Slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

study guide for the film slumdog millionaire

slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

Study 8 Conflict Between Jamal And Salim flashcards from Tommo D. on StudyBlue. slumdog millionaire quotes about poverty. As Beaufoy points out, Slumdog Millionaire is, at its core, a love story; it is the relationship between Jamal and Latika that is the pounding heartbeat of the film, . This is an analysis of the film Slumdog Millionaire. . It is helping Jamal in the escapist world. We also meet Latika, who joins Jamal and Salim on their run out of the slum. behind both of them as they introduce themselves has the blue palate, which is foreshadowing the escapist nature their relationship will soon have.

He cruelly threatens to drop a baby to the ground and tells Latika to keep it crying, so she will earn more money. After Jamal has dragged him back to Mumbai to look for Latika, Salim complains that the brothers have to work as dishwashers. Years later when he meets Jamal on top of the highrises overlooking Mumbai, the city reflected in his stylish sunglasses, Salim seems to have reached his goal. But there is more to Salim than his desire for money and power. He also loves his little brother who he tries to protect at all times.

Later he gives up a promising business at the Taj Mahal to follow Jamal back to Mumbai. And eventually he even sacrifices his life so that Jamal and Latika can be together. Jamal on the other hand does not care for money or power. He is the dreamy and idealistic one of the two. To achieve this goal he is willing to leave the good life at the Taj Mahal and work as a dishwasher.

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When she answers Jamal has won the game regardless of winning the million or not. How would you describe the differences in character between Jamal and Salim? What are their different goals in life? How do these goals influence the decisions they make? Jamal and Salim have very different attitudes towards money.

What does money mean to each of them? Do you believe him? Why does Salim in the end help his brother and Latika? Why does he choose to meet his death in a bathtub full of money? Mumbai or Bombay as it was called until is the most populous city in India and the fourth largest agglomeration in the world after Tokyo, Mexico City and New York. The population of the greater metropolitan area is approximately Many scenes are set outside and filmed on location in the streets of the city, which is unusual as Bollywood Films are mostly studio productions.

Other locations figure the Taj Mahal in the neighbouring province, the district of Juhu and also Dharavi, the largest slum in Mumbai, housing between It shows the ordinary life of slum dwellers with its narrow streets, public toilets, outdoor washing and crowded public schools.

It talks about the dire conditions in which street kids have to survive by begging, stealing or searching garbage dumps. But it also presents us the India of tourists, of international business, of entertainment, of gang violence, and random police power and of the very rich.

In one scene Jamal and Salim meet on the skyscraper building overlooking the new district which is built on the site of their former slum. The scene probably refers to the slum demolition drive by the Maharashtra government. What other groups of people does the film portray? What do you know about them?

Think of all the different jobs the Jamal, Salim and Latika take on to make a living. What possibilities do the three have to overcome their poverty? Which do they choose and why? Think about the scene in which Jamal and Salim try to steal food from rich train passengers. Would you rather join the boys on top of the train or the kid inside? Why do you think Danny Boyle choose this title? The narrative present is set by the intertitle in the very first seconds of the film: Jamal Malik is one question away from winning In the process of this interrogation the young man remembers the events of his life that led him to the quiz show answers.

There are flashbacks to his childhood and youth, but also flashbacks to the quiz show sessions that happened previous to the police investigation. Danny Boyle uses a number of ways to distinguish the different time zones of his narrative and at the same time smoothly link them to a homogenous whole.

One way by which he separates the present from the different pasts is his use of colour and movement. Both interrogation situations are filmed in muted colours, dominated by blue in the case of the quiz show and by khaki and white in the case of the police station. Also both interrogation situations are more or less static and remain the same throughout the movie.

In between he and his brother are escaping gangsters, jumping trains, struggling to make a living, fighting, laughing and forever running from the police. Sound is also used to distinguish different narrative straits: At the same time Boyle uses sound, colour, editing, and movement to closely connect the different scenes to each other.

Thus the sound of the quiz show often carries over into Jamals memories and vice versa. For example in a scene we might see the last images of a childhood flashback while already hearing the quiz show host begin to talk. Danny Boyle also uses careful editing to closely interlace the different narratives of his film.

Instead of the slow fades or zooms that are often used to introduce flashbacks, Boyle prefers hard and fast cuts. Very often he cuts from a close up of Jamals face into a memory which is a very common way to introduce a flashback. First you show a person remembering something then you show what they are remembering.

study guide for the film slumdog millionaire

But Boyle also uses this technique the other way round. Several times he ends a memory with the younger Jamal looking at the camera as if he would look into the future.

The effect is one of immediacy. The past is not something bygone and far removed from the present but something that is deeply relevant and defining the present. As the film constantly jumps back and forth from one to the other there is hardly any distance between past and present. Indeed when Jamal thinks back to the most painful moment in his life, the death of his mother, there is no distance at all.

At times Salim would even sacrifice his own brothers safety in order to get somewhere in life. When it comes to the scene in which Salim rapes Latika, i think that Salim did so in order to hurt Jamal because he was jealous that Jamal cared for Latika possibly more than he did for Salim.

Slumdog Millionaire Review

This shows that Salim also shows emotion and vulnerability. However in terms of total mindset, Jamal and Salim are obviously different. I believe that Salim demonstrates the feisty, ruthless, stop at nothing trait that is often considered masculine. However as Salim ends up taking his own life and Jamal gets the girl and wins the money, this is showing us that the choices Salim made quite clearly were not the right ones. Salim and Jamal both had to mature a lot sooner than most young boys.

Salim possibly more than Jamal, in the scene in which he kicks Jamal out and keeps Latika for himself - we see the dark uncontrollable side of Salim. This can be considered an extremely stereotypical masculine trait as in most stories it is always a male that is the bad guy. Both boys follow the typical damsel in distress storyline however Jamal wants to protect Latika and Salim almost resents her, the only reason he wants to keep her for himself is to use her for his own power.

But you can know for sure that they have a purpose, and that what they are preparing you for will make them all worth it. The key translation I want to make, though, has to do with Jamal and Salim, and the differences between the two brothers.

Salim is the older of the two and more aggressive.

slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

Salim wants the good life. And he is willing to take what he wants. He abandons Latika the love interest of both brothers for his own safety as a child, and later rapes her. He joins gangs and sells his services to the criminals who rule the slums in order to gain riches and security. In short, he takes matters into his own hands to get what he wants.

slumdog millionaire jamal and salim relationship help

He is in direct contrast to his younger brother, Jamal. Jamal is idealistic, and spends the entire movie on a a single-minded quest to find and rescue Latika. Where Salim pursues wealth and position, Jamal never tries to gain wealth — he only tries to find Latika.

Yet in the end, Salim, the brother who shot a man for his own security is himself shot. Salim, the brother who raped Latika, is left by her. Jamal, the brother who loved her, ends up with her.