Prison break michael and sara relationship questions

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prison break michael and sara relationship questions

Dr. Sara Scofield (nee Tancredi) is a fictional character from the American television series, Prison Break. She is played by Sarah Wayne Callies. Her role in the first season of the series is a prison physician. . Learning that six other convicts joined Michael's escape, Sara feels betrayed by him, and the two characters initially. I've been rewatching the show and currently on season 4, now that I've watched it again, Michael and Sara's relationship makes absolutely no. Prison Break follows Michael Scofield (Miller) as he tries to break his the second best was the relationship between Michael and Sara.

Also, how did he find Michael? Was he searching for Michael? Did he hear something about him in Fox River? Who sent him the picture of Michael? Can he be trusted? So many questions around T-Bag for this Prison Break reboot.

prison break michael and sara relationship questions

Tumblr The bromance between Michael and Lincoln was probably one of the greatest relationship on Prison Break, however the second best was the relationship between Michael and Sara. From the beginning of Prison Break, fans shipped these two characters together and it became a main relationship on the show. When fans last saw Michael and Sara, they were getting married on the beach, Sara was pregnant, and then Michael sacrificed himself to rescue her.

When will she join Lincoln in the search? What will happen when Sara and Michael are finally reunited? Or is he someone else entirely? Some are a story. We know that this season is inspired by The Odysseybut that's about it. Later, Linc searches for his brother on the Internet and sees the face of another man in place of Michael.

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Later, when Lincoln and C-Note travel to Yemen to locate the incarcerated Michael, they're told no one by the name of Michael Scofield is there. His character only became more endearing when he sacrificed everything to help the brothers Scofield in the final two seasons.

We want to know he has found peace! Like it or not, she can't live her life drunk on him and high on the adrenaline rush of the police on her heels.

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God, she wants to though. As much as she's ever wanted morphine or scotch, she wants him, wants this with him. The mattress creaks wearily as he rises from it, the dull noise filling their small room, echoing strangely in the space where words unsaid ought to reside.

She nods but doesn't say anything, not trusting herself to speak at all now that they've finally made even the slightest bit of eye contact. There's a thousand things she feels in this moment - anger, disbelief, disappointment - but it can all be summed up by a single word. And even if I would and he would, neither one of us is in a position where we can waltz into city hall to apply for a license anyhow.

I'd really like to be mad at you right now," she replies, standing and crossing her arms in front of her chest. He spans the room back to her in three big steps, taking her hands in his and untangling her arms.

She stares at their hands instead of his eyes because, for the moment, it seems the safer option.

prison break michael and sara relationship questions

She has to leave - has to. You with any other man? Not when she hears everything he isn't saying so loudly. Not when he's rubbing circles around her finger like he's tattooing a ring on it, branding it with his touch. He sounds more relieved than anything, even though the whole thing was his idea. Their fingers are intertwined and his head is bowed to touch hers for a long moment before he draws back and leaves a lingering, mostly innocent kiss on her brow.

She feels cherished, adored. She feels high on him all over again. And when he finally leaves to clean up in the other room, she knows she'll still be here when he comes back out.

Covertly He's talking to everyone - the whole world - but he's speaking only to her.

Sara Tancredi

Alex Mahone has this figured out moments after watching the recording a second time, surrounded by too many suits and too few minds.

What he's saying to her, however, takes a bit longer to suss out. I want everything we've got on Sara Tancredi," Mahone follows up, voice increasing in urgency as he speaks. If anybody so much as wrote her a thank you note, I wanna know where the hell they are. Back to just before Burrows glances over at Scofield," she requests. This is all him. But this is something that I've just got to say.

The parting gift I left for you? I'd give it to you a thousand times over if you'd let me," Scofield continues, looking as wholesome as a tattooed con-man on the run possibly can. Tancredi disappeared," says an eager agent somewhere in the back of the room that Alex doesn't recognize but probably should. The bastard just used national television to propose to his girlfriend. But it's even more incredible that this still surprises him. One minute he looks up to see her standing on the bow of the boat, serenely looking like she stepped right out of his daydreams, right out of his plans.

There's a gun pointed at them - his brother as close to death as he ever was with wet sponges attached to his head and his wrists bound to a chair. A shot rings out, a body falls and sirens wail in the distance. And, again, they run. Another marathon just as they finished their last.

As they find temporary refuge in the ruins of a long-ago abandoned building, footsteps too close and too many behind them for comfort, she nearly collapses out of breath and reeling from shock.

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He scans the area around the building through holes in the walls large enough to fit the muzzle of a gun through. Details are, after all, his specialty.

Three men to the east, four to the northwest, at least three on the south and footsteps still breaking branches as they encroach upon the shack. Each man with a Colt M16A4, thirty rounds per magazine, at least bullets headed their way if they don't give themselves up and no cover between the rickety structure and the treeline twenty feet around their perimeter.

All of it plays out in his head like a math problem: