Seras and alucard relationship test

seras and alucard relationship test

I've always been one to highly favor the Seras x Alucard relationship instead of Pip. Though to be fair, that's hardly an unbiased opinion based. As stated by Hirano the relationship between Seras and Alucard is complicated. Alucard takes on a role of a mentor and teacher to help Seras reach her full. Seras being Alucard's servant and Alucard being Seras's master. Although the relationship appears to be just servant and master I think it goes.

However, she would never know this.

seras and alucard relationship test

Whether she died or left him for another she would never know just how deeply that loss would sting him, the scars it would leave on the charred, withed remnants of his heart.

No, Alucard had learned long ago that it was foolish to display one's vulnerabilities to anyone. Once known, they could be exploited. Better to play things close to the vest, and never let anyone — even the object of your affection — know just how much your happiness was tied to theirs.

No, "I love you," and even "I need you," were words that she would never hear not from him at least. But he would always hold her close to him once she'd fallen asleep.

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He would always be there for her when she woke up. She could call upon him for companionship anytime she desired, and he would answer that call. He was not a 'nice guy', nor what many would call a 'good man'. But whatever goodness, whatever empathy and compassion remained within him, whatever spark of human decency he still possessed She was everything to him, though she would never know it. He'd spent thirty years slaughtering the souls that dwelt within him — thirty years of self mutilation so that he could return to a world that hated him and an un life he despised.

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He'd done it all for her, just to see her smiling face once more, the only one who never questioned his return, who knew all along that he'd be back for her. Perhaps it didn't matter whether or not he told her how he felt. Perhaps she knew already. Was that why her faith had never wavered during his long by human standards anyway absence?

Was that why her face seemed so calm, so serene, as she laid in his arms and embraced him in her sleep? It was a scary thought — that she might possibly be aware of how much power she had over him.

He already had one master and could hardily be expected to serve two, should Seras ever decide to put that power to the test. But then, it was unlikely that she'd do that.

She was as loyal to Integra as he was, having stood guard over his master for the thirty years he was away — and without any seals to compel her to do so. No, she would not try to interfere in that, would not allow petty, unfounded jealousy to cause friction in their relationships. If, indeed, she had been intuitive enough to decipher how he really felt about her, then she doubtless also understood the relationship between the three of them.

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It may have seemed complicated on the surface, but in truth it was simple, far simpler than the one which existed between her and him. The two of them were lovers No, if Seras had been wise enough to figure out their own relationship, then she also knew that Integra was no threat to it.

The lady knight was Alucard's master, his sovereign. Seras was his lover, his heart.

Yes, she was his heart, the one who held every emotion — save that of anger and blind rage — in the palm of her hand. Integra controlled his powers, but it was Seras who could lift his heart with a smile She was his life, his humanity, all that was good in him; and, for the moment at least, she was also simply And that made that moment a wonderful, peaceful time in his life.

Yeah, please forgive the fluff. Every once-in-awhile I get in the mood to write some random, emotional gobbly-gook like this. He could feel Seras' emotion going wild within her after his test of will.

seras and alucard relationship test

He reached out to try and read Seras' thoughts but felt her mind snap shut as he body jerked slightly. Seras' body tensed when she felt Alucard's hand but did not fight as he pulled her back. Soon Seras found herself backed up against Alucard before the hand let go of her shoulder. Alucard wrapped the same arm around Seras waist before leaning forward, next to her ear, and saying, "Calm yourself Seras.

I'm not going to punish your for this. I was testing your limits and I found a little of what I was looking for. Now for your reward.

There was something exciting about Alucard calling her by name. Before she could reply, a blood pack was brought in front of her, and she grabbed it eagerly. Seras punctured the bag with her fangs as she began to drink hungrily from the pack. After finishing Seras threw the bag away and felt the blood flow through her body. The fatigue she had felt began to drift away as her meal fueled her body.

seras and alucard relationship test

Seras went to move when she felt Alucard's arm around her waist. She turned and looked at Alucard, with a blush staining her face, before she asked, "Master, could you please let me go? Now I'm going to have mine. She nodded as she knew what Alucard had meant and leaned her neck to the right. She bared her neck for her master and waited for the bite that she knew was coming. Seras gasped as she felt Alucard's bite before she leaned back as he pulled on her.

Seras rested against Alucard as she felt the wave of the embrace wash over her. She closed her eyes as the feeling washed over her, 'His second bite,' Seras thought as memories of Cheddar still swirled in her mind.

Alucard pulled back from Seras neck as he looked at his fledgling. Seras was leaned against his body with her eyes closed. She was slightly flushed in the face as her head rolled to the side before her eyes opened. Seras' eyes were slightly clouded as she looked at Alucard before asking, "What Alucard stood up while supporting Seras before saying, "I believe that is enough for tonight.

seras and alucard relationship test

Get your rest Police Girl. We will beginning at the same time tonight. Alucard watched as Seras walked into the closed coffin and laid down to rest. Alucard then turned and walked through the wall to his room. He removed his hat and coat as he prepared to sleep for the day. He ran his tongue over his lips, as he could still taste Seras' blood, before thinking, 'Police Girl tastes as sweet as she did when I turned her.

seras and alucard relationship test

We'll see what happens with this new game I've begun with Police Girl. She had forgotten what a wash of feeling Alucard's bite came with. She was so confused with her master's actions during the training tonight. But, then when he should be mad for me striking him, he is amused and Her emotions where still rather ragged as the experiences of the night clashed with the old feelings from the night at Cheddar.

She continued to focus on Alucard's behavior as she continued to think through what she was feeling, 'Then he pulls me close and holds me She remembered Alucard carrying her out of the church and into the night in the makeshift blanket.

How safe and warm she felt in his arms after that night of terror. How to her the man carrying her was an angel and a demon wrapped into one giant red-clad mystery. I'd almost forgotten what it does to me.

I can help but feel dizzy when that feeling washes over me