The challenge rachel and aneesa relationship

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the challenge rachel and aneesa relationship

A longtime Challenge rumor found legs when Aneesa revealed this wasn't ashamed of her relationship with Rachel and wasn't actively trying. Rachel Robinson and Aneesa Ferreira from The Challenge: Battle of the now and then but it's more like a friendship/business relationship. year-old MTV's Real World Road Rules Challenge winner for Mystery behind Rachel Robinson and Veronica Portillo relationship: Affair, marriage, Rachel Robinson's ex Aneesa Ferreira revealed Rachel's love affair.

Well, everyone has been looking better as the seasons go on, probably because they now expect to have to wear these outfits, but in the beginning, nobody knew that the Spandex was coming. So for this challenge, when you found out it was going to be a battle of the exes and your ex would actually be your partner, what was your first thought?

On these challenges, which is getting weird, people start making phone calls to see who else is going because they start getting nervous. So I knew Rachel was going before we got there, which was actually my comfort and we kind of made a plan: If you go, I go. I know it was around but how did it all happen?

the challenge rachel and aneesa relationship

It was after I had done my show and it had already aired and her show was still airing. We met on Battle of the Sexes 1, which I guess was maybe in Mind you, I had just turned 21 and she had too. I had wandering eyes back then and she was a really great girlfriend. She is very giving and she was a sweetheart.

Aneesa and Rachel on being the only female and gay pairing on MTV’s “Challenge: Battle of the Exes”

We shared everything; I loved her mother and she loved mine. So, things went sour and I moved out after a couple of months and that was it.

the challenge rachel and aneesa relationship

Jealous, maybe, in some ways — I mean, Veronica is a good-looking girl — so jealous in some ways. And it was very interesting. I love her girlfriend. And it was kind of a respect thing. No, I am, number one, one of her best friends and number two, I was intimate with her and number three, she went ahead and had sex with someone else. So I felt disrespected. And it was a hard pill to swallow seeing that and watching her sit back and let other people bash me.

But I forgave her. So now, our relationship is really great. So how do you go about navigating something like that? Is there a point when you have to say to each other, look, whatever is on TV is on TV and everything else is completely separate?

Long pause and then laughter Pun intended. Like, how do you hide that? These people are filming everything. Do you think part of their reasoning for casting the show in this way — besides making things incredibly uncomfortable — was to try to get certain couples back together?

The crazy thing about this challenge was that a lot of people — a lot lot — were in relationships. I thought it was pretty cool! We talked every day before the show. I was excited by the fact that Aneesa and I could really kind of hold our own and see how far we can really get in this game, obviously being very different.

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Aneesa is a great friend! We didn't know exactly what the theme was going to be, but I knew she was going to be my friend in it. She was the only real friend I had going into it.

With Aneesa, it was a real friendship. We're a part of each other's lives outside of this. Did you feel at a disadvantage, being the only all female couple in the competition or did that just motivate you further?

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I think it's a motivational thing. I think that we felt like we had something to prove and my biggest thing was like, you don't need a man to get it done.

We're similar in height and there's not that much of a weight difference, dammit!

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Listen, the truth is, I feel like Aneesa and I have been out lesbians on the show for years. This was a huge deal to walk into a Challenge and for us to be the token outsiders, and two girls on top of it. The women on the show I think it's extra hard to be a woman because the guys rally together and before you know it, it's a controlled game.

We stood our ground.