Cute distance relationship videos about love

20 Romantic Gifts For Couples In Long Distance Relationships

cute distance relationship videos about love

See long distance love stock video clips. Related: station travel bye, love at distance, long distance relationship, meeting with the train, dating platform. 26 ways to say I Love You in a long distance relationship. ldr, deployment Make a YouTube playlist of videos you think your love would like to. If you're in a long-distance relationship, chances are both you and your significant These gifts will remind you just how much you love each other—and maybe even This box features eight cute notes that you can mail off to your far- away This LED digital picture frame supports both photos and videos.

There are many virtual reality games which you two can play simultaneously. My favorite is Second Life.


It has many cool places to hang out and do stuff like para gliding, romantic date destinations, dancing and even cuddling date spots. Take your boyfriend out on a virtual date there while you two are on a call.

It's fun, interactive and cute! My boyfriend and I play it sometimes, especially on special occasions.

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It feels like we're on a real date and helps cope with the loneliness. Meet as often as you can - Plan your meetings carefully. LDR can be really expensive if meetings are not planned. Try and meet as often as you can.

Best 50 Long Distance Relationship Songs

Never miss a chance to meet each other! Book tickets as early as possible to save a fortune. Each time you meet, plan your next meeting before leaving.

It eases the pain of saying goodbye and you'll have something to look forward to. Make small gestures - Make efforts to make each other feel spacial. You don't have to send them expensive gifts or make a lot of efforts to make them feel special.

Just make small gestures. Like Surprise them by ordering their favorite pizza for them. Websites like ferns and petals let you send flowers, cakes and other gifts to your loved ones and it also has same day delivery! So make the best use out of it.

I sent my boyfriend a chocolate bouquet from there and he was really happy and said it made his day and hearing him say that made mine.

Try different stuffs over it. My Heart Will Go on — Celine Dion Among other long distance relationship songs this definitely has a great spot with both rhythm and lyrics that hold. More Long Distance Relationship Songs: Forget me not — Patrice Rushen Right here waiting — Richard Marx The promise — Tracy Chapman Unchained Melody — Righteous Brothers I wanna grow older with you — DJ Limmer Crazy For You— Adele Wait for me — Rebecca St James All This Time— One Republic The Heart of Life— John Mayer The above list comprises of some of the best long distance relationship songs that can help you in times of loneliness.

Use the comment box below to add the ones that helped you through but not on the list. You can check out some of the most romantic quotes for your boyfriend. They can open one message every day for a month, or any time they need to have their spirits lifted.

cute distance relationship videos about love

Make them a promise Promise rings have a lot of meaning in most cultures, so think it over carefully before going down this path. But if you decide you are ready for such serious step, there are plenty of beautiful promise rings to choose from.

But this fun pair of lights will send them a bright hello without you having to say a word. This pair of lights is connected via Wi-Fi. Make the time difference easier Being apart while in a relationship is hard enough. Being in different time zones makes it even more challenging — especially if math is not their strongest suit who here has received late-night calls from a loving partner?

Solve this problem once and for all by getting them one of these beautiful watches that can track two different time zones at the same time. Give them marshmallows with a twist You know how sometimes you feel so strongly about someone you just want to eat them?

cute distance relationship videos about love

Well, with these marshmallows you can give your other half the chance to do just that. The photos of your choice can be printed on top of 9 cute marshmallows. This, combined with an adorable package and wrapping paper, are bound to make a tasty, giggle-inducing, gift.

Get closer to their heart Matching necklaces is one of those gifts that can be cheesy or elegant, depending on your choice. Either way, wearing them can serve you as a constant, tangible reminder of your love. Plus, imagine the sweet photo you can take when both you and your necklaces are reunited.

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Light up their video calls Some time ago, long distance relationships relied on letters and occasional faceless phone calls. But when it comes to video you want to be able to see your boyfriend or girlfriend in their full glory, not just as a shadowy, pixelated figure on the screen. This clip-on light can do the trick and light up them and your mood at the same time. They will make every cup of coffee or tea taste sweeter.

Make them a modern mixtape Recording mixtapes used to be the perfect way to convey your feelings through music. Although we have left mixtapes behind, you can still put a modern twist on them.