Zodiac sign leo and pisces relationship

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zodiac sign leo and pisces relationship

Are your signs compatible? Read your Leo and Pisces love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. I am learning so much by studying the zodiac. I'm going through all 72 love combinations of the zodiac. As I have mentioned in other hubs, you. Do Pisces and Leo match in love, communication, and sex? Find out more. On that note, Leo is one of the most misunderstood signs in astrology. It often gets.

Pisces is also a deep thinker however, it tends to dream about possibilities.

zodiac sign leo and pisces relationship

At times, the fish bifurcates between a world of fantasy and reality. In this way, both Pisces and Leo paradoxically match. It is there intellectual differences that challenge one another. Both are smart — just in different ways. Below is a poll for you to share your thoughts on this pairing. If you do not see, visit this hyperlink.

Communications Initially, there can be a struggle with communication with this pairing. This makes perfect sense when one considers their elemental representations. Remember, one is a water sign empathic and the other a fire sign verbal.

Figuring out styles of communication takes time. Because Leo can be direct, it can sometimes speak truths about Pisces in blunt, hurtful ways. When verbalized, this can deeply wound Leo. Leo must learn to govern its passions and filter comments directed toward fish.

By nature, Pisces is a passive sign and avoids confrontation. Leo, however, likes a good fight. The key thing to remember is the process takes time. Jupiter, Neptune, and the Sun 7.

A Leo and Pisces Love Match

In truth, they do — many. Leo enjoys entertainment-focused activities, like television, movies, and theater. Pisces also likes these things, provided they stimulate the imagination.

Leo is competitive in nature and gravitates towards sporting activities. But that is okay because the fish gets excited when the lion becomes passionate. In this way, there truly exists symbiosis.

zodiac sign leo and pisces relationship

Pisces is a natural born animal lover. In fact, creatures gravitate towards this sign in an uncanny way. Ancient lore suggests that animals can speak to Pisces — literally.

Leo also loves animals but does not have the same wiring as the fish. This is only being mentioned should the duo decide to adopt a dog or cat. The pet will always be closer to Pisces. Additional areas of interest include the outdoors. Both enjoy things like camping with Leo gravitating towards the mountains and Pisces the sea. Leo at times struggles with trying new things.

zodiac sign leo and pisces relationship

Leo does well to train itself with humility rather than get rammed over by entitlement. Leo needs to be gentle with Pisces, and Leo has this capability, remember Pisces can get overwhelmed by too much conflict or too much anger.

Leo Man and Pisces Woman

A peaceful Leo will help tender the relationship better than an aggressive Leo. Wisdom for Pisces Pisces needs to step up and make sure that they speak about where they feel. Pisces can use its intuition to guide the relationship and Leo can use its strong leadership and will to make things happen.

Pisces needs to wean itself off of self-martyrdom. Pisces needs to make a pact with itself to avoid toxic relationships and also to stand up for itself.

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Pisces should not get wrapped up in narcissism, so if you fall for a Leo make sure you check they have matured to allow humility in their lives.

Pisces needs someone who is full of grace and mercy. Be careful not to project what you want onto a partner and get a different picture of what is really there. I think the core beliefs these two have in wanting, desiring, and fostering love will keep them together. Again, they both love affection, they love sharing their hearts, and they love relationships. Leo needs to help setup boundaries, and not just burn through them. Pisces as a water sign doesn't naturally like boundaries -- it wants to flow and and express as much as possible.

It likes to feel and find the telepathic connection. Leo can keep charging forth because it is so excited about life and it can get to a point that it can't hear others.

Your Pisces needs your ears, and it needs your help setting up boundaries. Yin and Yang Leo and Pisces need to communicate openly about their expectations on love. This may help them to really see where they are needing to go and why. You both are coming from different places on love, but learning about each other should be fascinating.

Remember that this relationship is a very yin and yang relationship. Leo is more yang and Pisces is more yin. Pisces likes to provide affection and Leo has a lot of hope to have love poured all over them. Leo is more practical than Pisces. Pisces is full of imagination, dreams, the spirit. Leo is aware of the social world; this is why they project and peacock and take charge so much.

They are ready to live and go. Both of them are romantic seekers. Leo would love to provide Pisces with a wonderful romance, and Pisces requires romance. Remember, Love is Not All You can idealize each other, so make sure you take care of things that don't naturally come to the forefronts of your minds. Love and expressing love are not the only parts of a relationship you need to maintain. All play and no work will leave you in poverty. Their roles and characters seem to be too different for them to find a way to coexist in a satisfying sexual relationship.

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In a practical sense, this means that Leo will burst the bubble of Pisces and endanger their sensitivity, idealism and go against their beliefs. This will ruin the romance between them and make it impossible for them to find any magic while they are together. Because of differences in their approach to sex, Leo will in most cases seem like an insensitive brute, unless Pisces start understanding their emotional depth even though it is so different from theirs.

The best way for these partners to find a language that can sustain their sex life is by building emotional trust first and worrying about sexual satisfaction later. Pisces is the sign ruled by Neptune, and Leo brings it to its fall. This is a difficult combination of signs to reach a point of mutual trust. They will both seem dishonest to one another, not because they lie, but because their characters seem unreal.

Leo will think of Pisces as if they were always on drugs, and Pisces will feel sorry for Leo and their lack of faith. They could share many interests due to the creative power of both signs.

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