Sherlock and irene relationship tips

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sherlock and irene relationship tips

Sherlock sees photographs of Irene's mostly unclothed body at Buckingham relationship, such as the friendship/partnership between Sherlock and John. of intelligence alike, but that they also employ it in similar ways. So I am in no way an expert on the subject of Sherlock Holmes and his played in a number of ways, and all of them would be ostensibly supported by the text. . To talk about Sherlock and Irene's relationship in Doyle's story is to only point. With BBC's Sherlock, this is exactly what happened. of her security arrangements and her outfoxing of Holmes is down to advice received from Moriarty. The relationship with Watson is not homosexual, but homosocial.

John has given up his defences and accepted his devotion for the man. He allows his life to revolve around Sherlock. And he is happier than ever.

In TRF, he is almost ready to expose his feelings for him. I love how Irene shows John the risk of his almost overplayed heterosexuality. She traps him using his too blatant attraction for women sending a Sherlock-look-alike woman as a bait and he allows himself to get caught because he cannot resist trying to seduce a pretty woman. Sherlock finds his heart behind his own reflection, this reveal is associated with sexuality.

Irene has a paramount role in Johnlock. Will we ever see her again? Big question, I know it divides the fandom a bit. Irene needs a purpose to come back. Some people say she has already fulfilled her purpose in the show, and I respect that.

Yes, Irene has already helped Johnlock a great deal, has confronted both men with their identity and sexuality. Plus, Sherlock textually wonders where Irene could be: There are lots of misunderstandings and self-imposed repression again. Honestly, the boys could use the sex expert now, a person bluntly spelling the situation to them. He has helped her faking her own death, without telling John.

This decision foreshadowed TRF, with Sherlock trying to protect John and not including him in his plans. I am convinced series 4 will push John to a pretty dark situation.

sherlock and irene relationship tips

I also believe series 4 will show us an important rapprochement before taking the boys further apart. Irene could be an interesting card to play in these circumstances. I see two possibilities: A It is a story of redemption for Sherlock, repairing the betrayal of his lie to John.

Sherlock has grown up, he knows his closest friends, and love, make him stronger. I would love this solution, it would show a pretty nice character development. It would definitively make him self-conscious: I certainly love option A, and I would totally respect it. I think Irene has the potential to be an involuntary obstacle. I could be wrong, of course.

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If Irene comes back, she could surprise Moriarty and save the day, for example. I would love that too: In this headcanon, Irene would be sorry and horrified herself, solding Sherlock for not telling John, but also being sad that they were still fighting their feelings for so long.

I think it would be a pretty interesting situation: A complete and utter betrayal. It is the first thing we learn on the character: In series 4, I think these trust issues will play an important role, efficiently preventing Johnlock for a limited time.

I really believe Jim will try to hurt John as much as he can in series 4. Faced with having to sacrifice either his lust for mental stimulation or his love for John, Sherlock realizes that there is no choice.

He cannot bear to sacrifice the latter. He ended up caring for John without being wholly aware of it; if faced with a fully conscious choice between love and lust, which would he choose in that case? Irene, like Moriarty, is intellectually equal to Sherlock and as such can play an intensely stimulating game against him. She shows this right away upon meeting Sherlock: Immediately, she becomes someone intensely attractive to him.

sherlock and irene relationship tips

It is designed for Sherlock to confound lust with love. First, by deducing several facts about Sherlock when she first meets him, she mirrors what Sherlock himself usually does upon encountering someone new.

She indicates to him that, not only are their levels of intelligence alike, but that they also employ it in similar ways.

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She then further emphasizes that point by asking about the case of the dead hiker. It has no relevance to their situation at hand so it seemsso the only reason she is asking, she implies, is because she finds mysteries interesting in-and-of their own. Now, as we saw when Sherlock met John, the quickest way to have Sherlock Holmes like you is to show a genuine appreciation for how his mind works.

Furthermore, as we also saw with John and to a lesser extent, everyone else who is involved in his lifeSherlock will become emotionally attached to anyone who shows the inclination to accept and care for him as he is. He will love anyone who loves him, as long as it is him that they actually love. So when Irene, who is extremely attractive to Sherlock and seems similar enough to him to personally connect to him, states that she is also interested in detectives i. Brainy is the new sexy.

Unlike before, when he would have denied the existence of his feelings altogether, here he acknowledges them and their potential to compromise him.

He neither encourages nor discourages her overtures, but instead sits back to assess the situation. Moreover, by leaving him with her most valuable possession, Irene suggests that Sherlock is the person she trusts the most, emphasizing once again the personal connection between them. She hammers the point home when she lures John to the warehouse and talks to him knowing that Sherlock would follow and overhear.

sherlock and irene relationship tips

Contrary to what Mycroft and John seem to believe, I think that Sherlock is aware of his confounded feelings toward Irene, of both his lust and potential love for her. Therefore, I read his decision to initiate contact with her again at New Years to mean, while not exactly that he has decided to love her, but that he has at least decided to pursue the possibility.

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In fact, as John astutely points out, it almost seems like flirting, and when Irene outsmarts Sherlock againhe just drops the whole thing and helps her anyway. So, it seems, at the end Sherlock chooses love, and he loses because of it. The Coventry Plan is blown, and it seems like Mycroft Holmes is going to lose almost everything thanks to Sherlock being emotionally compromised until, at the last minute with a bit of cold observation, Sherlock manages to save the day.

But, is that actually what happened?

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The above reading of the events assumes that Sherlock decided to help Irene out of his love for her, but actually once again he was spurred by his lust for mental stimulation. He just cannot resist the pull of a puzzle, cannot resist the opportunity to show off his cleverness.

sherlock and irene relationship tips

Ultimately, he still satisfies his lust first, and that is what brings about his failure. Later though, Sherlock fully chooses his love for Irene over his lust for her: And of course, this is also the exact moment when he finally gains the information that he needs to beat her. Moreover, it is information that Sherlock would not have gained any other way, and it is also information that he could have gained much earlier without needing to blow the Coventry Plan. It is by fully choosing love his emotional connection to Irene over lust playing The Game against her that Sherlock is able to win.