Prezzo and goldie relationship questions

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prezzo and goldie relationship questions

Goldie Speaks On Her Sojourn In Big Brother Stargame; Controversial Relationship With Prezzo - Gist - align=»aligncenter«width=»« caption=»Goldie Answers Questions From Press«][/caption]. [caption. Goldie was also nurturing a big plan for marriage. Most people The buzz was all over that she would get married to Prezzo death. Five years down the line, Prezzo still remembers Goldie and in an dating and after the season finale of BBA, Prezzo traveled to Nigeria to visit Goldie. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

In doing this, she maligned herself from her housemates and also failed to provide the necessary entertainment to Africa.

prezzo and goldie relationship questions

Consequently, she became the most hated housemate to have ever come out of Nigeria since the inception of the Big Brother Africa show. Prezzo and Goldie Throughout the entire history of the Big Brother Africa, I do not think that Nigerians have hated any Nigerian housemate more than they hated Goldie during her time there.

I know that some people will point to the fact that Nigerians still voted for her during her stay in the house, but then, sheer patriotism made that happen.

prezzo and goldie relationship questions

No Nigerian made any extra effort to keep her in the house, and when she was evicted, everybody heaved a sigh of relief. The question now is, was Goldie not completely African womanish in her actions in the Big Brother Africa house? A traditional African would say she was.

Exactly how they the women subsume themselves and give men all the powers. Yet Prezzo stayed on to be the first runner-up.

prezzo and goldie relationship questions

As you would see later on, African women decide who is entertaining. Next up is Talia.

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Sweet and beautiful Talia. Loved by both male and female. Beloved of Angola and Seydou. In staying true to Seydou, she became the epitome of African beauty mixed with African virtue.

Africa loved her; Seydou campaigned for her; and she had a very high chance of dragging the number one spot with Keagan.

prezzo and goldie relationship questions

Keagan, dangling the serpent. My friend and I, we walked up to her and I told her how much I was upset with her at first but how I understand what she was going through and I could relate. My friend on the other hand told her she was incredibly disappointed and most Nigerians including herself were irritated by her unsteady emotional state.

She listened to us, and smiled when we told her to stay away from Prezzo because we liked her and knew Prezzo was bad company for her. She nodded while we spoke, listening to us with rapt attention and then just as we were about to leave, she reaches out and gives me a hug.

Our encounter could not have lasted more than 10 minutes, but in that time, I felt like I knew Susan, like we had been buds, like I could talk to her, like we were friends. There was no air of superiority about her, and even when some of the things we had to say to her were harsh, she stayed, never taking her eyes off us and listened intently.

Talking to Kenny gave us a broader perspective of Goldie. Apparently all her crying bolts were no show, she was indeed a very emotional lady.

Kenny talked about her so fondly, and she promised us she would personally shield Goldie from Prezzo. I know my last post was a direct diss on her attempt at a reality show, but that does not mean I did not like her as a person.

When some of my contacts pinged me the day we all heard she had passed on and asked why I was sad because I had dissed her a couple of days before, I promised to delete the previous post but I have decided against it. I wish I had hugged her tighter that day, had been nicer. During press conferences, questions about her marital status were curtly cut off. Many did not know Goldie wedded let alone, married a white man. Now a certain Andrew Harvey, a Briton, has announced himself, by uploading photos of their wedding that proved beyond doubt the verity of their wedding.

So Goldie was married?

Prezzo gets precious votes, as Goldie leaves BBA

Against this new background, you begin to wonder, what the hell was a year-old woman with a seven-year-old marriage doing in the wild, whimsical house of the Big Brother Africa, where sex can happen at a short notice?

Then you begin to wonder, where was Mr. Andrew Harvey when Goldie was gallivanting with Prezzo? A married Goldie flirted and got cosy with Prezzo, going as far as kissing him.


For a married woman, that was so un-African. Even outside the BBA, her love chess with Prezzo continued. There were strong indications that at the time of her death, the Nigerian pop diva and the Kenyan rapper were still love interests. Harvey is now painting.