Stannis and davos relationship tips

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stannis and davos relationship tips

Stannis sheathed Lightbringer, gave Davos his hand, and pulled him to his feet . And if we learned anything from asoiaf is that the relationship. I think he genuinely doesn't like sex, and not just because his wife is ugly. he is said to be holding her elbow with the tips of his fingers, with a In another scene with Davos in ASOS, Stannis immediately shrugs away from. While working for Stannis, Davos formed a special bond with the king's daughter, The death of the girl, burned at the stake on Stannis's order and Melisandre's advice, troubles Davos. "That was an beautiful relationship.

Both of these are flukes. However, when the beautiful Melisandre rather than the ugly Selyse is the one touching Stannis, Stannis is shown to react differently—he is just fine with Mel touching him.

stannis and davos relationship tips

However, moments later, Davos notes the following: There is no sacrifice more precious. The Red Woman was all that Selyse was not; young, full-bodied, and strangely beautiful, with her heart shaped face, coppery hair, and unearthly red eyes. On top of the rather obvious trinity of heterosexuality, homosexuality, and asexuality, they also represent different approaches men take regarding sexual love and lust. Robert is the stereotypical playboy, sleeping with dozens of women and then forgetting about them the next morning.

Renly is the romantic, devoting himself completely to a single lover, sexually and emotionally. Stannis is the stoic, unable to feel romantic love or even basic sexual lust at all. House Baratheon's sigil is a clear symbol of masculinity, and the three Baratheon brothers seem to represent the different forms that masculinity can take.

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Secondly there is the argument that Stannis must be asexual because he acts asexual— i. Rather, I think Stannis acts this way because he is personally insecure and shy around women, a combination that makes talking to females, indicating interest in them, and acknowledging his natural desire for sex to be something near impossible and embarrassing on his part.

stannis and davos relationship tips

How would I go on? Maric would never have his knighthood. How can I live when they are dead? So many brave knights and mighty lords have died, better men than me, and highborn. Crawl inside your cave, Davos. Crawl inside and shrink up small and the ship will go away, and no one will trouble you ever again. Sleep on your stone pillow, and let the gulls peck out your eyes while the crabs feast on your flesh. Hide, and be quiet, and die. However painful it may have been to lose his fingers, and however much he might be too old to be anything other than a nouveau riche, Davos took pride in knowing that his sacrifice meant that his sons were knights born and raised.

Ironically, given the way in which his smuggler past has and will continue to keep him alive, Davos equates his smuggler identity with death and his knightly identity with deserving to live. His hand reached for his throat, fumbling for the small leather pouch he always wore about his neck. Inside he kept the bones of the four fingers his king had shortened for him, on the day he made Davos a knight.

His shortened fingers patted at his chest, groping, finding nothing. The pouch was gone, and the fingerbones with them. But now they were gone. The fire took my luck as well as my sons. In his grief, Davos comes to associate his loss with the fire, and the fire with Melisandre. How did Melisandre get the fingerbones from the bottom of Blackwater Bay? Why does she want them?

Speaking to the Mother And here we get to what is, speaking frankly, the strangest and most confusing part of this chapter, where Davos experiences a full-blown religious epiphany. Even then, the situation is rather ambiguous: In his dreams the river was still aflame and demons danced upon the waters with fiery whips in their hands, while men blackened and burned beneath the lash.

My luck is gone, and my sons. It was her who burned you, the red woman, Melisandre, her! Her work, and yours, onion knight. You are not guiltless, no. You rode beneath her banner and flew it from your mast. You watched the Seven burn at Dragonstone, and did nothing.

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Smith and Stranger, Maid and Warrior, she burnt them all to the glory of her cruel god, and you stood and held your tongue. Even when she killed old Maester Cressen, even then, you did nothing. Who Are You Who, Who? If he fell he was dead, and he had to live. For a little while more, at least. There was something he had to do. There was a name painted on her hull, but Davos had never learned to read.

I was in the battle.

stannis and davos relationship tips

If he spoke the wrong name now, she would abandon him to his fate. But no…The Mother sent her here, the Mother in her mercy. She had a task for him. Stannis lives, he knew then.

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I have a king still. And sons, I have other sons, and a wife loyal and loving. How could he have forgotten? The Mother was merciful indeed. While it may seem implausible that Davos could survive his ordeal at Blackwater Bay, history gives us some amazing examples of mariners who made it through far worse — proof that the very real frailty of the human frame is counter-balanced by an astonishing capacity for survival: Gonzalo apparently integrated well into the native Chamorros people of the Maug Islands which was lucky for him since the two other deserters were killed by the Chamorros and lived with them for four years touring the nearby Marianas Islands.

A rather impressive solo sailor, you must admit. Marguerite de La Rocque may be the most famous female castaway. Either motivated by his strong Calvinist faith or a a desire to usurp her inheritance, Roberval marooned Marguerite on I kid you not the Isle of Demons at the mouth of the St.

stannis and davos relationship tips

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