Rey and poe dameron relationship

Could a Rey and Poe Romance Happen? Daisy Ridley Hopes Not

rey and poe dameron relationship

I'll say this, if Poe and Rey were to ever hook up romantically, it'd . I believe Rey and Poe thouh will be a relationship which will be the. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. For the first time, Rey and Poe actually meet in "The Last Jedi," except If I can't be with Resistance Commander Poe Dameron, he should be with Kylo immediately feels a connection with Rey, and knows her as “that girl.”.

In addition, I always believed that there's something "weird" in TFA too. Because sure, they don't share a word, but there are too much lines and shoots that mirror one another. And any time that happens, there's a specific use of the light, too specific perhaps to be random. And it may make sense So it's possible that at least in that movie they've played somehow misleanding with that.

That said 1- I think that specultaing is pointless.

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Not only in regards of this issue, but in general. Because the main takeaway of TLJ, to me is that they can do whatever they want in every movie.

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But let's say this is going to be a thing in IX On the other, I cannot help but think how late in the trilogy it would come. It doesn't have to be a romance. Well in regard to the time period, it was set up, until it had to be removed for time or the Force Back, that they had already met. But even with that Also you have Finn, and given their friendship Poe would probably trust his opinion of her.

Then there's Leia and I'm sure he talked to her about Rey at some point. So while it's late, it's not that far off in time, since it's been weeks or months. Plus you'll have in between time now between 8 and 9 to build with other means, comics, books, etc. I don't think they can do whatever in the movies.

rey and poe dameron relationship

There still seems to be a set of rules set into motion. In a lot of ways Ep. Also the Writers room still has to keep things in cannon and balance, and let's not forget that lucus was writing on the seat of his pants for the original Trilogy.

He changed a LOT when he was writing it, so the whole it's pointless to speculate doesn't quiet ring true I mean people speculated before, they will speculate after. They've been backed into the corner, and are all but extinct. There's not a whole lot for any of them to smile about right now. If a sweet little fling would cheer these two up, we're all for it.

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Tbh, probably the former. In fiction though, friction can create sparks. Each of these Dark Side frenemies seems obsessed with domination and submission, so we'll leave it to you to imagine the sort of messed-up power dynamic at play here.

Especially now that daddy Snoke isn't around to keep them in check, and they're at each other's throats more than ever. It's a terrible idea, is what we're saying. On the other hand, though, Laura Dern and Oscar Isaac practically crackle in their scenes together.

Just watch the intensity coursing between them as he demands information and she coolly dresses him down.

rey and poe dameron relationship

And she does later comment to Leia that she likes him y'know, despite the whole "mutiny at gunpoint" thingso it's not entirely in our heads. Damnit, we ship it, even if it's wrong. Giphy Leia and Holdo don't get much screentime together in The Last Jedi, but what we do see speaks volumes about the kind of relationship they have.

These two clearly share a long history and a lot of affection.

rey and poe dameron relationship

Who's to say she and Holdo couldn't have hooked up in the meantime? Worth noting, too, is that Holdo may or may not be canonically queer. In the novel Leia: Princess of Alderaan, a younger Holdo says she likes "a pair of pretty dark eyes," which, come to think of it, describes Leia pretty well. Leia responds that she herself only likes "humanoid males," but don't let that stop you from wondering if she may have experimented.

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Poe Dameron Oscar Isaac. Star Wars, the official franchise, may ship Rey and Finn, but the rest of the world seems way more into StormPilot — i. Finn basically imprinted on Poe like a duckling the first time he laid eyes on him in The Force Awakens, and Poe seemed to be into it right back. Remember Poe biting his lip when he sees Finn in his jacket? We do, and we are never going to forget it. Their b romance carries over into The Last Jedi.

rey and poe dameron relationship

The first three words Poe says about Finn: It seems reasonable to assume he knew exactly what he was doing. It doesn't matter how hard these movies try to convince us that Finn is crushing on Rey or Rose — as far as we're concerned, his heart truly lies with Poe. Poe needs someone to give that special ring toafter all. He's a cruel, power-hungry brat who casually invaded her mind in The Force Awakens; she's a fierce warrior with way better things to do than to save the soul of a guy who doesn't even want to be saved.

It's so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

While these two don't actually get together in The Last Jedi, it's hard not to read sex and romance into their connection. It's all doom and desire and forbidden late-night trysts and parental figures who just don't understand.

Theirs is a bond so intense and irresistible, they probably think they've invented When they talk, the rest of the world disappears.