Shelob and gollum relationship

shelob and gollum relationship

Gollum greatly desired the ring, and his plan was to bring Sam and Frodo through the hidden mountain pass for Shelob to kill, Gollum planned to later . not just for Gollum, but Frodo too, and certainly for their relationship. Gollum is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. He was introduced in the . Gollum followed through with his plan and led Frodo and Sam into Shelob's Lair. There, Frodo was stung by the giant spider, taken prisoner by Orcs. Speaking to Eurogamer about the decision to include Shelob, both in her also represent this new thing that she has a love/hate relationship with. as a dichotomy of light and dark and that actually, Shelob and Gollum are.

shelob and gollum relationship

Shelob is a different from of evil. Sauron wants to dominated all of middle earth including her. He is a threat to her but so is Celebrimbor if he succeseds. She doesnt care in the slightest about anyone but herself but she is a master manipulator you have to be if you want to survive in mordor Both Sauron and Celebrimbor are a threat to her. But Sauron defeat has been forseen.

Where Celebrimbor she forsaw he would succesed.

shelob and gollum relationship

Talion was but a puppet. Him becoming a servant of sauron isnt a problem to her. Aslong he keeps sauron distracted long enough for a certain ring to get destroyed he served his purpos. You need to keep in mind that Shelob is only interested in how it benefits her. Middle earth can burn for all she care's but self-preservation is her sole motivator.

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Honestly i dont think the Shelob from the movies is anything more then a very large spider. But the ability to see into the future isnt as simple as games loves to pretend it is. Try to predict every choice you are going to make today.

No mather how tiny.

Now try doing that for every family member. Now try for your city. Now for your country. See how many variables there are? The ability to see into the future is like looking for a specifict grain of sand in a continent spanning desert that constantly grows.

It could be that she forsaw frodo failing to reach mount doom. And by attacking him the ring ended up into sam's hand for a shortwhile.

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Remember at the end frodo kept the ring for himself and golem saved everyone by accident. It could well be that those few kilometers that sam was keeping the ring safe was all the difference between frodo keeping the ring and golem stealing the ring. I prefer this reading, because it doesn't require the mental gymnastics to explain him dragging a human-sized body through Ithilien without getting himself shot.

It's entirely possible that Shelob simply didn't care enough to eat him, since he's frequently described as being little more than skin and bone.

Why would Gollum come back to Shelob? The last time he comes back, his motives are clear: Shelob is the closest thing he knows of to a neutral party, so he's going to let her do it: We takes this one.

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She'll get the other. But he's got you, you nassty filthy little sneak! I can't think of a good reason Gollum would want to come back to Mordor period, let alone Cirith Ungol, but I'm still looking. How did Gollum expect to get the Ring from Shelob?

He really does seem to expect her to be not that interested in it, and either discard it or gift it to him as a reward for the snack emphasis mine: And we'll save the Precious, as we promised. And when we've got it safe, then She'll know it, O yes, then we'll pay Her back, my precious. Then we'll pay everyone back! The most plausible explanation is that he simply underestimated her, and may have paid for it had things gone according to his plan.

It's also possible and note that this isn't mutually exclusive with the above theory that he doesn't fully expect his plan to work; note he says "It may well be As I mentioned in the previous section, Gollum has few good options for getting the Ring away from Frodo.