Rune factory 3 characters likes and dislikes in a relationship

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rune factory 3 characters likes and dislikes in a relationship

Raven (トゥーナ, Toona) is an eligible bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Likes to keep to herself, and doesn't interact much with other people. For Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon on the DS, Characters W00t! Added a minor description referring the relationship between the characters. .. 20th Likes: Curry Udon (Pot Lv 16) -Pineappple Juice (Mixer Lv 3). Rune Factory Characters Guide By Freyashawk Email: When an individual reaches 3 FP, he/she will consider himself or herself to be your friend additional information as to likes and dislikes and marriage requirements.

Doubly so for the Bonus Dungeons - especially if you get lucky with the rare chests. Plot Coupon items will appear by your bed if you manage to lose them one way or another. Giving, dropping them in water. You still can craft yourself supposedly special equipment that happens to be quest rewards. Raven's last quest reveals that she is one. You can have up to one villager, one monster companion, and one active seed on your side at any one time.

However, you can't have a monster and a villager with you at the same time; if you try to add a monster while you're with a villager, the villager will leave, and if you try to add a villager with a monster the villager will say that you already have a member in your party.

She'll be wanting to give you a shot. She'll want to give you a shot. You leave the game while she's your companion and return? She'll want to give you a shot so you won't forget. You do other girl's requests while you're married to her?

A shot is in order. Although, looking like a musical instrument lessens the fear factor. She has, however, back-up syringes that are They aren't calibrated, though, thank God. One of the official artworks has her on beach day with a float in the shape of a syringe. Since you can throw food to monsters in this game, it's clear they were meant to be used as attack items.

There are literal mushrooms that will restore HP and RP, but may have side effects, including poisoning. Collette eats all the time and just about anything, but especially rice and vegetables.

Rusk, on the other hand, is an incredibly picky eater, only liking certain sweets. The only thing they have in common is that they use the same hiding spot That tree in the plaza. Collette hides in it during one of Marian's requests, and Rusk hides in it during one of Collette's requests. The Power of Friendship: In order for the Sharance Tree to bloom, humans and monsters must stop their Fantastic Racism and become friends.

The main purpose of cooking. You can now ride a large variety of monsters, all with their own attacks. Humanoid monsters like orcs and goblins may do the same. You can take your pregnant wife adventuring with you, and she still kicks as much ass. A godsend for the players who don't speak Japanese, as key items and requests are highlighted in blue. Sofia's opposite-meaning words are highlighted in red, too. Still around, although much, much better than the last two games. Various alchemy products serve this purpose, as well as strike: This is also how you learn new item crafting abilities: While most of the bonus bosses recycled from earlier games still have all their signature moves, they're a lot tougher this time around.

The handknit scarf has this ability, but it doesn't work all the time. Some message board requests involve this. Dual Blade Your skill with dual blades. Brawling Your skill with weaponless combat in your Wooly form. Increases attack damage and reduces RP consumption when fighting hand-to-hand. Fire Skill Fire magic skill.

Increases damage and reduces RP consumption with fire spells. Water Skill Water magic skill. Increases damage and reduces RP consumption with water spells. Earth Skill Earth magic skill. Wind Skill Wind magic skill. Dark Skill Dark magic skill. Increases damage and reduces RP consumption with dark spells. Love Skill Your skill with love. Reduces RP use when a wooly.

Farming Your skill with farming. Reduces RP consumption when using farm tools. Raises HP and RP. Logging Your skill with chopping wood. Mining Your skill with mining. Reduces RP consumption and raises chancer of finding valuable ores and gems when mining. Fishing Your skill with fishing. Reduces RP consumption when fishing. Increases chance of fish biting. Cooking Your skill with cooking. Makes it easier to learn and make new recipes.

Searching Skill raised by finding hidden items. Walking Skill raised by walking. Sleeping Skill raised by sleeping. Eating Skill raised by eating. Defence Skill raised by taking damage. Poison Resist Poison or be poisoned to raise this skill. Paralyse Resist Paralyse or be paralysed to raise this skill.

Fatigue Resist Get fatigued or inflict fatigue on enemies to raise this skill. The next tab shows any current member of your 'Party'.

When you complete Well's first Request, he will give you a basic Sickle. Accepting Sherman's first Request will allow you to obtain a basic Axe and when you accept Gaius' first Request, you will be given aa basic Hammer.

rune factory 3 characters likes and dislikes in a relationship

When Carmen's first Request appears, accept it to obtain a basic Fishing Rod. In many of these cases, the Farm Tool is not the actual reward for completing the task but a necessary item if you wish to perform the Request.

When you have completed Carmen's Request, she will tell you: Oh wait a second! You know, the mailbox next to your front door! As you get to know the people around here better and better, they'll send letters to your mailbox! So be sure to take a look in your mailbox sometime! Some one might be looking for your help, and you wouldn't even know it! So be sure you don't ignore them! If you 'lose' any Tool, therefore, you can replace it by purchasing another.

In Rune Factory 3, Tools can be shipped. Remember that you can accept only one Request from each Location daily. If, then, you wish to be able to fish immediately, purchase a Cheap Fishing Pole from Raven at the Smithy and then ship it when you find Carmen's Request on the Bulletin Board. Cheap Bracelets often are dropped by Orcs in Privera Forest as well. If you want to shorten the time it takes to grow crops, use Formula A. That'll speed the process up by a few days.

It's only effective until a crop bears fruit. So if you have a regrowing crop, you'll need to use it each time you want it to bear fruit faster. There are three Formulae in Rune Factory games: Of the three, it is Formula C that is the most powerful. You can obtain a number of Formula C when you complete one of Shara's Requests incidentally. Formulae increase the speed of growth but it is Greenifier that raises the quality of any Crop by one level.

In Rune Factory 3, you can use both Greenifier and one of the Formulae on any plot that has been tilled in order to speed growth and increase the rank of the Crop. The goods that are sold at local shops are based on your Character's Shipping.

When you ship higher quality items, the shops will begin to stock items of higher quality. This is true of Crops, Flowers and Seeds as well as other Items. If you have harvested a rare Crop, it is far better to ship it than to hoard it. In doing so, you will give yourself a random chance of finding it at a local shop on any given day in the future. Introduction to Cooking In order to be able to begin to cook, you will need a Kitchen Counter. You can obtain this as well as Cookware later from Blaise when he is behind his counter.

Simply ask about his Cookware and he will give you a Kitchen Counter. Kitchen items from Blaise are delivered instantly to your House and installed in your Kitchen. Recipe Breads made by Blaise, when consumed, will teach you a single Recipe in a specific category.

Breads are manufactured and sold in the following categories: The Recipes contained in these loaves of Bread appear to be loaded into the game at the moment of consumption. You therefore can save your game before you eat any and then reload if you obtain no useful knowledge from the Recipe Bread.

Learning Recipes by consuming Recipe Bread is possible only if your own Skill Level is sufficient to meet the minimum requirements to make the specific Item that is the subject of the Recipe. If your Skill Level is too low, you will learn nothing when you eat the Bread. There is a nameless 'Traveler' who appears in the village and wanders from shop to shop who will offer to sell you Recipe Breads for G each.

You cannot choose a Category of Bread when buying from the Traveler. It is quite random and very overpriced, similar to Won's visits to your Farmhouse when he offers his special Apples for exorbitant prices. On the other hand, there is no set limit to the number of loaves that you can purchase from the traveler.

You actually can make Cooked Dishes without having the Recipe for them, but if you have been 'taught' the Recipe, your chances of success will be greater. As in other Rune Factory games, you must Cook frequently and make the same simple Dishes again and again in order to raise your Skill Level in Cooking to allow you to make more complex Dishes. Your chance of success will not be guaranteed initially but Pickled Turnips may be the easiest of all Cooked Dishes to make.

Refer to the detailed sections on Cooking and Recipe Lists for more information. The Fruits of any Harvest Runes exist but their appearance is a little different in this game. Rune Spirits can appear in the same fashion. If not used immediately, the Rune or Rune Spirit will vanish. You therefore should not harvest your Crops as soon as you awaken when your RP gauge is full but rather wait until it needs to be replenished.

Wells will inform you that: When you pick crops from your field, runes and rune spirits might pop up. If you get a rune, it will replenish some RP and raise a skill level. If you get a rune spirit, it will replenish some RP and raise one of your stats a bit. If you don't pick them up quick, they'll disappear, so keep an eye out for them.

For players new to the series, Runes are tiny shining orbs of white light that hover over your field at a location where a Crop has ripened. Rune Spirits resemble the Runeys in Rune Factory Frontier, as they are tiny carrot-shaped ghostly creatures that appear over a square where you have harvested any Crop. Their appearance in RF3 appears to be utterly random.

Another source of Runes incidentally are the Rune Flowers that can be found in dungeons. Use your Sickle to cut them. Once cut, you will be required to wait until the next day for their reappearance. Flowers, when consumed, replenish RP to some extent. Like most food items, the effect is of temporary duration, usually lasting 3 Hours.

When your Character eats any food item, the icon of an Apple will appear next to his Energy Bar, indicating the beginning of the time period of its effect. Blue Rune Crystals can be found in the dungeons and when smashed with your Hammer, will yield a Rune. Lumber Lumber or Wood always is a vital Item in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, as it is required for any construction projects, including building expansions and new building projects.

In Rune Factory 3, however, Wood is extremely easy to obtain. You will find Branches strewn across both of your fields as well as Stumps. One chop will destroy a Branch. Each chop on a Stump will produce one Wood and you can obtain a total of 12 Wood from any Stump. A Monster Barn requires 40 Wood but has no other cost. Your next projects will be to create a Forge, Workshop and Pharmacy.

The costs of these are: This does not require a high level of Skill, actually and you should be able to defeat him and move forward into the Sol Terrano Desert at the end of the first week of Spring without any difficulty.

If you wish to move the plot forward, simply dash through the screens in the Desert until you find the Univir Settlement in the north. Once you have spoken to Kuruna about the history of the enmity between Monsters and Humans, the Sharance Tree will expand to allow you to build a Forge, Workshop and Pharmacy. The initial Barn will have a single room with space for four Monsters.

You can order additional 'barns' or chambers from Raven. When you have tamed Monsters, setting them to work in different quadrants of your Field will allow them to chop Wood for you as well as watering your Crops and collecting wild Items. If you set them to sow Seeds, you will be required to pay for the privilege, but they will collect the Seeds that are obtained during harvests and sow them. If you do not set them to sow the Seeds and you do not collect them yourself, you will find that you have lost a useful asset in terms of Seeds for new plantings.

Energy Recovery Your Character should awaken each morning at 6.

Characters Likes/Dislikes - Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Message Board for DS - GameFAQs

Staying awake through a night is possible but will sap your Character's resistance and he usually will catch a Cold at 6. You need not sleep a set number of hours, however, and it appears that going to bed close to 5.

Cold Medicine is one of the Items that can be found randomly in Chests in the Dungeons. It would be a good idea to keep one on hand in case of emergencies. As in other games, your RP gauge can reach zero without causing your Character to pass out.

It is when your HP gauge reaches zero that your Character will faint. Whenever this occurs, he will find himself in Marjorie's hands at the clinic. She will inform you of a random amount as her fee to restore you to consciousness but usually will waive the fee. Passing out will not cause you to lose any time at all, unlike other games where you will be forced to rest, often through an entire day.

There are many methods by which you can recover both HP and RP during the day. All Wild Grasses have some restorative powers. Antidotal Herb, incidentally, will stop the course of poison if you have been poisoned. If your RP gauge is empty, you will not be able to perform any offensive magic. You will be able to teleport out of any Dungeon or from any location back to your home even if your RP gauge is empty. The power to Transform that you have will remain inert until you have defeated the Raccoon in Privera Forest and touched the magical orb on the Dais there.

Once you have the power of transformation, your Character will be able to set it to the X or Y Button. The first Magical Spell you should purchase is Cure, which will be sold by Marian from the start of the game. If you go to the Bathhouse, you can pay Pia to use the Men's Bath. This will replenish your Energy. Remember that almost any activity in Rune Factory requires energy, including Cooking and Forging. Whenever you are working on any project, you must pay attention to your Energy Gauges as it is very easy to deplete your RP completely.

Once your RP is at zero, HP will deplete at an alarming rate, sending you to the Apothecary when the gauge reaches zero. This may appear insignificant at first glance, but the key to good health in Rune Factory is never to allow your RP gauge to fall to zero.

As previously discussed, with RP at zero, your HP begins to decrease drastically. Bamboo Shoot is one of the best of the Items you can find on the Fields in the first season of your game, as its values are: Cooked Dishes always provide better Recovery than raw Items and where RP is concerned, one of the best Items you can make fairly early is Medium Cheese.

You do have to have some Cooking Skill to make it but it is worth the effort as you can see. Most of the other Recipes that you can make early in the game restore more HP than RP and HP can be restored by eating the humble Medicinal Grass that grows everywhere.

The Cooking section of this Guide gives more suggestions for some easy Dishes for a player in early Spring. Early Exploitations On your very first day in Sharance, you can collect many of the 'free' Items stashed throughout the village. Their locations are given in another section of this Guide.

Make certain that you ship them before 5. Go into Privera Forest even if your Level is low, saving your game before you enter the Dungeon. There often is a Chest on the first screen that can contain two to four random Items, including Crops, Cooked Dishes, Ingredients or Accessories. Exit and re-enter the Forest again and again to find these Chests. Ship the Items that you find for early profits in order to be able to purchase basic defensive equipment, Cooking Utensils and Ingredients from the General Store.

For example, the Wooly in Privera Forest may drop a pair of Clippers! Another exploitation that is not restricted to the first few days exists with respect to the Special Deals Menu at the Blacksmith.

The Items in this Menu will be loaded at the time of your first visit to the Blacksmith on any given day. Some special Weapons and Accessories that are far superior to those found in the regular categories are offered as Special Deals.

Go to the Smithy and ask about the Special Deals for the day. If the Item or Items you seek are not included in the day's Menu, reload your game and try again. One of the greatest challenges that faces any player is that of managing to juggle different tasks and goals successfully, never surrendering to 'tunnel vision'. Every player probably has a favourite aspect of gameplay in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, but you cannot pursue one activity to the exclusion of all other aspects of the game.

Social interactions and Friendship are as vital as obtaining a good income. Raising your Cooking Skills and completing your Cookbook is as important as exploring all of the Dungeons. You therefore need to plot out your days to some extent, making an effort to meet and greet the villagers as well as the Eligible Girls, while maintaining control over your Fields, harvesting ripe Crops, planting new Crops, and spending enough time in the Dungeons to increase your Combat Skills and obtain as many War Trophies as possible so that your Character can create new Items.

Cooked Dishes often will have more FP value as Gifts than any raw Ingredients, so early success in raising Friendship Levels may depend somewhat on your ability to create the Dishes that will please a Character most.

Furthermore, the Requests that form the foundation of the game are unlocked by specific Friendship Levels with the Individual who makes each Request. If you do not raise the Friendship Levels of all Individuals, you will be unable to perform all possible Requests. Remember that there are different categories of Requests in Rune Factory 3 but that the Requests that are related to the story will appear in specific order and are related to Friendship Levels.

Simple Requests and Battle Requests often will appear even if you have not achieved a significant Friendship Level with the Character who makes them. Do not be impatient to move forward in any particular area of the game too quickly.

It is far better to cover every aspect of the game than to raise one Skill to the maximum level. If your Character has high Skill Levels but has neglected other Individuals, he will be unable to activate certain new Requests that are story-related.

It is when you defeat the Raccoon in Privera Forest that the plot will move forward. Moreover, all Shops will display an expanded Menu after this Event. Most importantly, a Monster Barn can be built and Monsters tamed as soon as you have met the Univir Tribe in the desert. There is no real reason to rush forward, however. Requests should be fulfilled, one day at a time while you divide your time equally between farming, fishing and exploring the Dungeons. Social Interactions Meeting and Greeting individuals is of fundamental importance in any Rune Factory or Harvest Moon game and serves many purposes.

First and foremost, it raises Friendship Levels and this is a requirement for unlocking many new options, including new Requests as well as Events. When you speak to any Character, you may learn important information as well.

In Rune Factory 3, there are two basic types of Characters. There are Main Character with whom social interactions have value in terms of Friendship Points and there are Subsidiary Characters who simply impart important tips with respect to every aspect of gameplay. Speak to every one, therefore, whenever you encounter some one anywhere on the Map. Village Characters can be 'Invited' to join your party in combat when they reach Friendship Level 3.

Note that you will receive Birthday Greetings on your Birthday from every Character but will receive an actual Gift only from Characters with a decent Friendship Level. Birthday Gifts tend to be rare or valuable Items such as Seeds that you cannot purchase at the local Shops. Even the Gift of an Item to which a Character is indifferent can be very useful as it prompts information about the Gifts that the Individual would rather have. There are two ways of going about any research of Favourite Gifts.

You can perform your social rounds armed with a few stacks of inexpensive coloured grasses, giving one to each Individual you encounter and noting their Responses. Birthdays often will be forthcoming as well. Whenever an Item is given as a Gift, a small number will be displayed near the Character who accepts the Item. The colour of the number indicates energy recovery values to the recipient.

Gifts with positive values will display a green number. Gifts with negative values will display a red number. This isn't a bad gift, but to be honest, I'd rather have a rice ball. As you can see, he provided Freyr with some useful information about a Gift he would favour. Most Favourites will elicit a display of a large red heart.

Favoured Gifts usually are received 'with music' as they are in other Rune Factory and Harvest Moon games. On a Character's Birthday, other Individuals will inform you of the fact as well as often suggesting Most Favourite Gifts that should be given as Birthday Gifts. Wells for Dumplings with big red heart Interesting! Dumplings is a Most Favourite for Wells. He displays the big red heart that denotes a Most Favourite and does not suggest any alternative.

Only one Gift per day will 'count' in terms of raising or lowering Friendship Levels. Tips from other Characters Evelyn: I heard that if you propose under the Sharance Tree, that love will blossom. Maybe I should try it. Here's a tip for when you get tired fighting in the dungeons Look for some blue flowers or crystals. If you cut the flowers or break the crystals, you'll find runes that will replenish your RP.

Advice from Subsidiary Characters Some of the tips that you can obtain from Subsidiary Characters include: Poison Squares and Neutral Agent Zod: I stepped on a poison puddle the other day.

Next time, I'll use Neutral Agent on it!

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon - Character Guide

Poison Puddles or Poison Squares are deep purple in colour and can be found randomly on any Field in a Dungeon. Your Character will be poisoned if he steps in one. More annoyingly, perhaps, is the fact that you will not be able to till the square until the Poison Puddle is removed. Befriending Monsters with Cooked Dishes Sally: Feed monsters something you've cooked if you want to be friends. This is somewhat useful advice, although taming a Monster does not require edible or Cooked Dishes.

A Monster's Most Favourite Gifts tends to be the Item or Items that it drops either in combat or leaves on the floor of the barn each morning. Many of these Items are not edible at all. When Monsters exhibit fatigue or status ailments, however, you do need to feed them Cooked Dishes or the appropriate Medicines. Monsters who are not taken into combat but who work for you in the fields often will begin to exhibit fatigue. This is a time when a Cooked Dish of some kind is the best Gift, even if it is not a Most Favourite ordinarily.

Dumplings are very inexpensive to make and can restore a Monster's Energy Levels when it is working for you in the fields. Nothing more is required than a single portion of Dumplings, but make certain always that ALL Monsters have a steady supply of Grass for Fodder in the Barn! Save Points are purple Crystal Pyramids. When smashed, they will reappear when you exit the screen and re-enter. If you find a save point in a dungeon, save.

It maeans something dangerous is near. Farm Tools as Weapons Sho: There are some people who fight monsters with farm tools. I don't get it. This declaration actually is two separate hints. For example, Shara uses a Watering Can rather effectively to fight by your side. In point of fact, as Shara told you to defeat the first Monster you ever encountered with a Hoe, your Character will be well-aware of the ability to use Tools as Weapons.

They are an opportunity to socialise with other individuals. It always is a good idea to attend any Festival even if you cannot participate. In Rune Factory 3, many of the Festivals are Contests that will award special prizes if you win but offer consolation prizes in the form of Recipe Bread if you simply participate.

For the most part, you will receive 9 Recipe Bread if you win 1st Prize and 3 Recipe Breads as a participation prize.

Rune Factory 3 (Video Game) - TV Tropes

Your Character will be asked to play the part of a Demon and other Characters will throw Beans of different colours as well as Failed Dishes at him. The object is to be hit by as many Beans as possible while dodging the Failed Dishes. Even if you fail to win, you will be given 3 Cooking Recipe Breads for participating in the Contest. As Festivals take virtually no time at all and you can participate at any point during the day by speaking to Wells in the Square before 5.

Unlike most other Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games where Events usually cannot occur on a Festival day, in Rune Factory 3, you can accept and complete Requests as well as experience key events even in the middle of a Festival! Calendar of Birthdays and Festivals The Calendar on the Wall of your chamber in the Sharance Tree will be marked with the dates of the Festivals but will include only a couple of birthdays as Birthdays information must be given to you by some one in the village before it will appear on the Calendar.

Shara will inform you of her Birthday and Raven's Birthday, so you will find them on the Calendar but you will need to engage in regular social interactions with other Characters if you wish to have all Birthdays added.

The items you can forage in your field change with the seasons. White Grass only grows in winter, so it's not easy to gather it. Wild Items found on Fields: New Year's Day 6 Spring: Bean Throwing Festival 8 Spring: Hazel's Birthday Bamboo Shoot 11 Spring: Shara's Birthday Any Flower 15 Spring: Catch the Most Fish Contest 19 Spring: Wooly Festival 21 Spring: Evelyn's Birthday Fish 24 Spring: Beach Day 3 Summer: Carlos' Birthday Snapper, other Fish 6 Summer: Pia's Birthday Fruit or Squid 8 Summer: Sherman's Birthday any Cooked Dish 12 Summer: Catch the Biggest Fish Contest 19 Summer: The only real way to test your stat range beyond judging from your damage or counting would be to give yourself a negative buff such as Super Fail Dish and calculate it from there.

Damage values positive or negative can exceed the visual cap of This includes a size upgrade for the storage chest, a necessary for marriage upgrade for the bed into double bedthe addition of a bookshelf to store Rune Abilities, as well as an expansion of the refrigerator from Blaise for just Gold.

You can purchase a range of additional general furniture that you can place freely throughout your house, from dolls to paintings, to chair and table. A change of clothes are also available for purchase from Evelyn, with more unlocking as you progress through the game. Ranging from color variations of default clothes, monster costumes, armor, as well as swimming or wedding outfits that have the added effect of working with your current party member if changed into in their presence within your party.

Beyond marriage however, the dating sequences become unavailable for everyone but your wife outside of quests.

rune factory 3 characters likes and dislikes in a relationship