Yozakura quartet hana no uta ending a relationship

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yozakura quartet hana no uta ending a relationship

She is the main protagonist in the Yozakura Quartet series. Hime is a female teenager who Blossoms Bloom · Cherry Blossoms Bloom (Hana no Uta Version). Yozakura Quartet – Hana no Uta – 13 (END)»«Yozakura Quartet – Hana I find myself incapable of buying into the broken relationship of Juri. And I'd say again that there's little else safer for Hana no Uta to end on The sisters relationship has be salvaged with Lila now helping out It ain't poetry, but in the end Yozakura Quartet still delights with its indelible charm.

Kotoha on the other hand is a half youkia half human, making her one of the most powerful fighters in the anime. Her lesbian relationship with Ao is so adorable to watch as it would often provide not only fanservice worthy moments, but very comedic ones as well. The next duo would be the ogre siblings in Kyousuke and Touka. To be honest, one of the highlights for me in YQ would be the tsun relationships between Touka and Kyousuke as they would constantly deny love for each other.

Touka on the other hand is just annoying. You can go fuck off. To sum it up simply, they are a fucking joke. He went through all the troubles in the world to bring in professional youkai haters and hunters to fuck up the town he hates so much. I know the he wants the whole world to feel his hatred, but what the fuck is the point in hiring mercenaries to fuck up the town, and simply watching the fight from afar when you personally have the powers necessary to just end the whole fight in a snap.

YQ is one of those anime that you need to know the order of the episodes in order to know that hell is going on.

yozakura quartet hana no uta ending a relationship

Luckily for me, I watched the anime well after it finished airing so I have the correct watching order, but to the people watching it live, they must be confused to hell.

As for the execution for the plot, it constantly goes back to square one until the last arc in the anime where Enjin and Akina faced off, exposing the true powers of them both. The plot time wise also seems to be working in a countdown timeline as after every arc, the date for the cherry blossoms gets nearer and nearer, so thank god for no endless continuations.

Characters wise, as for the antagonist I think my standpoints of the execution of them have been made pretty clear, but as for the protagonist, the synergy and character developments between them is pretty amazing and definitely praiseworthy.

She has cat ears that she uses as antennas, which she usually hides with a hat or headphones, and has the ability to read people's thoughts ; she can talk to animals using this ability as well. Not only can she do both of these tasks, but she can also sense an opponents next move. She has a stronger version called "Satellite," which can read the thoughts of everyone in the city at once, though this drains a lot of her energy.

Ao happens to be a glutton like Hime but doesn't indulge very often. She has an elder brother named Gin, who went missing before the series started and is later revealed to be Enjin's vessel.

Miyuki Sawashiro A sixteen-year-old high school student who was once a human before she was possessed by a youkai at a very young age and because of that event she became a Hanyou, half youkai and half human.

She is a Language-user Kotodama tsukai who can summon things when she emphasizes words.

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Kotoha found out recently that she is actually a rare type of conjurer that can make anything come to life including passages in books. She can conjure up weapons or objects by saying one word, however there are certain objects where she needs to use a lengthy spell in order to conjure it up.

  • Kyosuke Kishi

She is also a gun nut which is shown in the first chapter of the manga. She once went on a vacation to Germany just to visit the Koblenz Museum of Military Technology, because of the tanks and weapons which were on display there. Kotoha is also known to be a great singer by her friends.

She admits to being a lesbian in chapter ten of the manga.

yozakura quartet hana no uta ending a relationship

This is more evident when all the other characters except Gin attend the party. Even though she wears glasses, she has said they are just for decoration. When she's mad, Kotoha tends to go a bit overboard in her fights. One example of this is when Hime made Kotoha become her training partner and during the training, she accidentally destroys her plane ticket to Germany.

After her friends stop her from using the Acht, she noticed the damage she did and apologized for what she did. It is also should be noted that if she overuses her power, she can lose her voice for a while, Her power is vast but the more powerful the exact conjuration the more she taxes herself and she will eventually run out of stamina passing out to sleep. Her last name is an alternate reading of the word "gojuon"an ordering for hiragana, which is a play off of her abilities.

Tomokazu Seki The main antagonist of the series. Enjin was a member of the branch family of the Hiizumi household. He was tuned along his relatives by the main branch centuries before and returns as a non-physical entity possessing the body of Ao's older brother Gin.

To enact revenge at the city, Enjin intends to force the seven pillars to bloom in an attempt to fuse the human and Youkai dimensions. Aside from Gin's Satori powers, Enjin's true power is "Striking" which is the opposite of Akina's Tuning, summoning objects from the Youkai world instead.

Enjin later reveals that he can also perform "Tuning" as well, but at a much smaller potential than Akina.

yozakura quartet hana no uta ending a relationship

Daisuke Ono An eighteen-year-old man who is an assistant to Hime. He is an oni ogre in English dub with superhuman strength, but wears a seal that looks like a bracelet around his left wrist. The seal works through the 'Placebo Effect' where as long as he remembers he is an oni, the seal will work. When he takes it off his horns appear revealing his powers.

He appears to be harsh towards Akina sometimes because he believes at first that the youkai in the human world are suffering because Akina did not succeed as oyakume, until Akina reveals that he in fact did it. She is also an employee of Hiizumi Life Counseling. Just like her brother, she is a youkai with superhuman strength. Unlike her brother, she can not completely control her strength even with a seal, since she sometimes forgets that she is an oni.

Ai Matayoshi A fifteen-year-old jiangshi reanimated corpse who recently moved to the city. She was hunted by humans until she met Zakuro, a necromancer who became her first friend. She doesn't need to sleep, as long as she wears her name tag although she does wear her Jiangshi tag every morning as a wake-up call but without the tags she is little more than a human corpse and can not move.

Rin says that she hates the starry sky, having been on the run for so long with no roof to sleep under, and staying outside during the night began to cause her fear. Due to being constantly bullied by her human classmates during childhood, she loathed humans until being saved by Akina.

Akina Hiizumi

She now works in a delivery store. Kaoru Mizuhara Rin's first friend and the first demon hunter who made an attack on Sakurashin. Zakuro is a necromancer and is capable of controlling anything that was once living, but is now dead, along with other yokai. Being able to do this allows Zakuro to also control Rin's movements, whether or not she has her name tag on. After the fight, when Zakuro entered the town, and also began working in the same delivery store as Rin, Zakuro was extremely fearful of being banished from the city and not being able to join.

This fear continued on, even after she was officially made part of the population of Sakurashin. Sachi Matsumoto He appears as a young boy, however he is really much older; He has been watching over Sakurashin for over years and is the District Mayor. He is a Land God with great power, enough where Enjin and his associates fear him. In episode 7 of the anime, he claims he fancies Rin. He seems to be something of a womanizer, as in the same episode, he is told on many occasions that he is only to look at the women of the festival by Mariabelle and Yae.

He is also called by his sister as the God of Woman.

yozakura quartet hana no uta ending a relationship

His hobbies is making Mariabelle cosplay for him.