Sundara c and kushboo relationship quiz

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sundara c and kushboo relationship quiz

Kushboo's marriage to actor Prabhu was the frontpage banner of a leading In the interview, she confessed to seeing director C Sundar. Spouse(s), Sundar C (m–present). Children, Avantika, Anandita. Kushboo Sundar is an Indian film actress, producer and television presenter who has acted in dance number "Sare Ladkon Ki Kar Do Shaadi" had become a major hit, and is still popular at "Ladies Sangeet" and marriage functions across North India. Kushboo was married to south indian director, actor Sundar C. Before having an affair with Sundar she had a live in relationship with Prabhu.

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KUSHBOO-PRABU Love Affair: Unplugged –

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Saranya Ponvannan, also known as Sheela Christina Raj, is a popular South Indian film actress who has predominantly appeared in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam language films and a few Kannada language films. The question is will prabhu and nayna will tie the knot officially?

Vijaykumar is an Indian film actor and politician. He also works in television serials. Subscribe to our channel: Having started her career as a writer and director of a short film titled Life ,Kiruthiga rose to fame with her Debut Tamil Film Vanakkam Chennai She was married to Udhayanidhi Stalin and gave birth to a son named Inbanithi and daughter named Tanmaya.

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The Bluest Star Click the below link to subscribe for more videos: She ventured into modelling and appeared in several print and television commercials. Inshe won the Miss Salem beauty pageant, and later the same year, the Miss Madras contest. She had also won the Miss India pageant's Beautiful Smile award. Her great grandfather Gokuldas Morarji was a reputed businessman in the shipping, textile, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

Her mother hailed from the Konkan region of Maharashtra. She belonged to the Kazi freedom fighter family and her original name was Shama Kazi, but she is now known as Seema. According to Nagma's passport, the name given to her at birth was Nandita Arvind Morarji, which has now been updated to Nagma Arvind Morarrjij.

sundara c and kushboo relationship quiz

In her father's obituary printed by the family, she is referred to by her original name, Nandita. Later they revealed their marriage proposal to the media. As of now they were living happily.

Kushboo : I get jealous when other heroines romance Sundar C - Aranmanai 2 Interview by Sreedhar

Both are encouraging each other in their career growth. Only after the marriage with Sundar Kushboo had the boldness to enter in to the political field.

KUSHBOO-PRABU Love Affair: Unplugged

Her strong firmness attitude made her to establish in her career as well as settled in life happily with no furthur issues. Prabhu Before marrying Sundar she had a serious relationship with Prabhu.

It was said she had tied knot with him privately without exposed to any media.

sundara c and kushboo relationship quiz

Since Prabhu was a married man he had lot of opposes in living with her. After few days Kushboo herself gave a statement that she has broken her relationship with Prabhu due to his family pressure.

sundara c and kushboo relationship quiz

Moreover she felt that she has a lot to achieve in film industry and it is too early for her to enter in to committed life. She has done it in a hurry and later recognized and concentrated in her career to the fullest. Her Ideal Man According to her the ideal man is one who let go her activities without being restricted. Her ideal man is none other than Sundar, who was supportive in her career. She wants her ideal man to be with her in all ups and downs of life.

She feels that her man should stand with her even if the whole world was against her. How She Thinks Marriage Kushboo feels that marriage is a good relationship that has to be seriously maintained for everlasting happy life.

She has been in to many controversies before getting married with Sundar. She feels that marriage should not become an hindrance to the freedom of a girl. Every woman should enjoy her life with full freedom even after the marriage. Every girl should enhance her career growth and be supportive to the welfare of the family. Her Ideal Dating Plan Kushboo has no idea about dating in favorable situation.

She has been dating before entering in to committed life. She even had a serious relationship but still she has not revealed anything related to her favorite spot in dating.

She feels dating should be done through continuous chats.

sundara c and kushboo relationship quiz

It is the time to understand one another. We should utilize the time during the dating to know about each other.

sundara c and kushboo relationship quiz

The only thing should be careful about the media. So she feels the private place is best to improve our love through dating.