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Exploring Megumi's character and her relationship with Sanosuke in multiple He resembled Sano in so many ways that it was almost like seeing what At the sight of Megumi, Kamishimoemon, along with Uki and Outa, had. Exploring Megumi's character and her relationship with Sanosuke in multiple Sano shrugged and put out his tongue at Megumi, earning him finally, a pinprick sensation spread from her abdomen to the tips of her fingers. Sanosuke: The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual by Hikari Hrair-rah reviews A lighter, more humorous take on Sanosuke and Megumi's relationship.

Meio UA e meio fantasia. Rabbit Amy Rose reviews yaoi, yahikoxsoujiro, kenshinxshura, some kaoru conflict, maybe a little angst Soujiro comes to visit, and winds up living in the dojo! Yahiko's suspicious, and Kaoru forms jealosy as many things happen XD rating just went up!

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Will he find them? Readand continue reading every new chapter to find out. The truth is revealed to Kenji. Hinted shounen-ai, may become more than hinted later. Fourth chapter is up! I know, after like a year Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: She finally remembers the ending, in it their love worked out.

This prompts her to tell Kenshin of her feelings for him. Kaoru's father was conscripted to help suppress the Satsuma Rebellion before the start of the story. He died during the war, leaving Kaoru as the sole master of the Kamiya Kasshin-Ryu.

Many fights play out like this, though it is somewhat justified for Kenshin in that the Hiten Mitsurugi style is specifically described as an exceptionally rare and deadly discipline that specializes in combat against multiple opponents.

Nearly every battle, which is one of the strikes "against" the series. Several times throughout the series, we are reminded that while some people were able to find peace once the Bakumatsu ended, there are still those in high places who cause misery for everyone for their own gain. In an inversion, while he does that the ghost of Tomoe begins cradling him. Kenshin encounters a thug posing as Kenshin's old assassin persona and creating a lot of trouble.

When he defeats the guy in the anime, Kenshin smashes his fingers with his sword so that the thug will never be able to hold a sword again. Also, early in his days of being a Technical PacifistKenshin chopped off an opponent's arm instead of killing him. The opponent thought this was a deliberate Cruel Mercy as opposed to killing him honorablyand comes back for revenge with an Arm Cannon.

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Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Kenshin is angelically good-natured and easy going, to the point of being a bit of a doormat, emphasized by his extremely formal and humble, almost groveling, manner of speech he uses "this one" instead of "I", for one.

He is also the most feared assassin in recent history and, even though he doesn't kill anymore, has no problem demonstrating just how terrifying he can be if push comes to shove. Kenshin's principle of "protect the innocent without killing" was inspired by the death of his wife Tomoe. Subverted; a filler arc of the anime begins with a band of Christian revolutionaries and their deranged leader Amakusa Shogo, a would-be messiah likely modeled after both real-world cult leader Asahara Shoko and Japanese historical figure Amakusa Shiro Tokisada.

Kaoru, Megumi, Misao, and most notably Tsubame. Cut Lex Luthor a Check: At the end of the Kyoto arc, most of the surviving Juppongatana members are pardoned and given government jobs which make use of their unique skills.

Kenshin cuts the fuses off of the bombs Katsu throws at him.

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In another instance, he swings his sword so fast the wind blows out the fuses. Kaoru who is kidnapped or otherwise in danger frequently in the first half. The Succession Technique puts tremendous strain on Kenshin's body.

Sano broke his hand during the Kyoto arc, subsequent uses of his ultimate technique tended to have bad results for said hand until he figured out a workaround. The first OVA, which manages to be even darker than the accompanying portion of the manga, which is It's almost fun and sunshine compared to the second OVA. Pretty much all the OVAs, in general.

Most of the more humorous and light-hearted moments are gone and in their place, more blood, violence, and even some nudity and adult themes. Dead Because Of Me: Kenshin, being a Technical Pacifistis haunted by every person he's ever killed, but especially Tomoe.

Saito pulls this stunt when he visits the Kamiya dojo, by posing as a peddler selling medicines and home remedies. Sanosuke almost falls for it, until he notices the calluses on Saito's hands. At which point Saito drops the facade and attacks Sanosuke, nearly killing him. He notes the attack would have been fatal had it not been for the flimsiness of the sword he was carrying.

Dead Guys On Display: Sanosuke's mentor, Sagara Sozo, was a historically-accurate victim of this. This is also the unfortunate fate of Eiji's parents in Shingetsu Village.

Whenever Kenshin's not Obfuscating Stupidityhe's got a wicked sense of humor. When it comes to his morals. Saitou Hajime is a straight example as well, not mincing any words and possessing a tongue that's sharper than his sword and says it with a straight face.

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For solid proof, watch his fights against Usui and Mumyoui Yatsume. Enishi and Tomoe's mother. Tomoe thus became more of a mother figure to him, which explains his obsession with big sis.

Death Faked for You: Enishi wanted to leave behind her actual corpse, but couldn't bring himself to do it. After Souzou Sagara was executed, his head was put on display for betraying the government. The series as a whole is a deconstruction of the Jidai Geki genre. Shougo Amakusa from the anime deconstructs Religious Bruiser and Love Freaksince everyone told him that he was a "Son of God" since he was a kid and his family died horribly Happens to Sano after one battle, though it was the power of Kenshin's Warrior Therapist tendencies that really did the jobAoshi it takes a second, more thorough ass-kickingand to some extent even Saitou by the end of the series.

A slight breath of air escaped Kaoru's lips as she landed on Kenshin's arms. He knew the reason she almost hit the dirt was because he startled her.

She looked up at Kenshin. She smiled that smile that Kenshin loved to see. However, the smile disappeared when she realized how close her face was to Kenshin's. Her face became a slight pink, unintentionally her body acting on its own, she leaned toward Kenshin. Her lips only inches away from his. Kenshin blinked as he felt Kaoru's warm breath brush against his lip. He didn't quiet understand the situation. She quickly brushed Kenshin's cheek pretending to brush something away.

The two moved away from each other. Kaoru slightly cried at the pain to her forehead. Kenshin continued to rub his forehead. Once Kaoru was out of sight Sanosuke smiled mischievously. He looked over at Kenshin who seemed clueless about that smile Sanosuke had on his face. He looked at his best friend with a teasing grin. He felt the relationship between Kenshin and the Missy wasn't going anywhere. At least not with Kenshin being so dense, and Kaoru carelessly denying her own feelings.

He placed his hands on his hips the moment Kenshin disappeared back into the kitchen. Sanosuke at first had no intention of getting involved in the relationship with the Missy and Kenshin, but his impatients was growing.

He knew they both had feelings for each other, but with the way things were moving, he knew they would be too old by then. Misao was supposed to visit today. He started planning a plot in his head. Kaoru and Misao tackled each other with a hug then started jumping around in circles. Kenshin came popping out of the Kitchen once again.

Everyone looked at Sanosuke confused. He didn't want his friends to eat the food cold. He slipped his hands in his pocket and left the dojo. Misao followed after him. She and Sanosuke had gone to the meadow to talk privately. Luckily there was no one there besides birds and other woodland creatures. Their bowls were now empty of the food that they just ate.

I don't think we have enough money for one," Kaoru mumbled. I have it all planned out," Misao said. Night had fallen at the city of Tokyo, Japan. Misao and Sanosuke had everything set up by the time everyone who was invited to the party arrived. There was lots of food from a famous and expensive restaurant set in the middle, along with sake. Megumi was dragged to the party, as well because Sanosuke felt it would not be a party without her. Everyone stared at all the things set up.

He was the first to take a bite of the food. Sanosuke leaned toward Misao and whispered in her ear. She went over to Kaoru and snatched the sake from Kaoru's hand. Misao poured the tea into the cup. Kaoru frowned and took a sip of the tea.

He was glad someone was making sure Kaoru didn't lay a hand on sake. Her being drunk was not a pleasant sight. He turned his attention to Yahiko who kept drinking and drinking. He took a hold of some of the cooked fish and took a bite. Sanosuke shrugged and looked over at Yahiko who passed out from the sake. Everyone, besides Misao, looked at Sanosuke confused.

He also felt bad that Yahiko had passed out from the sake. First, why don't we start with a mix up of spin the bottle and truth or dare. She then explained the rules for the game. Kenshin took a hold of the bottle. He spinned the bottle.

Everyone stared at the bottle as it spinned around. It stopped at Megumi. I dare you to eat a whole rice cake. Megumi ate the rice cake and smiled after the dare. For what felt like an hour the group played truth or dare.