Yona and hak relationship tips

A Little Sariedust — Hak x Yona Relationship Development

yona and hak relationship tips

As displayed in many flashbacks, Yona was very close to Hak and Soo-Won. . After she awakens, Tae-Yeon feeds her and asks her about her relationship to his border with the Fire Tribe lives a priest from whom she can seek advice. Well, obviously I'm a huge Hak x Yona shipper so the kiss was . I really love his serious side when he actually gives honest and good advice. So, some time ago I got annoyed reading some comments (typically not on tumblr , thank heavens) about Hak and Yona's relationship in AnY.

But the trait that really makes me wonder if he was meant to be a deconstruction is his dynamic with Yona, and the way he tried to make romantic advances. The manga provides a reason why Hak tends to take a physical route to making romantic advances.

Even when he had his break-down with Suwon, he went straight to kill-mode. The physical advances; the attempts to kiss, the kabedon… none of it did a thing for Yona. She was only ever confused by it, dismissing it all as teasing when it was meant to be genuine. When asked to stop, however, he does. Sure, Yona may not have realized the meaning behind his advances, but she expressed discomfort with it in that moment, and so Hak does actually stop.

As in, Yona is actually, on an attraction level, aware of Hak. Fast-forward to chapterin which Yona comes to realize just how strong her feelings for Hak have grown. What triggers the realization?

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After she gifted him the lapis necklace and wishes him protection, despite how hard it is for him, Hak actually opens up and verbally acknowledges his affection toward Yona.

He thanks her, earnestly telling her that his greatest happiness is her happiness. And with it, Yona too realizes she loves him.

After the princess's risky mission, Hak tends to Yona's injuries by pouring honey on her hands, which had splinters in them from collecting the medicinal Senjuso plant, and zones out, thinking of what Jae-Ha had said, spilling the honey all over them. Taking one, he starts licking off the excess. Embarrassed and confused, Yona runs away and Hak is left questioning himself. Touched, Hak embraces her tightly and confesses his feelings for her.

Unfortunately, because his voice was muffled, Yona didn't comprehend what he said, only catching the tail-end of it. When she asks Hak to repeat his sentence, he lets go of her, embarrassed for almost spilling his secret. The next morning, Yona wakes up recalling that in her dream Hak had told her something important.

In chapterthey're about to split up to find aid to delay the impending war.

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Seeing Hak's anxious expression, Yona reaches up and pulls Hak into a kiss, leaving shortly thereafter. Hak, having dealt with an unrequited love for years, is unequipped to deal with this new development, and is teased by Ogi-san. He is in turmoil, wondering if the princess had real feelings behind it, but ultimately deciding to push the thoughts aside until after the Xing conflict is resolved. In chapterit's revealed to Yona through eavesdropping that Hak has a fiance Ayame in the Wind Tribe that had been arranged by Mundok during his childhood.

This prompts her to decide to tell him he is free to go back to them if he wanted to. Having taken this as an expression that he's no longer needed, Hak becomes visibly upset and distant from Yona, though he does decide to stay regardless. After swift intervention from the others, Yona quickly realizes her mistake and asks him to stay. Annoyed that she'd think he would leave, he tells her he is following her because he wants to and states that his home is among the Happy Hungry Bunch now.

Touched by his words, Yona asks him what he plans to do about his fiancee if he's staying. His frustration snaps and he angrily confesses that he loves her, leaving Yona blushing and stunned, but seemingly finally aware of his feelings.

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Edit In the past, Soo-Won and Hak were childhood friends and their bond seemed unbreakable. Due to this, Hak trained vigorously so that he could become someone worthy of being a goal for Soo-Won, who aspired to be as strong as Hak, one day wanting them to walk on equal ground. The two were also mentioned to have raised a falcon named Gulfan together [18]. However, their friendship ended the night Soo-Won murdered the King. Deep inside, he seethes with bloodlust and wants Soo-Won to pay for what he did to Yona and King Il, believing it to be his job to one day kill him.

yona and hak relationship tips

When Hak saves the princess from a nest of snakes after she'd gone to look for the hairpin, he gives it to her having found it earlierstating that he would never forgive Soo-Won.

Because it was given to Yona the night the King was killed, Hak dislikes the hairpin, personally wanting nothing more but to smash it. He believes Yona to still be in love with Soo-Won because she clings to the hairpin. In Awa when he finds Yona crying on the ground after having had an encounter with Soo-Won, he reprimands himself thinking he had become too complacent for not focusing on what he believed to be the real danger and letting his guard down.

yona and hak relationship tips

Thinking of this, he glares off into the distance, causing Jae-Ha to comment on his "sorrowful bloodlust.

As Jae-Ha and Kija hold him back, Soo-Won and his entourage make their hasty departure, Hak struggling against the two in his desperate need for revenge.

yona and hak relationship tips

He regains his senses when Yona touches his hand and tells him she's okay, freezing Hak in place when he realizes the extent of his actions. Although Hak despises Soo-Won, it's shown that this stems from how much he cared for his former friend and how he could not fathom that on the day he plotted to kill King Il he gave Yona that hairpin.

He stated that on that night, when he saw Soo-Won ready to silence the princess, he was struck with so much grief that he "felt his heart shatter to pieces. However, when the emperor stopped Tae-Jun from initiating a fight by grabbing the blade of his sword, Hak started to respect him and vowed immense loyalty to him and his family. Because Emperor Il was his master, he is guilt-stricken for being unable to save him from Soo-Won, even saying that he will regret it for the rest of his life.

Despite the fact that Yoon is lacking in physical strength, Hak sees him as a very strong person and is able to trust him with looking out for Yona.