Sanjay khan and zeenat aman relationship

sanjay khan and zeenat aman relationship

Back in the day, Aap Jaisa Koi diva Zeenat Aman was every man's dream Sanjay Khan, who was married with three children when he fell in. that Zeenat Aman suffered at the hands of her lover, Sanjay Khan. of their film, Abdullah in that their relationship was at its zenith. Zeenat Aman was born in Mumbai. Her Father, Amanullan Khan, was a script writer who made the script for movies such as Pakeezah and.

Night of Abuse: What Zeenat suffered at Sanjay Khan’s hands

Despite the legality of their bond, it was never acknowledged by Khan, who always denied his second marriage. Zeenat herself only admitted it in an interview much later. However, news had spread and the gossip columns were full of stories about their secret wedding.

sanjay khan and zeenat aman relationship

Facing increasing pressure from his family and with growing media scrutiny, the couple apparently decided to go their separate ways the following year. However, it was far from a clean cut.

What about Zeenat, Sanjay?

The still possessive Sanjay would apparently call Zeenat up every time he heard of her being involved with an actor or industrialist. Inwhen she was away shooting in the nearby hill station of Lonavala, she received a call from Khan again, demanding that she return to Mumbai for the re-shoot of a song in the film Abdullah.

She informed him that she had already assigned her dates to another filmmaker; he accused her of being sexually involved with them. She nevertheless attempted to meet Khan to discuss the issue further. Back in Bombay, on learning that he was not home but attending a party at the Taj, she reached the five-star hotel.

It was a bad decision… Word goes that Sanjay was already in an inebriated state, and seeing her turn up at the party, left him enraged. Zeenat, who had to return to Lonavala, wished to settle her dates with him without making a scene. Little did she know what would happen next. Apparently, Sanjay took her to the adjoining room and "let loose his animal wrath". He beat her up, lifting by her hair and continuing to thrash her every time she fell.

It was at this point that Zarine entered and began cheering her husband on.

Night of Abuse: What Zeenat suffered at Sanjay Khan’s hands!

All the guests knew what was happening, yet no one helped her. It was the steward who came to Zeenat's rescue, who by now had blood and tears streaming down her face. Even as she required eight days of medical attention to recover from this beating, she did not report Sanjay to the police, as she was still in love with him.

Her doctor revealed to the publication, "This is not the first time this man has beaten her.

sanjay khan and zeenat aman relationship

Once before she was given a black eye and kicked in the ribs so hard that I insisted on an X-Ray for fear of a crack. The two had wed in Jaisalmer ina marriage which lasted less than a year.

sanjay khan and zeenat aman relationship