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Kathryn McCormick: It was the first acting audition I'd ever been on, and it was intimidating. DS: Tell us about your relationship with co-star Ryan Guzman. How To Put On A Showstoppin' Performance With Advice From. Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick star in "Step Up Revolution" opening July Photo: Sam Emerson/Summit Entertainment. Expand. Moviegoers at "Step Up Revolution" this weekend will be surprised — no, shocked — to learn that stars Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick.

Before his audition, the model-turned-actor and former Mixed Martial Arts fighter was watching YouTube videos to learn some moves.

My friends had told me I needed to get into acting class, but I didn't really take the time away from dance to do it, so I think acting kind of found me," she says. Dancing comes into play because both are aspiring professional dancers whose families wish they'd choose a more sensible career, and, more importantly, both are involved in a group of flash mobbers, known as The Mob, that gives some amazing performances in several different dance styles in the movie.

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If you think that sounds a little like another dancing flick, "Dirty Dancing," McCormick agrees. View photos Once novice dancer Guzman and novice actress McCormick were hired, they began rehearsals that lasted about nine hours a day for three weeks!

Guzman, who's in every dance scene, says he ran back and forth between two practice rooms working on the flash mob dances with The Mob dancers in one, and McCormick on a contemporary dance that the couple perform together in the other. Although the performance required Guzman and McCormick to work long hours together, he insists that the co-stars are not going follow the lead of former "Step Up" stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan by falling in love offscreen and getting married.

But we are best friends," Guzman says. We bonded a lot during the whole process. Before the two twirled away from our interview, omg! If you could travel back in time, what period would you visit? I would love to be watching them on a set, just to see how they work.

I think they're brilliant storytellers. Did you have any jobs before entertainment? I was a babysitter after school, and I've also been a dance assistant, a dance teacher, and I would rake my grandpa's leaves for extra money. What is your pet peeve? What's your favorite food to pig out on? What's your least favorite food? People laugh at me because I'm like a Whole Foods fanatic, but I love anything organic and healthy.

Right now I'm in love with this quinoa mac and cheese made with cashew cheese from Sun Cafe — that and their gluten free, wheat free, nut free chocolate cupcake.

Interview: Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman of ‘Step Up Revolution’

My least favorite food is probably a Twinkie. Who is your celebrity crush? I don't really have one. Growing up it was Paul Walker, I think just because you saw his bum in "Joyride. He started out as a musician and artist and he made his way into the acting world, and now he's one of the greatest of his time. And he's such a character. What's your idea of a dream date? I think a ton of voices saying the same thing will get heads to turn, rather than a single voice. In that show, it felt like I was running a race and was always trying to keep up.

The turning point was just rehearsal. I went over everything to be as good as I possibly could. And then there was a point where I became more confident and had to show a different part of my personality. I grew so much, and understood myself as a person more. What show business goals do you have regarding those kinds of paths, what type of film or TV series would you hope to do going forward?

I want to focus on film, preferably more action drama than romantic comedy like Channing. The film does touch upon some socio-economic class issues in a Romeo-is-poor-and-Juliet-is-rich kind of way.

The opportunity is more narrow, but like my family there is an opportunity to make it. My father was an immigrant from Mexico, so he knew poverty.

Meet ‘Step Up Revolution’s’ star couple: he had never danced, she had never acted

He lived in one bedroom for eight brothers and sisters, and 12 cousins. So yeah, I think anything is possible. There is a hunger to want to do it even more. Those who achieve get more out of life, that those who just receive.

Kathryn, in your bio, it states that you work with church organizations as a motivational speaker for teen groups. What do you think the role of religion in our national discourse and society, and how does faith inform your own life?

Meet ‘Step Up Revolution’s’ star couple: he had never danced, she had never acted

Patrick McDonald for HollywoodChicago. And people who do believe, should be proud of it. Ryan, you were a pro prospect as a baseball pitcher, but was injured. There is a new wave of pitcher biomechanics, that is confounding the purists of the game. From what you know about it, could that have helped your pitching technique, and perhaps avoided injury? I think anybody with good mechanics can go far. What kills pitchers now is the overuse of their arms at a young age.

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I think my generation was the last one to be allowed to do that. I constantly fought through pain. I did have offers from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Texas Rangers out of high school, and had scholarship offers from three schools. It was blown all away because I thought one game was worth more.

Kathryn, which classic choreographer is a go-to person for you, as far as the feeling their style gives you? She is so talented, sweet and kind-hearted, and most of all I respect the art she brings to dancing. See local listings for 3D showings, show times and theaters.

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