Arora validated the same!

Gaurav Arora, who recently changed his gender and assumed the name Gauri Arora, said that he ha fallen for Parth when he came to the Splitsvilla house to meet a friend. Fans of the actor took to social networking sites to defend the actor against the charges. He was viewed as someone who had high regard for woman and this revelation shattered that image. Well, Vikas is a well-known producer and programming head. He was the producer of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. As per buzz, Parth and he were having issues due to professional reasons since a few months.

When we contacted him, he said he was shocked by the negativity hurled at it but would not comment since it was now a legal matter. We tried getting in touch with Parth but he remained unavailable.

niti taylor and utkarsh gupta relationship

In a statement, Parth said that he wanted his dues of Rs 5, 50, and said that he was being asked to give Rs 50, 00, as ransom. He also accused Vikas of trying to ruin his career. While Vikas did not comment, his lawyer Yadunath Bhargawan said that his client had initiated legal proceedings against him.

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The police however clarified that the stress here was on professional matters and molestation was not the key issue. The framing angle One of the key angles of the story is the one where Parth said he was being framed and implicated.

An insider tells us that a ploy to trap Parth was being hatched since some time.

niti taylor and utkarsh gupta relationship

And it was done in a very inconspicuous manner. The same source informed us that boy talk was quite prevalent amongst the group.