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Favorites from Patty Laurel's blog (click link for whole entry). I woke up extra early this Patty Laurel and Atom Araullo. Me: Universe, why you. My desire can be traced way back the glory days of Patty Laurel and George Rocha! Any tips on how to make the eyebags disappear? see a changed relationship status at Facebook (from single to a relationship) and I gush a She and boyfriend, Atom Araullo celebrated their 4th year anniversary just. Patty Laurel + Atom Araullo no more. of Atom, I would like to thank everyone for being so concerned about the status of our relationship. Atom.

I was contented with the remote control in one hand, cellphone on the other and my eyes, every now and then to the computer monitor UNTIL a classmate who turns out to be a co-UAAP fanatic Read this: Any guess is welcome: And my UAAP blood started to scream with excitement.

So I gave in. We watched four games: Compared to the total number of the UAAP games this season, our four games is a measly count. What made this year memorable? This is the first time that I was rooting for my alma mater. This may sound rubbish since our school, is more of like FEU Main's sister school and we were never introduced to the idea of cheering for the FEU Tams. The previous years, it has always been a choice between Ateneo or DLSU or who had the most number of handsome players.

Blame it on their strong line-up.

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This year too has been the great amazing race for the tickets! Waking up extra early to get in the snake of the line in Araneta was definitely no joke! All this, just for the tickets! This time, I also cheered my heart out. I was always hyped up! Nothing can parallel the feeling when you scream and jump and throw your fist in the air when Sanga or Romeo sinks in a three!

And this season too, I found myself getting so emotionally attached to the team. I almost cried when the buzzer went on, signaling time's up in the 4th quarter of game two!

I wasn't able to take the action well. During the last two minutes, I decided to embrace the comfort of the comfort room cubicle. You can laugh at me now, go on.

I was laughing or more like giggling while I was gushing over these pictures I had in my camera. These are some of the pictures I was able to collect over the past 4 games. Every fan has his favorite player. I have standards to tell you honestly. He knows how to handle the ball well, make good plays and above all, he doesn't allow fame to go straight up to his head! With the whole experience, I also found good and lovable companions in the images of Timmy and Grace! My closeness with Grace can be traced way back third year college.

You see, we are duty mates and we've had our share of heart to heart talks, crazy moments and misadventures! The co-fanatic and I had to beg Grace to come watch with us at first.

Next thing I knew, she was texting me already about the game schedule and tickets. Timmy, on the other hand, was just a classmate.

We never really got the time to bond since we're on a separate group. Yeah I know her. She's tall, pretty, made a superb speech in our English class, knows how to spruce up an outfit and makes the best cucpakes in the world!

And yes, she's the one I'm referring to as the "co-fanatic". The friendship is etched in my heart. Okay, fast forward yesterday. Game Two of the Finals. Pressure building, heart pounding, nerve wracking. Ateneo took game one in a crushing fashion and now, everyone's telling that FEU should manage to keep up. Oh boy, the game's gonna take a cardiac finish! Atleast in the first quarter where FEU made a stellar start. If you can just imagine how many times I pumped my fist in the air with every shot!

J She is more than a pretty face and a sexy body. She is funny, witty and a total sweetheart. We can also testify that despite having a "low-quality" voice she managed to sell albums and concert tickets. This lady is a living proof that there is no such thing as an impossible dream! The best thing about her??? She has a no-nonsense personality that I admire.

Isn't she the coolest woman ever?!?! She's the kind of girl friend you would like to have and the kind of girlfriend you would want to be with your boyfriend! She's such an icon! PattyLaurel A fresh-faced lifestyle blogger, former MTV VJ and pre-school teacher, events host, and college instructor - and the list goes on!!! Gosh I want to be in her shoes! She is not only pretty but is very smart as well. I also get to be inspired to be a better woman.

She is actually the one that got me into blogging because I want to exercise my mind once in a while haha! I think she is the embodiment of today's Filipina - independent yet family-oriented, confident yet still conservative, driven but grounded, and beautiful inside and out. Isn't it obvious already how much I admire this girl? Just recently, I found out that she and Atom Araullo the cutest newsman in the country, former 5 and Up host, Milo commercial model, triathlete, blah, blah I don't know who you are if you still don't know him, haha!!!

I've read a lot of blog entries about their break up and how devastated people were of the sad news. My gosh, where have I been that I don't even know this?!?! Anyway, Patty deleted her previous blog because it contains a lot of entries about Atom.

She only started her current blog when she had finally moved on and found a new love in Patrick Filart. These are just my hypotheses. But what I'm really sure of is that she is happily engaged and so excited in getting married. Now, every woman can relate to Patty. She has bloopers too just like us. She is a work-in-progress. She dreams of her Prince Charming and we were all happy for her when Patrick finally ask her to marry him.

The proposal was such a romantic gesture.

Baby Barangay EP 3

Her love story made us believe that no great heartbreak can stop us from finding our true love. If things didn't work out then, God will give us the person who will made us believe again. What a busy life she has! But that doesn't stop her from being pretty almost every time. Don't get me wrong. She is not only one of the best fashion bloggers in the country but she has also made a name of herself in the fashion industry.

This girl is determined of making it big someday.

Urban Happiness: September

She is just starting and I can already see her becoming one of the influential people in the fashion world. Camille may seem aloof but it makes me happy knowing that she really takes time to reply to all her fan mails in her blog. No other blogger in the country does that actually, I think.

This lady inspires me to go out and explore the world. You see she travels a lot and I do hope I'll get to visit some if not all the places she featured in her blog. She also inspire me to love dressing up because it can actually help boost our confidence and will tell a lot about ourselves. You bet she's my favorite fashionista in town! Siozon i hope mam viola won't get mad at me for grabbing this pic from her fb: I've got a lot of amazing teachers from prep to graduate school but this woman really stands out.

She stood out above the rest despite her cute height, haha! She is barely 4'9" but the way she carries herself makes her taller than a 5'11" supermodel. Her sunny disposition and intelligence lightens up a room.