Yuuko and watanuki relationship

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yuuko and watanuki relationship

At the beginning, Watanuki has a mentor-student relationship with Yuuko and he only respects her because she is older, wiser and obviously. Zarashi Warashi x Watanuki would be sweet, but Yuuko x Watanuki too XD It seems like a one-sided crush much like Himawari and Watanuki's relationship. Upon her death, Yuuko finally explains her connections with Clow Reed. As Yuuko lay dying, Clow Reed had the briefest thought that he.

And while apart, I'm wishing for that person to be happy. I won't lie to you Watanuki, because you are very important to me. She teaches Watanuki valuable lessons about the world and gives wise advice. She says that Watanuki now "wants to be here," and because of her help, Fei Wang Reed wasn't able to find Watanuki. They share similar interests in food they love snacks and sake and can usually be found together. They were both very excited to do the Ghost Stories and the Winter Games along with other things.

She is Yuko's fortune teller which means that Yuko trusts her with her future and whatever other aspect of her life that she might see in her fortune telling. In Oba-chan's home, one can see that on one of her bookshelves is a letter from Yuko, held up on a stand. You cannot read what the letter says but it shows that Yuko sometimes writes letters to Oba-chan and that Oba-chan likes Yuko so much as a friend that she keeps her letters as a reminder of her in her home.

Oba-chan is also the only person in the entire manga that calls Yuko "Yuko-chan. Also, when Kohane comes into Yuko's care after she is taken away from her mother, Yuko entrusts her to Oba-chan, knowing that she will take good care of her.

Haruka Domeki Yuko and Haruka are good friends although we only see them meet once during the series. Before Yuko dies, she meets Haruka in a dream. When Yuko sees him, she says "This is the first time we have met this way" she is referring to meeting in dreams. This shows that the two have met each other in the past and the two continue to talk as friends. Later on, after Yuko's death, in a dream, Haruka tells Watanuki that when Yuko and he talked, Yuko asked him to take care of Watanuki.

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This shows that Yuko trusted Haruka with Watanuki's care even if it only was in dreams. Kitsune She gave Kitsune and his son a birdcage. When Watanuki first finds the oden shop and brings some oden home to Yuko, she recognized the food immediately and asked if it was Kitsune's oden. This shows that Yuko had met and ate at Kitsune's oden shop a few times. Also, in the anime Kitsune invites Yuko and Watanuki to a small feast at his oden stand. Yuko and Watanuki go, inviting Himawari and Shizuka also.

During the feast, Watanuki and his friends stray from the oden shop a bit to look at the stars and talk while Yuko stays and converses with Kitsune.

Sprite Cat Akari Akarai once jumped out of a picture when Watanuki was cleaning and when Yuko sees her, she talks to her like good friends. Akari even said that she traveled a lot but in her opinion, Yuko was the best hostess. The two are good friends and they have sake together. Yuko then tells Akari that it is a shame that they only get to see each other once every year, and Akari agrees.

Every year, Akari gives Yuko a type of seed where "the best sake" in Yuko's opinion is collected. This is also an invitation to the Monster Procession. He was then sent to Clow Country and met Princess Tsubasa. He then realized that the princess was marked by a seal of death and made a vow to protect or remove the princess' seal of death. He made a wish to return to Clow Country to fulfill his promise, with a payment of him unable to meet his parents ever again. You can't get more or give more.

You can't get less or give less. It must be in balance, or else there will be chaos. A need to be conscious of it, and if a person does not want to get rid of it, then it cannot be rid of. No matter how close your blood relationship is…no matter what your relationship may be…anyone other than you is not you!

And so you have to think it over and decide for yourself! It may cause hardships to others…but you want it.

No one could succeed that way! With that as your background, how do you expect to make a promise to yourself? But the opposite way…there are risks there, too, of course. Other than being related by blood, is there any other relation?

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Aside from yourself, everyone else will always be other people. It doesn't matter whether it's living or not. Once you have given something a name, you have embodied it with that same amount of power. Himawari does not seem to have any deeper feelings for him and they remain good friends throughout the anime. However, it is soon discovered that she was cursed at birth with bad luck, which means that she brings bad luck to everyone she spends time with or touches.

They agree to stay only friends, and she chooses to stay away as often as possible, only visiting the shop on rare occasions. In order to make her feel better, Watanuki gives her Tanpopo, a small yellow bird that is immune to her bad luck curse. The bird was born from an egg received from Yuuko, who wanted to help Watanuki with his relationship with Himawari.

It is also hinted that in the end, Himawari actually falls in love with him, but marries some unknown businessman instead. They remain good friends and she visits the shop once a year. Kimihiro Watanuki and Yuuko Ichihara At the beginning, Watanuki has a mentor-student relationship with Yuuko and he only respects her because she is older, wiser and obviously more powerful than him.

Because Yuuko seemed very childish and immature, he did not genuinely care about her and thought of her only as someone who was selfish and got him into trouble. However, as the story progresses, Watanuki matures and as he slowly reaches adulthood, his relationship with Yuuko becomes more serious. He starts seeing through her mask of immaturity and cheerfulness and realizes that she is more than a powerful and bored witch who owns a shop for granting wishes.

He slowly starts confiding in her and talking to her about serious topics. By the end of the anime, Yuuko and Watanuki become true friends, deeply caring for each other, even though Yuuko's role was more of a caretaker and guardian than romantic partner. He begins to question his own humanity and starts to understand more about the world and his own existence.

When Yuko disappears and he takes over the shop, his personality takes a drastic change as he adopts a number of Yuko's mannerisms. He still despises Doumeki and thinks that Mokona is annoying, but is shown to be considerably calmer; more reserved and a lot more mature, clearly shown by his acceptance of Himawari's marriage and wishing his condolences and his understanding of his customers' wishes.

Storyline xxxHolic Watanuki lives alone because his parents died when he was young,but harder than these conditions is the fact that his everyday life is plagued with strange spirits that only he can see. Apparently this was inherited- it is noted that his blood smells good to spirits. One average day, Watanuki is chased by a legion of spirits, when he falls and holds onto something which just happens to be a fence, surprisingly the spirits are repelled away from it,When rising to his feet, he sees a very strange house.

Two girls then appear from the main door and welcome him in. He insists that he entered by accident, but a voice replies that it was inevitable that he arrived to this place- it is fate. The voice belongs to Yuko Ichihara, who informs him that the store grants wishes in exchange for some sort of price.

This is the beginning of Watanuki's part time job, in which there is many meets that coincide, but as Yuko says there's no coincidence, only hitsuzen fate;the inevitable. As time goes by, Watanuki meets many different people who help him to develop and change his opinions on the world, and also to understand the world from Yuko's perspective, which also helps him to mature.

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Watanuki, learns the power of divination, not noticing that this is the beginning of a transformation in himself.

For Watanuki, this causes difficulties when others decide to help him despite risking themselves. Watanuki cannot accept someone sacrificing themselves or something of importance just for him. In one case he's exposed to great danger when spending time with the spirit of a woman, who lost her child when she was young. He at first doesn't relise she's dead, but has a strong connection to her as the woman has experienced the same loneliness he feels daily. He continues to see her despite falling ill he even coughs blood.

And is shown to be heartbroken when Doumeki, attempting to save Watanuki, helps her to pass her on.

yuuko and watanuki relationship

Watanuki began to notice that strange things were beggining to happen around him, causing Yuuko to get suspicious particuarly of Himawari who she noted had a strange aura around her. One day, when Watanuki was walking through the corridor at school with Himawari, he tragically fell out of a window which he was leaning on and was fatally injured. Himawari and Doumeki took him to Yuuko's shop, and made a bargain that they would receive Watanuki's wounds from the accident.

In the seventh volume a curse that should have fallen onto Watanuki because of him destroying a spider nest at Doumeki's shrine, is instead transferred to Doumeki. To release Watanuki of the nest, Doumeki destroyed the nest, transferring the curse of the spider, originally intended for Watanuki, to invite itself into his open eye.

For this curse to be transferred, Watanuki is forced to suffer the guilt of seeing Doumeki's lost eye, so to save Doumeki from the pain, he wishes for it to be transferred to his left eye. By Watanuki losing his left eye, much to Doumeki's anger, he now shares half of his right's eye vision with Doumeki's.

His eyes are now heterochromatic with one blue eye right and one golden eye in the manga or in the anime, one green eye his left. Perhaps because they are both sharing the same eye, there is a great visible change in how DoumekI treats Watanuki as a person. Later on, after losing his eye, Watanuki finds out that the Zashiki Warashi has been captured by the "Spider Queen" in an attempt to retrieve his right eye.

When he is captured and faces the Spider Queen, he offers the left eye and his body in exchange of releasing her. She rejects this offer, she wouldn't take something so easily; says to him that he's "throwing himself away as if nothing" something that Zashiki Warashi and the Kudakitsune are trying to retrieve badly.

This teaches him a valuable lesson of self- value. Not long after this, Watanuki starts to almost regularly fall into dream like state regardless any time of the day or the circumstances and starts to meet up with Haruka, Doumeki's grandfather, who appears to Watanuki as the same age as Doumeki and is identical to Doumeki. When Watanuki first met Haruka, Watanuki couldn't tell the difference between the two and easily mistook Haruka for Doumeki, yet as time goes on, Watanuki learns how to distinguish him from Doumeki.

Watanuki starts to regularly fall into dream like states, and In chapter of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Watanuki is revealed to be in a dream world with Sakura's soul. Not only is his memory of his past erased, but so is his memory of the exchange. In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicleit is stated that Watanuki should not exist, and that he would 'replace' Syaoran hinting that Watanuki is, in the altered timeline, the son of Syaoran and Sakura Li.

Fei Wong says that his existence will bring misery to his parents. As Fei Wong takes Syaoran, he yells "Don't disappear" to Watanuki just as his eyes open for the first time. He realizes he knows them, but not who they are, saying that they're hurt.

Watanuki rushes back to the shop, only to step into a black void. Now her time has began to move forward once again; she is dying. The context of their relationship, to this point, is still ambiguous. We learn from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles that it was a price to pay for Clone Sakura's reincarnation. Watanuki makes a promise to himself and to her- that he will continue living and that if he wishes hard enough, he would want to meet her again.

Watanuki awakens in the shop, with Doumeki by his side. Outside, Doumeki and Mokona chat, revealing a few things. Mokona finally reveals that because of their shared vision, the decision when to use the egg depends on Doumeki. He chooses to succeed Yuko, however to complete his task he needs to regain his power to see spirits which Yuko had taken away.

To regain this power, as a price, he can't leave the shop at all. Watanuki continues to grant wishes in the shop, although often taking too little or too much as prices.

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He gets along better with Doumeki as now he acts like someone completely different and quite mature, he doesn't hide his emotions and stops making movements and weird expressions. He tries not to get hurt when granting wishes, since everyone wants him to continue existing without hurting his heart or body. It seems that the transformation has completed and his personality suffers a great change. His magic is finally released, according to the Spider Queen he might no longer be human.

Four years after, he meets Syaoran again although it seems like 2 years to Syaoran. His coming inspired him to make a new signature, with a bird, taking this as a price he sends him and the group back to Clow Country so he can see Sakura again.

Then the Izuna's master speak directly to him asking for help and the price will be given through her lips. Once the task is met, Doumeki gives him the tape rewinding it again and again to hear: Doumeki's grandson, who looks exactly like his grandfather Shizuka and Haruka, is now keeping Watanuki company. Watanuki is now a powerful mage in his own right but finds a dream that takes all of his power to unlock.

Doumeki's grandson has still not decided to use the egg on Watanuki. At this point, Rei's stand in the manga's general timeline is still unknown. But from what it's been seen Watanuki is still as in xxxHolic Yuko's assistant, which is the major twist as Yuko had died at xxxHolic's finale. He's also still going to the institute, being friends with both Doumeki and Himawari. Although Maru and Moro make their appearance, Black Mokona hasn't been seen yet. Kohane has not appeared either.

It's a recurring theme in the manga that Watanuki needs to make a choice, but later on it's hinted that he already has chosen. Also, each time Watanuki seems to remember something important regarding this choice, he passes out. The first customers that come to the shop in Rei, are two women each of them carrying a doll that represent their other "friend".

Although they do not come for their wishes, rather they come for necessity which is another recurring theme in Rei.

One of them "stole" the other's boyfriend and for this, she feels that she must suffer, using the doll to hurt her. Each time they come a greater damage is shown to these dolls, which shows that they are hurting each other, possibly resulting in each other's death.

He and Doumeki are later on, sent to investigate an event in a room in Watanuki's apartment building which now it's revealed to be the same as Kobato's. They wait, watching a show recommended by Himawari but once it ends, Watanuki hears a voice. Watanuki hears the voice frequently since then and each time he answers the voice. Walking outside of school, he meets with the voice again only that this time it has a wish.

A wish for him to "come back", but he doesn't understand the meaning of it. The spirit chases him down to Yuko's shop where she destroys it. During the summer, Yosuzume goes to the shop with a wish. To grant it, Watanuki and Doumeki are sent into the forest to protect Yamainu a spirit that protects the mountains. They give him a lunch box as an offering.

After finishing their task, Watanuki and Doumeki return to the shop and talk to Yuko, as she explains that the past cannot be returned to, as well as explaining them that they are married. Yuko gives them the choice between two items that they had given her: Yosuzume's will guide them to a place they want to go once, but Yamainu's will guide them to a place they want to return to once.

As she waits for their decision, Watanuki seems unable to choose. Watanuki and Doumeki come across and old lady wanting to get rid of three hundred yen coins, as she comes into the temple and tosses them into the offering box.

Watanuki finds out that these were used as a lucky charm, but nevertheless warns Himawari from doing so. They meet the old lady again, who explained them her situation as being too uneasy about it when an injured man forced her to exchange them. Watanuki then realizes that it isn't a lucky spell but a curse, and that the curse cannot be broken once someone has involved in it.

yuuko and watanuki relationship

Then Doumeki asks him how he can know so much, and seemingly losing consciousness he says that he saw too many things with Yuko. He then asks what did he do after those things "happened", and he replies that "he chose". Afterwards his cellphone rings, he answers but the caller hangs up. Once he's with Yuko, she explains the curse to him and Watanuki realizes that he said the same thing that she said, to Doumeki.