One piece zoro and robin relationship

Relationship Between Zoro And Nico Robin : OnePiece

one piece zoro and robin relationship

After the Alabasta Arc, when Robin had joined the crew, Roronoa Zoro initially distrusted her, but later on he demonstrates that he cares for her. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece character) · One Piece (creative franchise) They're relationship is what one would call an old-married couple who always . Robin is the oldest crew member and the age difference between Zoro and Robin is. Agree? Disagree? Place your vote on the list of Top Ten One Piece Couples. Luffy and Nami have not only an adorable relationship but also a true friendship. But in my opinion, Luffy and Nami will be great, second to Zoro and Robin.+

Zoro follows the samurai philosophy and doctrine of Bushidosuch as the code of honor and integrity where he strictly fight fair and square honestly by consistently refuses to attack an adversary whose back is turned, with the only exception being when his friends are in imminent danger of losing their lives in which Zoro would strike the attacker from behind, and Zoro himself considers a scar on the back to be a swordsman's greatest shame.

He is also very loyal as he will stand by Luffy's decisions regardless of whether he personally agrees or not, stepping in only to point out the seriousness of a situation where it has been overlooked by his crewmates most notably when they wanted to bring Usopp back into the crew after Usopp challenged Luffy to a duel over the Going Merry and lost, even willing to quit the crew himself if Luffy just brushed the incident off because it betrayed his strong values in loyalty.

Zoro values loyalty highly and will not easily forgive fellow crewmates if they break ties with the crew, first seen when Nami took the Going Merry. Zoro was furious and stated that he never trusted Nami in the first place.

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When this happened again with Robin and Usopp, Zoro was wary of Robin, questioning whether should they treat Robin as friend or a foe, and after Enies LobbyZoro did not accept Usopp wanting to rejoin the crew saying he stepped on Luffy's pride. Furthermore, he wouldn't allow the sniper back unless he got down on knees and apologized for his disrespect to Luffy. This dislike for leaving crewmembers was shown once again in Zou ; this time over Zoro's long-standing rival Sanji. Zoro was angry that Sanji had gone without an apology or a "thank you for everything", calling Sanji an "idiot" for messing around with Big Mom when they were already facing Kaido.

This cold attitude towards crewmates received negative attention from the crew and will provoke certain crewmembers mainly Nami to yell at him. Kindness Edit Zoro has a very kind heart, shown as he was willing to risk his life for the sake of a little girl he did not know shortly after his introduction and when Charlos shot an innocent man, Zoro carried the victim to a hospital despite being total strangers.

When fighting weaker or innocent people, he does try to hold back when fighting and use the dull side of his swords in order not to seriously injure them though as pointed out by Namihis monstrous strength still manage to cause great damage.

Another aspect of his kindness is he strongly detests evil men with extreme cruelty towards the innocent, as shown when Charlos shot Hatchan, Zoro was silently wrathful, as he fully intended to cut down the World Noble if it weren't for Luffy. Out of the whole crew, Robin is the most level headed.

She is never seen over-reacting and she likes to adventure. Her devil fruit powers are one of the most versatile: After Zou, a new category of Poneglyphs Road Poneglyphs has appeared and marks her importance for the main story one more time.

She likes all cute thing that include also Chopper. She is really interested in all kind of flower. She and Usopp are the ones who care for the hairstyle of their mates.

Sbs information for Nico Robin: Chapter ; Episode 67 Animal: Crane in some cover she is represented with a Hawk Color: Purple Favorite Type of Island and Season: Autumn on a Spring Island Cooking Specialties: Robin is the 7th crew member. Inside the anime, Robin is represented by Yuriko Yamagushi Their relationship develops as an underground river in One Piece. First, Nico Robin appears later in the story of One Piece and she is an enemy of the crew, at the orders of the Pirate Crocodile, which aimed to conquer the Alabasta kingdom with a complex plane and having with him a string of killers belonging to ' Baroque Works organization, where Crocodile was the leader and Nico Robin the vice.

After a long battle, known as "the battle of Alabasta", the band of Straw Hat the name by which the crew of Luffy is defined gets the win and moves away from Alabasta.

one piece zoro and robin relationship

And they realize, at some point, to have a clandestine aboard: Already at this stage there is a small detail of the relationship between Robin and Zoro those called the "Zorobin moments": It is only a detail, but not very little, looking after the future developments.

Immediately after Robin is accepted by Captain Luffy as a member of the crew, she is ranging to Zoro and asks him a question. How come she goes right to him?

Perhaps to make sure that Zoro is not angry with her and trusts her before this, they had been their enemy. Maybe for this motive Robin smiles at Zoro. But she could also show up in another way, no?

one piece zoro and robin relationship

Before the timeskip, she often spoke only when spoken to or if something noteworthy happened. Her calmness is likely a result of the childhood that led to her life of hardship. The calamity that befell Ohara had a profound and traumatizing effect on Robin as a child, that she has only just begun to recover from. However, as she begins to spend more time around the crew, her personality begins to ease up. When Robin is rescued by the Straw Hats from Enies Lobby, it is then that she considers herself both their friend and an official member of the crew.

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After the timeskip, Robin's personality is much more relaxed and playful in nature as evidenced by her common gigglingquite possibly due to her exposure to the other Straw Hats. She has also been shown to possess an outstanding amount of knowledge, especially in history. In spite of her mature appearance and calm demeanor, she seems to have a child-like imagination.

Although she is often shown imagining bizarre, silly or cute images, she will rarely give voice to these thoughts, maintaining the straightest of "poker faces".

When Bartholomew Kuma mentioned that he was the user of the Nikyu Nikyu no MiUsopp thought that the calm sound that the fruit's name gave when being said meant that there was a "soothing" type for Devil Fruits, which made Robin imagine three cute cats showing their paws and meowing, while still having a serious expression on her face. Zoro gave the idea of swimming across since being on the Fire Region of said island got them sweaty.

Luffy agreed to the idea, thinking that Zoro and Usopp would carry him and Robin across since they cannot swim.


This made Robin imagine Zoro and Usopp swimming happily while carrying Luffy and her, while also being happy and smiling, and still showing her normal smiling face on the outside, even though Usopp said that there was no way they would swim across while carrying them.

She also imagined Dressrosa as a dress-wearing old woman when Luffy mispronounced the name. Her silence seems to stem from her sense of decorum and personal pride-on many occasions, she flatly refuses to engage in any behavior that would be considered embarrassing. She refused to participate in Franky's "Tactic No.

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The reason was that she found it "embarrassing as a human being" she even made a supposed embarassed face, though it was more noticeable. She then rather flatly added that they should never try it again.

One of Robin's defining traits is her utter lack of fear regarding a situation as she usually maintains a positive and even cheerful demeanor. She has only shown fear in very few cases and always involving an extremely dangerous threat directly falling on her, like during the Buster Call at Enies Lobbywhen the Shichibukais Crocodile and Kuma tried to kill her Kuma in reality just attempting to save herand when the Admirals Aokiji and Kizaru appeared in front of her.

Also, unlike Nami, Robin rarely gets angry with any of the crew's antics or when they do something that puts them in danger and instead giggles at their antics. This was shown when Luffy told the crew he challenged Big Momone of the Yonkowhich left the whole crew horrified of Luffy threatening a Yonko. To this, Robin just smiled and laughed. An example of her voicing displeasure with one of her crewmates can be seen while the group is hiding out on Punk Hazard in which she reprimands Franky twice after he speaks and makes lewd faces while trapped in Chopper's body.