Usher and diddy relationship

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usher and diddy relationship

Sean 'Diddy' Combs shared in his moving eulogy for Kim Porter that she in an elaborate funeral held in her Georgia hometown attended by Usher, with Porter despite ending their romantic relationship years ago when he. In newly released footage, Diddy told an awkward story about sharing a bed with Usher. All the things that Usher is being accused of doing to Bieber, Diddy was .. of the things he went into a lot of detail about was Usher's relationship with Bieber.

usher and diddy relationship

When Justin Beiber arrived on the scene and became massively popular almost instantly, it was with the promotional help of Usher and Scooter Braun. There was many confirmed rumors that Justin Timberlake had almost signed Bieber as well, but he decided to go with Usher because he probably received a better offer or compensation package. In November ofa video appeared on youtube with Justin Bieber and P.

usher and diddy relationship

Diddy standing around a white Lamborghini. In the video, Diddy told Justin that he was going to give him that car when he turned Bieber, and most youtube viewers, assumed that he was joking and was not actually serious about giving his car away. But why was Diddy hanging out with Justin Bieber in the first place?

usher and diddy relationship

He is a CEO and Executive producer still, so maybe he had ulterior motives. Maybe, just maybe, he was trying to butter Bieber up to entice him to sign with Diddy once his contract with Usher ends. On the 1st of March, Bieber celebrated his birthday and finally turned To his surprise, Usher reportedly purchased him a brand new Range Rover.

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This situation must have been awkward for all parties involved, especially Usher. Who knows, maybe this was the start or the middle of an ongoing behind-the-scenes feud between Usher and Diddy. What about a bunch of rappers hanging around a 13 year old little boy buying him loads of expensive shit, them comments from that rapper that called 14 year old Justin "soft and beautiful like a woman" you think that's normal?

usher and diddy relationship

I wouldnt be surprised if it come out years from now but it seems highly likely he was abused. One BI says he got Selena to have sex with some guy from the church just for the power of getting her to do it. There were rumors that he would tell his fans who met him they had to have sex or give a blow job to his crew before he would hang with them. Then after the female fans would do it to spend time with him he would laugh at them, sexually humilate them, and walk off leaving them behind.

You have to realize these were young teens and tweens, not all adult women.

Usher’s Sexuality: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Even the Star and Enquirer referenced it and that was why Selenas friends and mom wanted her to stay away from him. That's when it became clear to me the fine young Christian teen had been abused and was dealing with it by abusing these young girls. I would think he is pretty fucked up emotionally at this point. Justin has a solid, sweet ass and you one that hole can take it. Pastor should fuck him raw and creampie him. I hope Usher is still getting that ass, too.

It may be something that he was conditioned to do as a regular thing by Usher.

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Hardly anything is normal in the entertainment industry when huge sums of money are involved. You can create a nasty narrative for completely innocent situations easily. You're just pretending that it's easy to get abused in the industry. Sure it happens but some vultures here have been hell-bent on trying to pretend that practically every child performer ever have been and are being abused.