Rwanda and mali relationship

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Rwanda

rwanda and mali relationship

New envoys pledge to strengthen bilateral relations with Rwanda Others are Oumar Daou, Malian Ambassador; Abdalla Hassan Eisa. Bilateral relations between Switzerland and Rwanda were for many years Swiss diplomacy in Rwanda is focused on active cooperation in. A new chapter of warm relations has opened between the governments of Tanzania and Rwanda after Tanzanian President John Magufuli.

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Throughout the year, Rwanda decided to keep a safe distance from the situation in Burundi, despite allegations targeting Kigali. In November, Burundian officials accused Kigali of being behind the attempted assassination of President Nkurunziza's top aide and spokesperson Willy Nyamitwe. Days before the attempted assassination, Mr Nyamitwe had appeared on Al Jazeera TV and claimed that the elements behind a report indicating that the country was on the verge of genocide were operating in Rwanda.

Throughout this, Kigali avoided exchanges with Burundian officials, with Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo stating that Rwanda is not concerned by Burundi's problems, but would ensure safety on its side of the border.

Avoiding backlash Rwanda seems to be avoiding a backlash from the international community by keeping out of the Burundian crisis, having at some point found itself in the spotlight over its alleged support for opposition elements.

Kigali vehemently denied backing the rebels.

rwanda and mali relationship

President Kagame said talks between the government and the many groups are the only way forward. A report released on November 15 by the International Federation for Human Rights warned that Burundi was on the verge of the genocide, urging the international community to intervene.

Burundi rejected the findings of the report. He also pointed out that the head of League Iteka is based in Rwanda. Florent Geel, the Africa director of FIDH dismissed the rebuttal by the Burundian government, saying that the findings were based on true stories and research done by the organisation and its partners inside the country.

rwanda and mali relationship

Joel Mutabazi, a former presidential bodyguard, had been returned to Rwanda where he was later given a life sentence for treason and terrorism. Allegations swirled over whether Ugandan security agents had been involved.

Frenemies for life: Has the love gone between Uganda and Rwanda?

However, little action was taken until this October when numerous officers were detained. These arrests raise a host of questions, not just around the curious case but also its wider implications and the timing. This incident threatens to undermine them, or perhaps it signals that they are already under greater strain than previously recognised.

In the earlys, the Ugandan president supported Kagame in taking power in Rwanda.

rwanda and mali relationship

But this alliance was threatened during the Second Congo War when the two countries backed opposing rebel groups. The two armies engaged in deadly clashes and tensions threatened to spill over into war. Over time, however, the two nations gradually reconciled. Following his arrival in Kigali, Kabonero quickly emerged as a smooth operator with an affinity for organising social events.

Kagame then visited Uganda as the two leaders gifted each other cattle. Fraying relations More recently, however, this warmth seems to have dissipated. On various fronts, tensions have arisen between the two countries. It is widely believed that Kigali favours regime change, with Rwanda being accused of arming and supporting Burundian rebels. They deny these allegations.

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By contrast, Kampala has stood firmly by the Burundian government, with Museveni extending a hand to President Pierre Nkurunziza. There have also been numerous disputes regarding regional integration and cooperation. Uganda has shifted some of its regional infrastructure priorities towards South Sudan at the expense of Rwanda.