Muppet christmas carol ending a relationship

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muppet christmas carol ending a relationship

3 hours ago An unnecessarily deep analysis into The Muppets Christmas Carol. why does Scrooge wish them a Merry Christmas at the end of the movie?. The Muppet Christmas Carol has become a must-watch movie Bugsy Malone) while lamenting how her relationship with Scrooge has failed. A version by country singer Martina McBride was added over the end credits. The Muppet Christmas Carol was conceived, from the beginning, Yes, this is the man who created “The Rainbow Connection,” and in this . Sadly, Disney was unable to keep hold of the happy ending that fell into its lap.

Remember when Michael Caine's Scrooge goes back to the past and watches Belle dump his miserable younger self? Doesn't it seem a bit rushed? And why was Rizzo the Rat sobbing so much?

Remembering the deleted song from The Muppet Christmas Carol you may have never seen - Smooth

That's because they axed a rather beautiful song. Unless you owned the VHS release way back when. Michael Caine then joins in, and it's all rather heartbreaking.

muppet christmas carol ending a relationship

Walt Disney Studios' Jeffrey Katzenberg decided to axe the song from the cinema release, as he reckoned it would not appeal to young children. A version by country singer Martina McBride was added over the end credits. Jim Henson was apparently not pleased with the decision, mainly because the film's concluding song 'When Love is Found' doesn't make as much sense without hearing 'When Love is Gone' first.

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The 20th anniversary re-release in contained both the theatrical widescreen and the extended full-frame versions of the film. But the Blu-ray pack didn't feature the song at all!

Muppet Christmas Carol: It Feels Like Christmas

Director Brian Henson later said: He is so cold to the season of giving that his book-keeping staff, including loyal employee Bob Cratchit Kermit the Froghas to plead with him just to have the day off work during Christmas by pointing out that Scrooge would have no customers on the holiday and that it would waste coal to sit alone in the office.

Scrooge's nephew, Fredarrives to invite his uncle to Christmas dinner, and two gentlemen Dr.

Muppet Christmas Carol "When Love Is Gone"

Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker also come to Scrooge's offices, collecting money in the spirit of the season to provide a Christmas dinner for the poor. Scrooge rebuffs his nephew's invitation and, after his departure, shocks the charity collectors with his statement that the poor are looked after by prisons and workhouses, and their deaths will decrease the surplus population.

Later that evening, Scrooge finds himself face to face with the still mean-spirited spirits of his former business partners, Jacob and Robert Marley Statler and Waldorfwho have been condemned to shackles in the afterlife as payment for the horrible deeds they committed in life.

Nonetheless, they warn him that he will share the same fate, only worse if he does not change his ways, and foretell the arrival of three spirits throughout the night. Scrooge is first visited by the Ghost of Christmas Pastwho takes Scrooge on a journey back through time to his youth.

He recalls his early school days, during which he focused on his studies; meeting of a young woman named Bellewith whom he would later fall in love; and the end of their relationship, despite Scrooge's protests that he would marry her as soon as he feels he has enough money to provide for them, but Belle knows he will most likely never have that, given his birthing obsession with money.

Scrooge then meets the Ghost of Christmas Presenta large, festive spirit with a booming voice who lives only for the here and now. He gives Scrooge a glimpse into the holiday celebration of others, including Bob Cratchit, and his wife Emily Cratchit Miss Piggy and their family who, although poor, are enjoying Christmas together and reveling in the anticipation of the Christmas goose.

muppet christmas carol ending a relationship

The Spirit also shows Scrooge's own family, who are not above cracking jokes at Scrooge's expense. Finally, Scrooge meets the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Comea silent entity who reveals the chilling revelation that young Tiny Tim Robin will not survive the coming year, thanks in no small part to the impoverished existence of the Cratchit family.

Furthermore, it is revealed that when Scrooge's own time has passed, others will certainly delight in his absence from the world. Upon seeing his headstone in the cemetery, it is the final epiphany that convinces Scrooge to change his ways and makes him vow to celebrate with his fellow man. Scrooge returns to his bedroom on Christmas Day, and he goes about the town spreading good deeds and charity.

He enlists the help of a homeless boy Bean Bunnyat whom he threw a wreath earlier in the film, and the two travel around the town gathering items for a Christmas feast and giving gifts to characters who had previously been wronged by Scrooge.

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Scrooge tells his assistant, Bob Cratchit, that he is going to raise his salary, and pay for his house mortgage. He also plans a feast for Cratchit's family and learns to adopt the spirit of Christmas throughout the year, now encouraged by the addition of new friends.

muppet christmas carol ending a relationship

Edits Like many films, when The Muppet Christmas Carol was going through production, many concepts, ideas, and even songs were conceived which did not make it into the final film.

The song " When Love Is Gone " was originally planned to be part of the film; however, it was dropped when filmmakers found that the test audiences mainly family viewers with younger children become restless during the scene.

Its reprise at the film's finale, "The Love We Found," and the pop version over the closing credits, were retained. Producers felt the song slowed the film down, and was not Muppet-focused; plus the film was already pushing the limits of many younger viewers' attention spans in the test screenings. The producers decided to cut the song from the theatrical release of the film. It was not until the film was released on home video that the song was presented to the viewers.

muppet christmas carol ending a relationship

They felt that the song worked better in a home-viewing context, and audiences would be more accepting, understanding and appreciative of its inclusion. The song was included for subsequent American video releases and TV airings of the movie prior to the Blu-Ray editionwhich only includes the theatrical cut albeit with a different edit of the sequence.

This version of the film has since aired on ABC Family. The issue of this cut was discussed by director Brian Henson in the film's DVD audio commentary recorded in again, except on the UK DVD release, which omits the commentary as well.

muppet christmas carol ending a relationship

There are common misconceptions and confusion surrounding two other songs written for the film that weren't seen in the final product. The two songs were recorded and mixed.