Stone cold and the rock relationship

Jim Ross Talks About His Relationship With Stone Cold & The Rock

stone cold and the rock relationship

Jim Ross Talks About His Relationship With Stone Cold & The Rock, On People Not Being Happy With Him Debuting In The World Wrestling. Along with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock was responsible for the Johnson and his wife Dany Garcia decided to end their relationship. The rivalry between former WWE superstars "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) remains one of the most beloved in.

One of these wrestlers was the recently hired Rocky Maivia, soon to be known as The Rock.

stone cold and the rock relationship

Not one to forget, The Rock carried this animosity towards Michaels when he first entered the wrestling world, refusing to ever work with HBK. Rocky shed a little light on the situation when talking with WWE. He came in and worked for my family in Hawaii when I was like It was just one of those things. WrestleMania going forward and because of this the fans never got to see a match between the wrestlers. It's during this time Henry and The Rock became good friends, and even though Rocky would break away from the group and go on to have tremendous success as a singles wrestler, the bond between he and Henry remains.

stone cold and the rock relationship

Although they don't see each other as regularly as they would like, Henry has fond memories of their time together and cites The Rock's match with Hulk Hogan as the greatest moment in his wrestling career. Henry says he was so happy to see The Rock get the chance to face one of his idols in the ring, making him extremely proud to count the Samoan as a close friend.

There were rumblings that numerous talents were upset with Rocky coming back and being given the big matches while they slaved away week in week out for no reward. When The Rock headlined WrestleMania 29 against John Cena and put his title on the line he went down swinging, succumbing to Cena after a grueling match. What makes his performance so remarkable is Rocky injured himself early in the bout. He tore his ab and abductor tendons but managed to finish the match and put Cena over as the new champion.

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A few days after the match, Puerto Rican wrestler Carlito spat in the face of The Rock by taking to Twitter and insinuating his injuries were caused by steroids. While I'm not suggesting Rocky was on the roids, and it appears the tweet was tongue in cheek, it still caused a stir amongst the wrestling community, with many other wrestlers responding to the tweet, although The Rock doesn't seem to notice or care, having never addressed the issue. The Canadian has had a long and successful career that's seen him wrestle for major promotions in Canada, America, Mexico, and Japan while managing to keep his image fresh and enjoyable everytime he returns to the WWE.

Although Rocky won the title back a month later Jericho has always praised The Great One for helping him with his career. The two have battled on multiple occasions during their careers and have a deep mutual respect for each other. The Rock has even stated in an interview one of his favorite matches of all time was a house show against Jericho in Hawaii.

stone cold and the rock relationship

High praise from one of the most accomplished wrestlers of all time. Hopefully, the two will have another match someday in the near future as it's certainly something all fans would love to witness before the two officially hang up their boots. Big Daddy Cool is known as an outspoken leader of the locker room who controlled much of the booking during his time in WCW.

Known for his large frame and quick wit, Nash has always thought himself as rather handy on the mic. During his days in WCW, a rumor abounded that for years the man also known as Diesel said he was much better on the mic than The Rock, who's often regarded as one of the best talkers in the wrestling business.

Believing this would give him a great chance to take down Rocky in a war of words, Nash came armed with some zingers. Nash was furious at being humiliated and held a grudge against The Rock for many years, although the two are said to be on good terms these days. The third generation professional wrestler not only has a terrific legacy to live up to but has a multitude of cousins and uncles who are also wrestlers. Haku is another former wrestler The Rock considers family, despite not being blood-related.

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In his prime, Haku was a powerful Tongan wrestler who everybody respected due to his intimidating physicality and good-natured personality. When The Rock got his first big break he didn't have any ring gear and was forced to contact Haku for help.

stone cold and the rock relationship

Now if that doesn't make you a little teary-eyed then you've got no heart. Orton found early success with the group, winning the Intercontinental Championship before getting his first taste of WrestleMania in a handicap match with Flair and Bautista against The Rock and Mankind. Despite Rocky helping prepare Orton for the rigors of a big crowd at WrestleMania, the son of Cowboy Bob Orton didn't mince his words when talking about the rivalry between Rocky and John Cena.

Although Orton has never backed down from his comments he has softened on his stance about The Rock's wrestling ability and the two appear to be on good terms. He's responsible for the creation of the Royal Rumble and has been described as Vince McMahon's right-hand man.

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It was a good time to be a wrestling fan, for certain. When these two were on the mic or in the ring, they demanded attention. How would you look away? Austin certainly was as unpredictable as a rattlesnake when he was in the ring.

The Rock was electrifying when he was on the mic.

Stone Cold & The Rock Interview With Jim Ross

These two were the best of the best. The WWE knew this. They had two of the most popular personalities to ever step into the ring, both at the peak of their game. Stone Cold feuds gave us some of the best matches in the history of the WWE.


What you may not have known, however, is outside of the ring, when the big-stage lights were and cameras were turned off — is that these two superstars are best of friends.

Rocky and Austin worked together for a long time. So, naturally, the two developed a secret handshake like best buddies usually do.

Slap, slap, point, slap.

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The duo would perform this handshake before all of their big matches. It was a way to pump each other up, share a connection and further their friendship. Seeing this at WrestleMania XXX was a big moment for hard-core wrestling fans, who knew the handshake existed, but this time, felt like they were a part of the friendship.

stone cold and the rock relationship

The WWE has writers and choreographers to make sure the show runs as planned and on script. By now, we all know Dwayne Johnson seems like the coolest dude on the planet. So, of course he was cool with losing the belt to Steve. Not only cool with it, but proud. The two friends rehearsed their match at WrestleMania XV with passion and vigor, like two friends would, and the match has gone down as one of the best in WWE history.

It has twists and turns, and two friends pushing each other to get the best performance possible. How wrong they were.