Stephen curry and klay thompson relationship trust

Klay Thompson is the glue that holds the Golden State Warriors together - NBA Finals

stephen curry and klay thompson relationship trust

Several times in recent years, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry have Last season, Curry and Thompson became the first two players to make at “I think it's one of those relationships where, even though you may not do. What to do about the Klay Thompson's and Draymond Green's contracts? core (Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green) He has had a famously conflict-ridden relationship with Head Coach In fact, recently, Draymond said only three people in the world have earned his trust. Everyone says Love & Basketball don't mix. However, this family so far has proven with trust, loyalty and faith, nothing is impossible. Stephen and Ayesha Curry.

I went in there and the lady was like, 'One of your players is always in here. The whole coaching staff does. He doesn't really care what anybody thinks.

stephen curry and klay thompson relationship trust

But the way it manifests itself is so natural and normal. He just loves to play, he loves his days off, he loves getting outside, loves the beach. And he's so good at it. He's just a machine with his shooting and just his approach.

stephen curry and klay thompson relationship trust

He never, ever gets tired. He guards the opponent's best guard night in and night out, and then he runs around like Reggie Miller and makes shots. Thompson is a deadly catch-and-shoot scorer who doesn't need to dominate the ball to make plays or get himself going -- essential on a team with former league MVPs Curry and Kevin Durantwho do need the ball a lot. And then there's the personality. It just manifests itself differently than almost any other All-Star.

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He's ultracompetitive, yes, but without the chip on his shoulder. This guy is shooting too much, that guy won't pass, or I'm not getting enough looks,'" his agent, Greg Lawrence, says. I couldn't make anything.

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Washington State and Notre Dame were the only colleges that recruited him with any gusto before his breakout senior season. Mychal would tell everyone, 'My kid's going to be good,' but I don't think anyone believed him. Then they'd do personal sessions, scheduled and unscheduled. Day after day, sometimes deep into the night, Gardner would hone Thompson's shooting form into the fundamentally perfect quick release you see today.

There was a drill in which Gardner would drop a hula hoop over Thompson's head at a degree angle as he shot so he would stay straight up and down.

Splash Brothers: A Basketball Relationship Like No Other

Another drill in which Thompson would shoot with a hat on to keep his head steady and trust where the ball was, without looking at it. And, of course, the drill in which Gardner would hold a towel and rubber bands below Thompson's arms, to keep his top half high without bringing the ball down -- ever.

He'll just show up out of the blue at my house, like, 'I wanted to get some shots up. By now, DeMarco is used to the texts asking him to come back to the facility at night so Thompson can get up extra shots. He loves playing basketball, and he loves shooting," DeMarco says.

Splash Brothers: A Basketball Relationship Like No Other - Warriors World

How can a person be so laser-focused on one thing and so unfocused on everything else? Basketball matters deeply to him. The other stuff doesn't. About ," Thompson says casually. Play with [my dog] Rocco in the backyard. Go to the arena. Both players exceeded every expectation set for them and ended the year as NBA Champions as the Splash Brothers brought the title to the Bay.

stephen curry and klay thompson relationship trust

Both players give each other mutual respect and understand how to play with one another. Curry will look to get Thompson the ball more than anyone else on the team and Thompson never hesitates calling Steph the best player in the league.

Instead of envy, Thompson praises his fellow Splash Brother. But we can both get hot at the right times. It definitely helps that they have great passers on the team like Andrew Bogut, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, and Shaun Livingston and another guy who can keep the defense honest with his ability to drive the ball in, Harrison Barnes. Curry is clearly the superior, though.

Thompson picks up the backcourt slack on the defensive end of the ball.

stephen curry and klay thompson relationship trust

He enjoys guarding the Chris Pauls and Russell Westbrooks of the league. The development of the duo continues daily. Both were selected as All-Stars for back-to-back years and made it to the Finals of the Three-Point Contest with Thompson winning it this year. No one was happier for Klay than Curry, which is refreshing to see.

stephen curry and klay thompson relationship trust

In case you missed it, he was also just as happy when Thompson scored 37 in a quarter against the Kings last season. Right now, the team is They are on pace to have the best regular season record of all-time and show no signs of slowing down. Both shoot the ball at an exceptionally high level and have combined to make more three-pointers than some NBA teams as a whole and we are three-fourths into the season. Jump shooters tend last longer in the NBA as well; neither player relies on their athleticism.

They will go down as one of the best backcourts ever.