Takato and rika relationship counseling

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takato and rika relationship counseling

Whilst Takato panics at the concept of losing Guilmon so soon, Rika is irritated by Worried that Guilmon would disapear forever, he seeks advice from the other Impmon is scaring couples at night in the park, but Takato suspects Guilmon of. Fanfiction Title: Takato and Rika go on a Date Fandom: Digimon Tamers Pairing: Takato and to him watching the game while Kazu's best friend Kenta was next to Kazu, offering his advice. He blinked a couple of times. Takato and Rika encounter problems with telling their parents and decide Henry asks his sensei for advice on Jeri's problem and comes away knowing what to do. in the park to return the diary entry, and discover their secret relationship.

Of Makoto, the supporting protagonist of C'mon Digimon Megane: Wears glasses and cute looking. Rarely does much of anything besides interacting with Kazu. Hangs out with Kazu a lot. Ryo Akiyama A mysterious Digimon tamer and former champion of the card game, who has some sort of rivalry with Rika.

To everyone outside of Japan who didn't read about the Japanese version, he seemed to come out of nowhere. The "Digimon King" of the cardgame, though considering his backstory he's more of a Broken Ace. All There in the Manual: His entire backstory, including why he was in the Tamers canon to begin with, was told through a series of four Bandai WonderSwan games.

For the sake of reference, a summary of said games can be found here. None of these games were released in the Westmeaning that's one long manual no-one got to read. In the manhwa adaptation, he only appears briefly in the Digital World and then disappears from the story. He first appeared in the Japan-only Wonder Swan Digimon games. We could make a drinking game out of all the problems you'd have to wrap your head around trying to mesh the events of the Digimon WonderSwan Series with Digimon Adventure and Tamers.

Take his family, for instance, and ask yourself what on earth is it doing in the Tamers universe. The role played by him and Cyberdramon is significantly reduced in the manga, and he's absent for the D-Reaper arc. Both in this series and in his backstory. He can project an energy whip from his Digivice to discipline Cyberdramon.

He is the Tamer that spends most of his time alone, not to mention that he never tries to stick with the group or make it stick together at all, in contrast with Takato.

In series, and in his backstory. Chose to be Cyberdramon's partner, even if it meant going to the Digital World and being separated from his parents since Cyberdramon would attack everyone close to him and he did not see them again for more than a year. After the Tamers returned, he pushed Cyberdramon and himself day after day to fight the D-Reaper's Agents to the point of exhaustion.

It Sucks to Be the Chosen One: He's not happy about being the chosen one. The CD Drama indicates that at the start of the series he didn't remember Digimon were real i. Make My Monster Grow: The "Goliath" card he possesses can turn Cyberdramon gigantic.

His given name is written with a character meaning "Distant". A key part of his backstory. There was a certain extraordinarily powerful, extraordinarily evil Digimon that only he could defeat because said Digimon was his partner. He had to learn the very, very hard way to stand on his own as a tamer, and it shows in his attitude towards the others. He doesn't mind hanging out with them, but he'll leave to do his own thing at the drop of a hat. Some here and there with Rikamostly consisting of him aggravating her.

This didn't take off so well in the west, where nobody knew Ryo. Although the last Tamer introduced, he's the only one on par in terms of power and competency with the core Power Trio. Part of the tease was him trying to invoke this trope.

So what do I get for saving your life not once but twice? Not once in the series does he lose his cool, but his backstory indicates it's nothing more than a cover-up of deeper issues. He's been traveling around the Digital World for months with Cyberdramon, who was too feral to safely keep on Earth any longer. Lucky for them, as her power of cute helps convert one of the Big Bads to their side.

The day she winds up in the Digital World is the same day Beelzemon attacks the Tamers, giving her a front row seat to Leomon's death, Takato's Sanity SlippageMegidramon, and Zhuqiaomon trying to incinerate them all.

She at least recovers, and pretty quickly. Pretty happy by default. In the dub, she speaks like this, calling her brother "Henwy. A girly kid with pigtails. Over Henry's objections, she is this. Spell My Name with an "S": But Takato could feel malice and rage forming inside of them, this man was close to putting a new meaning to "looks can kill". Takato didn't even shiver in his spot, he just stayed there like a deer looking into head lights.

It was as though as if the man looked deep into him and brought out all the fear he could find and threw it on him to make Takato so heavy he couldn't move. If he didn't find any or atleast enough, he created more. However something strange happened. As soon as the man spoke, Takato could see a dark red aura come out of his mouth and grow. It kept growing even when it engulf the house and spread over more houses. The boy watched as the came closer.

Than finally it touched him. Takato felt a sub zero tempature start at his feet as it worked it's way up his body. He couldn't imagen what would happen if it cover his whole body, but he would soon find out. The rest of the aura soon got close to his head, then finally it touched his ears. Takato felt all the fear in him snap, but not in a good way. This man scared him. And whenever should he ever say he has never been scared like this before, Takato knew he would repeat himself. Takato felt the urge to get a away and took a step back.

All of a sudden he went into a falling motion and felt like he was falling off a cliff. He looked down and saw what appeared to be his body, safe in bed. In his mind, Takato new he had to get back inside it. To feel alive and not dead, he would be safe. His breathing was rapid and chaotic, his eye's kept shifting from one spot to another. Looking over, Takato saw Guilmon in the lower bunk of his bed. Thats when he began to notice that he was in his own room.

I think it was water" the boy said rubbing his head. What do you mean" asked Takato. Those guys came after Rika a month ago.

takato and rika relationship counseling

No wonder I got mad". Takato felt embarressed that he had forgiven his enemies so quickly. Last night he didn't feel a shred of mercy and than all of a sudden it snuck back in. He now understood the way his father felt whenever he drank to much. A few minutes later the boy was clean, dressed, and downstairs. He was surprised at first not to see any costumers. Than he saw a note behind counter. I'm taking your mother out today, we'll be back at ten p.

Than he proceeded down the street until he got to the place Guilmon mentioned. Walking in Takato looked around for the yellow digimon. Sounds like" turning to the left, Takato saw a table next to a window. Sitting at the table were some familiar faces.

The two nodded their heads together. Curious, confused, and a still feeling the effects of the hang over, Takato walked to the chair without saying anything and sat. A flash of yellow appeared next to Takato, and he knew before looking that Renamon appeared.

Takato took the time to explain about how he gained a more powerful sense of smell when he was walking through the park.

takato and rika relationship counseling

Than he went on about the fight, though he couldn't remember most of it, and reminded Renamon what happened a month ago with the trio sitting with them. Now ask your question". I mean, I know to answer questions and all, but didn't you 'punish' them a month ago" Takato made sure she heard him when he said punished.

Rika's your partner, I know you had to do something" Takato said trying to get an answer. What are you going to do Takato" said the digimon. The yellow digimon shook her head "I've read this from many of Rukia's 'books', Takato this is the time when Rika needs you most". Takato smirked to himself before replying "You could blame it on the achohol". Than he started to laugh as he remembered the song, D.

They continued to laugh until tears started to form in Takato's eyes from all of the laughing. I think you just gave me an idea how to help your girlfriend" D. Takato turned to the older boy before D. Five minutes later "Actually, that sounds like a good plan" Renamon spoke when the older teen was done "I do believe that this will be the best way for Takato to start healing his relationship with Rika".

Kazu and Kenta were about to answer with a few mouth fulls of words that will not be recorded in this fanfic. But Takato did not let them start.

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I'll tell you later, but for now hear me out" Takato filled them in on what happened the last few days and on D. Lucky, Renamon was able to help. We gotta get ready now! Kenta followed after saying good bye. With them gone, it was only Takato and Renamon. I'll find you later and tell you what to expect". And as he expected, the yellow digimon was gone in a flash.

Takato just sat, only thinking of ways the plan would end. Would it end like the one Kazu and Kenta made to lure Rika to his house, but with an alternate end. Or would it not work at all. An hour later at the park "Oh my god, this is so boring" Naomi said loud enough for the whole class to hear, even though they had broken off into groups. Theres nothing here to do, nothing" the younger girl replied. Both of the younger girls turned towards their teacher with faces like that of a deer caught in the head lights.

Why do you want to know? I never said that". I remember seeing you two on a roof that christmas night And yes I remember that to" Naomi said as she calmed down "I doubt he leave you, or you him, so it has to be complicated". After a breeze blew past the two girls before they spoke again. Without speaking, Rika rose to her feet and followed the blonde over to the tree.

As they got closer they could hear the other girls screaming, cheering, 'woo'ing, and hollering in excitement.

takato and rika relationship counseling

Than they heard music, and someone singing some romance song. Before the girl or Naomi could say anything, Rika was pushing her way to the front. She had a good idea of who it was, and she was not liking the idea. This was not the first time Ryo tried the stunt. Ever since he got back to the real world he's been trying to get her attention along with other girls in the city.

He's even tried during the month when she was with Takato after christmas, but she had been with Takato most of the time so she rarely saw him.

This time, however, was different. He knew that she and Takato were couple unlike the month after christmas, and yet he was deliberately trying barge his way into her love life. By the way, why didn't you tell me you had so many gorgious friend hot head". Rika was starting to feel really uneasy with all the eyes staring at her, she almost wished it was Ryo. The hyper brunette winked his eye at the blonde before saying "Now I'd loved to entertain all of you pretty girls in a second, but first a friend of mine has made a request for Seeing where this was going, Rika mentally said to herself "Oh no".

Before she could do anything, Kazu turned on his radio and did one of the things he did best. One she didn't know that the brunette's voice could get that deep.

Two she didn't know he was that good.