Flirt over text pua

5 Foolproof Opening Texts to Amp Up Her Attraction FAST

flirt over text pua

(Solid Text Game Gun). Yes lots of guys want to know how to flirt over text, or make a girl like them, etc., but ALL of this can be done while. It's not easy to know how to start a text conversation with a girl you barely know. Flirting can be a bit tricky at first. And let's not forget the mind. I would like to start a list of great text messages to send. twin," of course, for flakes and girls you haven't spoken to in a while - credit savoy.

flirt over text pua

What's up butter cup? It's X from the other night. Oh hey hun, how are you? Great, I've been looking forward to talking to you. I guess that's a good thing right? Indeed, in fact you managed to penetrate my dream as well. Ok i'll tell you but is was pretty intense and vivid. Hmmm do I even want to know? I did not reply, waited for a few minutes HER: Its not so much I am sure of myself, rather I am sure of the chemistry I felt with you.

I'm pretty sure you felt it too. I'll never tell Tell me the dream. Well we made plans for you to come over to my house, I had just started making dinner. I am pretty sure it was pasta.

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That part is kinda blurry, anyways. You knocked on the door, I opened it, you were wearing this sexy black dress note: Then I woke up. You have no idea, it felt so real. Do you dream like that a lot.

No, i never dream like that. That's what made it so intense.

5 Ways to Create Sexual Tension With a Girl Over Text

That has yet to be determined. Have you ever done anything like that? Can't say I have, but it does seem kinda hot. You don't consider yourself to be spontaneous or sexual enough? It's not that, I just never really had the chances. I was with the same guy for 7 years. Since I was Oh yeah that's right.

How to flirt via text messages?

You have some catching up to do. What do you mean?

PUA Text Game How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text Without Seeming Needy

Well that night you mentioned how boring the last few years of your relationship was, it's time for some fun. You are definitely right on that one, but I really don't even know how? No worries, I am enough fun for the both of us HER: On a scale ofhow spontaneous are you and how spontaneous do you want to be?

But I like your ambition. OK since you have a desire to become more spontaneous, I am issuing you a challenge. Meet me tomorrow night, at my place. I think I can manage that. I'm not done, hehe. Since it's so rare for me to have a dream like that, I want you to make it come true.

And kiss me the moment I open the door. That's kinda hot, but I'm shy. Nonsense, you are a 27 year old woman that has been neglected of passion the last 7 years or so. It's time to embrace the woman inside and step up. Hahaha, you're such a smooth talker. OK I have another question? Where is your favorite place to be kissed. I'd also probably kiss the back of your shoulder as I have you pressed up against and facing the wall, while holding your hands down.

Did you just visualize that? I'd much rather show you besides, since your imagination is already warmed up, I am sure you can do some visualizing yourself. What makes you think I haven't already. I gotta get some sleep, So we will meet up tommorow evening? Yes, i'll text you on my lunch so we can make the plans. OK sounds good, don't forget about my dream. How could I forget that, not sure if I can be that forward though. If I have to I will just take control and make the dream a reality.

This may seem like a long conversation but it really only lasted a few hours and was spread out. Next day her lunch break HER: I really enjoyed our chat last night, I actually visualized a lot after we were done talking. Don't be so sure. Do you have to find a little black dress? I already have one of those ME: I'll be expecting my kiss, no words being spoke.

Don't tease me baby, lol HER: I'm not, I may be hesitant at first cuz I'm shy. I'll give you 10 seconds to do it, if you don't I'm taking over.

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I do not agree. In seduction, we must certainly assume. But a text is altogether more convenient and less invasive than calls. So assume with the content of your messages but do not feel obliged to call!

I do call only very rarely chicks I numclosed and that does not prevent me from making them directly to my place for sex.

If she does not respond, wait for the next day before you panic. Send your text message and… relax! Harassing a girl makes you lose points. You can try using the challenge or provocation taunt her to make her answer if the easy way is not working. But in any cases, an interested girl will answer at least once a day… so if you need to always feed the conversation and everything… be ready to next her!

Anyway, not much longer than hers. Extending messages communicate that you are a desperate guy who never takes a number that then feels compelled to do too much. We must adapt in each case to make the girl invest it is not a good idea to excessively force an unilateral interaction — in this case it would be better to focus on other more receptive girls: On average, three or four sentences, it will be fine! But certainly not too long shitty romantic tirades do not over-invest when you do not even know if the girl is a good move.

It is better to try to make her talk about herself and what she likes.

flirt over text pua

Above all, do not look for the perfect message for hours. If it was that hard to fuck a girl the human race would have died out long ago. Write some funny messages tease herlight and in a little detached way. I have nothing against gays but they do not fuck with chicks.

When she is too much a pain in the ass, feel free to reframe her! Do not spend hours choosing emoticons… Mime smileys and punctuation she chooses if it reassures you in fact it can be a very good idea to create a subconscious link like that. But do not overdo it!

Avoid texting language, of course.