Person of interest reese and carter relationship poems

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person of interest reese and carter relationship poems

Joss Carter and John Reese must call on their friends Abbie Mills and Ichabod Person of Interest - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: I do not own Person of Interest nor do I own the songs/artists mentioned in the story. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Person of Interest, Season 1 Joss Carter: I recognize, Mr. Reese, that there's a disparity between how much I know about you .. [regarding his relationship with Grace] I was lucky. Back when I first saw the pilot for Person of Interest, I knew John Reese would someday admit that he loved Joss Carter. I've read some POI fan.

Casey turns around and begs for his life when Reese gets a call from Stanton. Reese purposely misses shooting him and lies to Stanton that Casey is dead, later telling Casey that he is not a traitor and doesn't deserve to die.

Harold FinchDillinger's employer and Casey's protector, watches from his car and is amazed at Reese, considering him as a new partner. While Stanton is busy with the suspect, Reese receives a voicemail call from Jessica who sounds distraught. Reese calls her and says he'll see her within 24 hours.

Later, Mark Snow and Alicia Corwin inform Reese and Stanton that they are being sent to China to retrieve a high profile computer virus stolen from the Pentagon by the Chinese. Reese is denied his request for leave, but as Stanton leaves the room, he receives another set of orders from Snow: As Reese leaves, Kara notices him smiling, says that it's been a while and tells him that she needs him to be a killer.

Upon arrival, they discover the corpses of many software engineers and much of the building's servers emptied. Reese finds a survivor whom Stanton converses with in Chinese. He says that men had turned up shooting and had stolen the Machine.

John Reese

Upon hearing that, she promptly executes him and withholds what he'd said from Reese. It is not clear if Reese knew Chinese at the time, or if, since then, he has learned Chinese or the meaning of what the man said.

With much of what they came for already taken, Reese and Stanton have no choice but to wait for their extraction at nightfall.

person of interest reese and carter relationship poems

Meanwhile, they do find a laptop and take it, but they are confused as to what it is and what it holds and why it was left behind. After nightfall, Stanton marks the LZ with infra-red chem-lights. Reese has readied his gun to shoot her in the back, but lowers it at the last moment only for Stanton to turn and shoot him. She apologizes, saying she had orders from Snow and was told Reese had ties to terrorists. Reese who is wearing body armor, laughs, telling her he had the same orders and that they have been set up with the chem-lights actually marking a missile strike not an extraction.

Reese then makes his escape, leaving Stanton standing in shock. Overhead, a UAV observes as an incoming cruise missile targets the beacons. I may present my favorite Reese and Finch scene during the next three-weak break.

Person of Interest – Could Reese and Carter hook up?

At least I know the next list will still be a work in progress as Finch and Reese survive until the end of this season, although one never knows with Jonah and Greg though… So, with that preamble done, on to my favorite Carter and Reese moments: It all starts here: Joss Carter and John Reese meet face to face. John is distant, mysterious, and slightly menacing in this scene.

Seven episodes later we see that she does catch up to Reese, and he is, in fact, bleeding out. The beauty and the tragedy of this moment will come fully into focus two seasons later in The Crossing.

Carter thanks the Man in the Suit for saving her life.

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He tells her where to find some bad guys. Carter has followed his bloody trail and arrives just in time to put it all together: Finch — who she only knows as Burdett, is partners with Reese.

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D Person of Interest - Rated: T - English - Chapters: Reese] - Complete Bodyswapping for Dummies by iheartShules reviews Sometimes you need to walk in someone else's shoes to get a new understanding. I swear reading this story you'll experience a WTF moment. Reese, Detective Carter, Lionel F. Shaw - Complete Sunday Morning by iheartShules reviews After all the miscues and false starts that she and John had over the course of the last year it culminated in a night that would never leave her the same again.

And she hoped that he felt the same too. What if he'd saved her years before in a dingy motel in Mexico? And, it'd been the incident that made her leave her husband. Or, the fic in which the author presents an idea of how Reese and Carter could have "met" before they actually did. Reese, Detective Carter - Complete I need you, Joss by ifwednesdaywasaflowerchild reviews John comes home from working a number while Joss enjoyed a day off and, in a rare moment of vulnerability, confesses his distaste for doing it without her.

John is back and after a difficult few days, finally gets to inspect his birthday gift from Finch. It isn't the only thing he gets given, and the whole thing turns out to be a little overwhelming. Carter assists with the case and gets more than she bargained for. Finch - Complete Christmas Party by odalys-ortiz reviews Jocelyn Carter and John Reese are the two top employees at Fern Industries but they haven't been exactly been friendly towards each other.

person of interest reese and carter relationship poems

With the holidays right around the corner, Harold needs some help setting up for the company Christmas party and decides that this is a great chance to help them clear the air.