Wife and husband relationship in ramadan

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wife and husband relationship in ramadan

Married spouses usually raise significant questions about intimate relations in the month of Ramadan. It is important for a husband and wife to. Ramadan: A wife's perspective (and a husband's) Allah has created in our relationship and those of many of our equally fortunate friends. to the husband-wife relationship. For example, it will reply questions about intimate relations during Ramadan, cooking for a non-fasting husband, paying zakat.

This is probably more true for Muslim boys than girls.

Husband-Wife Relationship in Ramadan Q&A (Part 1)

However, the commencement of actual married life quickly throws the practicalities of reality in their face. The clingy nephews and nieces who refuse to leave their bedroom till late at night.

wife and husband relationship in ramadan

The common washroom in the family house that is occupied every hour, or has a waiting line outside. The job that needs signing in at 9 a. The in-laws who keep calling on the phone, or persistently knocking in person on the bedroom door.

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And who can ignore the long-distance Skype calls from relatives who missed the wedding! Relaxed foreplay and spontaneous, unhurried sexual intimacy? They are a garment for you and you are a garment for them. Allah knows that you were deceiving yourself in this respect and He has turned in mercy towards you and pardoned you. Therefore you may now have intercourse with them and seek what Allah has ordained for you.

wife and husband relationship in ramadan

In short, we are allowed to enjoy intimate sexual relations after breaking the fast throughout the night until the time of abstention from food, drink, and gratifications i. Allah Almighty knows best. Excerpted, with slight modifications, from: I read in a book written on Ramadan that if a man has forced his wife to make love to him during the day of Ramadan, she is not sinful and her fasting remains valid and that the husband incurs the whole sin. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Islam does not give a man the right to make his wife break her fast before its due time during Ramadan.

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So, if the husband exceeds his limits and wants to have sexual intercourse with his wife during the day of Ramadan, she should not obey him; if he forces her to do so, she is not sinful, and thus is not required to expiate for such a deed. And here I am, standing on the stairs at the crack of dawn shouting over this blaring ringing, all the while rubbing sleep out of my eyes and fretting over whether or not his French toast remains warm and crisp.

It strikes me that, at this moment, I resemble my mother. A few years ago, it was she who would impatiently call up the stairs as I lay in bed, willfully ignoring my alarm, and she who would be overly concerned about the temperature of my omelet.

I miss her and I miss her omelets. When my husband finally makes his way down the stairs, my frustration abates and he and I sit across from each other and share our early morning meal.

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Once we lay down to sleep, I guiltily recall the tinge of envy I had felt as I had crawled out of bed while my husband lay fast asleep; it is now he who, in another hour and a half, will abandon sleep and trudge downstairs to change and drive to the office to push through a long work day.

As I burrow deeper under the cozy covers, I reflect on the balance Allah has created in our relationship and those of many of our equally fortunate friends.

wife and husband relationship in ramadan

Many of the Muslim wives I know find the limits of their patience tested through caring for their capricious little ones while feeling the fatigue a fast brings on. They ignore the rumbles of their complaining stomachs while grocery shopping and set the pre-dawn alarm to prepare daily sehris. Their male counterparts, on the other hand, endure long, tiresome work days without the welcome lunch break, and make the daily drive to the local mosque to perform the special evening prayers of Ramadan.

In this month, more than any other, we push though these difficulties in the hopes of cleansing our corroded hearts; we find relief in sharing our trials, small and large, with our spouses.

As I drift off to sleep, I say a silent prayer of thanks to Allah for the food and the companions with which we begin and end our fasts. It is about the time I start counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until I will be on my way home.